What does Sleeping have to do with Weight Loss?

weight loss and sleep problemsAs been taunted for ages, that the more you sleep the more chances that you’ll be end up as obese person or gain significant amount of weight! But how true it is? Most of the health experts in the field would speak in favor of sleep, advocating benefits of sleep and we also second those facts.

We are in general possessed with many presumptions that the more you sleep equals the more lazy, less active you be and prone to be overweight or obese. Though logically it might seem right but it isn’t! Following are some points that further illustrate those facts:

Metabolism: The common conception, lazy person means individual with low metabolic rate means more sleepy and the more you sleep causes weight gain. But with right set of metabolic rate one can even burn calories even while doing non-physically active activities, eliminating any chance of weight gain. And metabolism can be boosted with regular physical exercise and following proper diet. Sleep can only be treacherous if you have low metabolic rate.

Behind the curtains: Sleep renders more effects when you fall asleep! in one of conditions, if you are following a weight loss program, then sleep is beneficial to you in terms of repairing and restoring neurotransmitter system which improves neural connection between tissue cells and brain resulting better cognitive functions. In case of obese overweight person, brain also does the similar process and also helps you manage stress levels, which would benefits in managing medical complications.

Appetite: Appetite, especially uncontrolled one, is considered to be the most common reason why people get obese. And general presumptions say the more you sleep, the more you feel to eat. But the fact is it sleeps does influence appetite and essential it set in schedule and in controlled manner. And if you didn’t wish your overweight condition to get no further worse than opt for Metabolism boosting diet, by doctors or a dietician.

And about that myth, if sleeping increases your appetite then according to that logic, one should prefer to sleep more as it is the time he won’t anything. But unfortunately, at least we never heard of sleeping disorder like Sleep-Eating like Sleep walking or sleep talking.

In Absence of sleep: Even in general health conditions, like a healthy and fit person, lack of sleep can cause many complications. And in case of obese person, who have slow metabolism and less immunity, can make you prone to some serious health hazards, like heart conditions, hypertensions, cognitive alignments and in extreme cases some sleep disorders like sleep apnea, sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep paralysis and so on. And in case of overweight individual, it can also make neural and cognitive activities low and causing you to do even daily chores. Plus, it can make you your metabolism and immunity system weak, making you more prone to cause illness and disease.

What you should do!
And the right thing to do is, follow a precise sleeping time and follow that sleeping schedule regularly or better religiously. If you feel, factors like distractions or diet is causing hurdles in falling asleep then feel free to consult with your doctor. The bottom line should be, make every efforts to live and allure benefits of Active life.

Lose Weight in 5 Easiest ways

weight loss easy wayEvery morning we look in the mirror, watch yourself gradually gaining weight, and we even make many plans about following diet, assigning you to exercise regime. But we all know, we hate to follow it, regardless it is turning out to be effective for us. And even more sad reality about weight loss plans; no one is will to start. So here are some of the handy tips you can incorporate to get going on weight-loss.

Diet: Generally assumed concept of dieting is starving you to the level of malnutrition, which is entirely wrong. Assigning you to the diet that has perfect balance of nutrition, vitamins and minerals level up with right amount of carbohydrates is what perfectly defined as diet.

Ditching Junk: We know it is hard for you to ditch those junk food that we crowned as Soul food. Just be smart and reduce the amount of junk food you consume on daily basis. Like if you are fan of pizza then reduce one piece a day replacing with something less healthy and sugar induced.

Trick yourself: Don’t worry it doesn’t involve fancy move. Drink more water, it will not only keep you hydrated but also will trick your system that you have full stomach. But remember, you also have to eat food to keep everything going.

Wished to know another trick? Use much smaller place or for best use bowl to eat your food. This will also work when you have to eat more healthy food, which is not tasty at all, salad and broccoli.

Get going: This is the one universal tip which keeps your effects into working. But it is not that easy since we are best candidate to be couch-warmer. So the trick is, reward yourself for completing a given task, no matter what it is. This will keep you motivate all the time and get your thing done.

