Dietary Drugs to Cure Depression Blues!

diet-to-cure-depressionDepression and Anxiety are most common form of mental alignment which is capable to influence your overall health. There are many factors which could cause anxiety or depression to a person, which includes emotional or physical trauma, substances abuse like alcohol smoking or synthetic drug abuse, sleep depravity and even in bad diet could also cause depression.

Though with improvement in medical science, you can opt to cure and heal symptoms of Anxiety or depression. But if bad dietary habits cause such complications then switching to some better diet would eventually help you prevent having any symptoms of anxiety or depression. Or even in case if you are dealing with one then these suggestion would be effective tool to seize it, naturally:

Omega3 fatty acids: They can also be considered as great for brain fluidity and better cognitive functions. It can also be effective to eliminate any possibility of inflammations, which eventually influence your mood dynamics.
Where to find one: fishes like salmon and several off-the-counter fish oil supplement can be an ideal source of Omega3 fatty acids. And for vegetarians and vegans, you can opt for walnut and flaxseed can be great option to add.

Vitamin D: One of the most common factors that found in many case studies is, deficiency of Vitamin can cause depression and other disorders like dementia and autism.  Though it is the most commons element include in most of the dietary food and sunlit is universally found source of vitamin D.
Where to find: cod liver oil, mushroom, fortified serials or even tofu can also be great source of vitamin D.

Magnesium: The general inclusion of Magnesium infused food can pervert you from causing any symptoms of stress.  It can also heal control the inflammation element, which could cause irrational mood swings.
What to avoid: excess alcohol, salt, coffee, sugar, phosphoric acid (in soda), and diuretics as much as possible.

Amino Acids: They are literally crowned as building blocks of our body; it is not only made for fitness freaks. It is basically effective tool that put proteins to optimum use. This eventually benefits fitness junkie’s growth factor and gives a metabolic boost to a depressed person.
Where to find: beef, eggs, fish, beans, seeds, and nuts are the easiest way to find amino acids.

Iron: An iron deficiency is mostly likely to be blamed as cause for depression and anxiety. It causes low red cells in the blood count which result in anemia, that results in slower metabolism rate and hence it is essential to include iron enriched food in your diet.
Where to find: though most of the non-vegetation options like red meat, fish, and poultry can be included. But in case you are vegan or Vegetarian, then you can have it through prescribed iron supplements.

Zinc: This mineral is helpful for most of the digestive functions and if you pair it up with fibrous food then you it is best for smooth digestive system. It can also eliminate chances of allergic outburst, which can occasionally cause depression attacks.
Where to find: include beef, lamb meat, chicken, yogurt, chickpeas, cashew, mushrooms and green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach in your diet.

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Now take the Art of Sex seriously!

theory of relationshipIt is believed that intimacy, passion and commitment are three pillars of love and it might sounds overstatement to you but a potent sex drive would make you achieve. Love, emotions, principles and worldly commitment could be important for grooming a relationship but the act of sex is an actual testing lab that where every theory of relationship is tested, with the kind of chemistry two people have, which can’t be deceived by the word anymore.

Often scorned by inspecting in sleazy shade, the act of sex hold significant importance, according to following point:

On Theory: As we discussed earlier, intimacy is important in relationship as it can develop and define synchronization between to indicial. Intimacy is like superglue that attaches two people together. And passion could be referred as outcome of potent intimacy. Commitment aspect might be influenced and maneuvered by words but felt best with the kind of intimacy two partners have within.

And for those people who are looking for ways to intimacy should first start with cuddling and then to the ultimate way is to make love.

To the core: Ask any couple you think they are perfect, most of them would indicate that ‘it’s because they know each other, inside out’ and it makes sense. When two people see and spend most of the time with each other, wearing nothing but the birthday suit, they have passed out the stages of any inhibitions or presumptions. Which eventually makes ways commitment as one could see other person not wearing any formal mask; it makes them able to trust more.

Repair and regain: Most of the relationship that reached to the relationship councilors desk, have one thing in common, they have lost the spark! Apparently, those worldly commitment falls fade in the course if time and with the less probability to regain its gracious status.

But only intimacy holds the ability to reignite the old spark and get your relationship back on track. It can regain it fizz but just making or breaking certain routine pattern.

Better for Quality: Intimacy could really boost up your overall relationship dynamic. As an ideal sex session, require one to be more playful, flirtatious, and innovative in the act. Sometime it even makes you or requires you to be rebellious at times. It rightfully summons up the entire firework needed to spark up the relationship.

It is for better: The result of a potent sexual encounter resonates and draws significant positives to the relationships. It could start with taking more care of each other than before, respect each other became more reliable on each other. Isn’t that a sign of a healthy relationship?

Health benefits!
It is not only about hitting gym or following healthy diet for being healthy just for the sake of dire intention to person well. But the fact is, sex itself is a form of exercise! In other health benefits it boosts your metabolism, releases dopamine (the excitement hormone), blood circulations, and pace up your heart-beats. And one just can’t deny its psychological effects boosting your mood and elimination chances of anxiety and depression.

And remember there isn’t any rule written that says, the act of sex have to carried in bedroom, or on bed only!

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Some Cures for