On the Move: Working out in gym is not everything; you can have less dramatic way to burn some calories. And the answer is Aerobics! This kind of exercises is simple and mostly doesn’t need any instruments to do it. As simple as walking for 20-30mins can make more difference. Want another hack? Just go from point A to B by just walking or cycling from your daily commute.

Be Positive: Another universal tip! Keeping your efforts rolling! Know that you want to lose weight for yourself. And that too, for betterment of your health! So just be positive about that motive!


Some cool ways to deal with Dehydration

ways to deal with DehydrationDehydration, a condition where most of our fluid is lost because of any type of exertion, weather condition or just because of lack of hydration. It is mostly linked to the deserted area, where chances or getting enough liquid intakes is rare. But it can even happen when you exercise in swimming pool. The bottom line should be ‘keeping yourself hydrated.’

There are many ways our body fluid can lost, like sweating, exhaled air, urine, stool. In case of dehydration, one can experience fever, heat exposure, vomiting or diarrhea. Some of the easy signs of dehydration stars from thirst, dry mouth and swollen tongue, first weak then dizzy which might lead to hallucination. Palpitation, about to faint and then faint doen, changed color to dark yellow and quantity of urine.
But there are some handy precautions and tips you can come up with to deal with dehydration:

Hunt for shade: Makes sense isn’t it? Even little exertion in sun can easily trigger sweating and push us to exhale more causing us to lose more body liquid. So it is always wise to get in shade whenever is possible and come out of it whenever is needed.

Some Diet hacks: It is not only related to increasing reliance on fruit juices, which help you keeping hydrated. But including some easy to find water based fruits like pineapple, water melon, tomato, grapes, sapodilla, mango, some berries or universally available banana. Despite enriched with nutrients they are also capable of fulfilling your hydration needs.

H2O: No brainer advice it may sound and the most obvious. But don’t underestimate the face out body is made ¾ of water content. The habit of drinking plenty of water a day is indeed a good habit. And in case of ever exposure in the sun, replenish your skin with water to keep it hydrate and let pigmentation find its balance.

Coconut water: The elixir of tropical region and there are some reasons why it is worshiped so much. Out of all water based fruits, coconuts water is infused with electrolyte, iron and potassium that help you level up they hydration-level.

Epsom Salt Bath: Didn’t saw that coming, it is innovative and less popular way to balance and heal or just keep updated you hydration level. Epsom salt is filled with magnesium which is easy to absorbed in your skin and heal it right away.

Baking soda and Salt: Might sound straight come out of chemistry class, but when you are already dehydrated and seeking for ways to get it back on track. Just mix a solution of ½ teaspoon baking soda with 1 teaspoon of salt and some sugar in double quantity and take it as much as you needed till the time you feel you are back and completely hydrated.

Good Old Butter-milk: If you are just tired to make above solution, just take buttermilk out of fridge, give a shake and drink it. Just like coconut water, it is also enriched with electrolyte, which help your body to recover quickly.

In other tips, take some rest and wear something light and cotton, something comfortable enough to function.

Risk factor for Stroke

StrokeStroke, one of the most severed nature panic attack one can experience. Stroke usually happens when regular supply of blood to the brain is either intervened or deduced. In this situation, the brain does not get enough oxygen or nutrients, which cause brain cells to deplete. Some of the easiest to track signs like numbness, weakness on face arms and leg but mostly on one side of as it is paralysis, but only from one side. Dizziness, hallucinations and or blurred vision included.

Although there are three basic classification of stroke, namely ischemic, hemorrhagic, Transient ischemic attack (TIA) and I can go ahead and explain you. But doctors are way better in this since according to situation. But following some general reasons one can have stroke attacks:

High Blood-Pressure:
Otherwise known as hypertension, is severe conditions it tends to put more pressure on your blood vessel walls causing it to rupture and cause stroke. Adapting healthy diet, living in stress-free environment can help you cope with it.

High Cholesterol:
It not only degrades smooth blood flow but also cause blockage and make room for blood vessel disease to kick in.

Since you’ve been ignoring written about it on carton and never bother to know how smoking habit can cause stroke! Let me tell you how! It gradually increases blood pressure and depletes quality of oxygen in your blood. It not only stops there, it degrades the quality of blood vessels and causing it to have unnecessary blockage to flow from system, giving more chance for blood related diseases to step in. Do you still more reason to quit smoking, ask you’re about it!

Just as we discuss the effect cholesterol have on our health and more specially related to stroke. Fat consumed through food contains high level of cholesterol and which mainly causes hypertension. And if you are already following the diet for weight loss, then it is time to re-consult your doctor.

Poor Diet:
Having sugar induced, high on calories and cholesterol food just for the sake of taste and not making any efforts to burn those extra calories make a great situation for obesity to be a part of your life. Where are having balanced diet and not giving any space garbage can make situation more than better!

And yes, while deciding diet for yourself make your you are eating food that don’t have much salt content or added salt. It can easily lead you to have high blood pressure, so be aware!

It not only help you tackle obesity in better way and reduce weight in great extent, but it also boost metabolism pace which is not only a healthy sign of good health but also brought desired result to the health measures you are putting in. plus having a boosted self-esteem is always good thing to have!

Boozing problem:
No, just control it, that’s all I’m suggesting! But much like smoking it also causes some damages gradually, over the period of time. So rule of not over-doing anything applies here too.

Live life stress free with Provigil

stress free lifeOur life is full of hassles, demands, deadlines, expectations and frustrations. We rush all the time to do work, for exams or to fulfill someone’s expectations. Life has become a bumpy ride with ups and downs. But, we wouldn’t have enjoyed smoothest ride too. It’s a human nature, we like to accept challenges and work on them. However, we don’t realize that how much stress is good for our physical health and peace of mind.

Stress is a normal physical response to the events that make you either threatened or upset your balance in some way. A positive side of stress is that it helps meet our rising expectations. For instance, an office assignment without a deadline able us to finish it off or a pressure of exam over your head allow you to focus on study otherwise you would have end up watching TV. Thus, stress is good that allow you to meet up the challenges or get over the hurdles.

Response to stress differs from person to person. There are certain causes that develop stress and oodles of stress either make person frustrated or weakens. Some unavoidable situations and pressures may cause a person stressed out. For instance, recently engaged girl may be stressed about the future after marriage and how things will work out or your rocky relationship may take your sleep thousand miles away. Your attitude towards life, rigid thinking, negative self talk and too many expectations double up the stress.

Stress does not only affect physical health but sneak away your mental peace too. Stress can cause depression, heart disease, digestive problems and most importantly cause sleep problems. Under the stress when a person doesn’t take enough sleep, feel tired all day resulting in sleepiness during daytime. Your stress keeps you all night awake and gives you terrible time in a day. Lack of proper sleep can put at an edge of threatening sleep disorders.

So how will you deal with stress?

When you cannot control your stress and you feel the situation is going out of your hand, rely on Provigil. Stress and sleeping problems walk hand in hand. Provigil is a recommended drug, which effectively works on various sleep problems and health conditions such as stress, depression, narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and sleep apnea. Provigil is known as “wakeful promoting agent” that signals the brain to be awake and alert. Thus, you are more concentrated on your work, feel energetic and less fatigued. Provigil 200mg sharpens the mind and keep you awake and alert for many hours without feeling sleepy or dizzy. When you get such positive results out of Provigil, you are less likely to feel stressed.

Along with Provigil you should make necessary changes in your life to keep stress away.

Do exercise – Daily exercises keep body and mind healthy. Exercises make your bones stronger, improve blood circulation and sharpen your mind.

Eat healthy diet – Eating healthy food is very important. Control your intake of sugary foods and fats. Cut down on alcohol and smoking.

Get plenty of sleep – Sleep is very important for your body and mind. Nothing can work best for your body and mind than sleep. Sleep well for at least 7-8 hours every day.

Stay blessed with Provigil and live life stress free!

Should you be alert about your child’s extra weight?

obesity in childrenObesity in children has become a greatest concern in America and in many countries.  Growing number of fast food corners parents are also getting worried about their children’ unhealthy eating habits. Easy access to fast food, quick home delivery and parents pampering their children with fast food treat are making today’s children more vulnerable to obesity. So should be worried about your child’s weight or their eating habits?

Bad diet, unhealthy food habits, sedentary lifestyle and genetics are the factors that can contribute to obesity in children. While genetics play an important role in the development of obesity, but most of the times lifestyle plays spoilsport in a healthy growth of children. When there is constant absence of parents, parents who are working may be away for hours and hence, children do not get proper guidance in developing healthy habits in them. Also, parents who themselves have unhealthy eating habits can have medical problems in them as well as in their children. Millions of Americans have sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity accelerate obesity in children.

Obesity in young age not only causes physical problems but it also causes psychological problems such as low self-esteem, poor body image and depression in them. Thus, parents should keep a close tab on their children’ healthy growth. Whether they end up eating more of junk food or spending more time in front of an idiot box all aspects of their life are equally important to understand the causes of obesity and chalk out a plan accordingly.

Tackling with the problem of obesity isn’t difficult and with the right support, encouragement and role modeling can make it possible to maintain a healthy weight in children.

Be the role model
Children usually imitate and pick up the habits of their parents at home. Thus, be the role model for your child. Start eating healthy food, setting an example of yours in front of them has higher chances that they’ll start doing the same.

Adopt active lifestyle
Having an active lifestyle is important for families and their children. Encourage your child physical activities by joining them. Play active indoor games or enroll him or her in a fitness club for children. Most working parents spend their time watching TV at night and thus, children also get glued to the screens. Hence, limit your screens time.

Looking for memory boosters?

memory boostersStrong memory can open the doors of many opportunities. Staying mentally sharp often lead to having many victories. Whether you’re a student preparing for final exams, a working professional doing all so you can achieve you monetary and personal goals or you can be a housewife who is looking forward to staying fit mentally to work more efficiently. These memory tricks and tips can help you to boost your memory like anything and you’ll enjoy the most successful life ever!

Challenge yourself
If you’re an office-goer, you work on projects, complete filing and many things but what’s new do you do every day that count in memory sharpening? Doing the same thing, every day has been stored in your memory bank. But learning a new skill such as learning a new language, playing new music notes or learning new dance form can be challenging to sharpen your memory.

Stay active
There are innumerable benefits of physical exercises and so is helpful in sharpening your memory. Doing exercises increases oxygen to your brain and reduces the risk of disorders that lead to memory loss such as diabetes. Exercise also stimulates the effects of helpful brain chemicals and reduces stress hormones. Aerobic exercises are especially good for brain health. Pick up any activities you like and make sure you do it regularly.

Sleep enough
Lack of sleep directly impacts on your mood, energy, productivity and your ability to handle stress. That means, the less you sleep, the more confusion, memory problems you’ll have. Make sure you cut back your time dedicated to computers, television and mobile phones and increase your time for resting and relaxing. Any normal individual needs to sleep at least 7-9 hours every day.

Socialize more
Studies show that meaningful relationships and having a strong support from family and friends are not only vital for emotional health but also to brain health. Hanging out with friends, meeting new people or attending social events can boost your memory.

Control stress
Stress can eat your brain and makes you foggy even in simplest decisions of life. Do not bottle up your emotions but express to your closed ones. Set healthy balance between work and leisure time. Practice meditation, yoga and relaxation techniques to fight stress.

Laugh out loud
Laughter is the best medicine in all conditions. It not only improves the quality of your life, but it is good for your brain and memory. Spend as much time as you can with fun, playful people. Pay attention to children as they are the masters of laughter. Sometimes it is good to display a childlike behavior.

Have brain-friendly diet
Just as the body needs fuel, so does the brain. Eating brain-friendly foods can surely load up your memory. Eat a diet that complements all essential nutrients and vitamins yet gives the booster to your brains. Include omega3 fatty acids sources such as salmon, tuna, halibut, trout and herring in your diet. Drink green tea and limit your intake of calories and saturated fats.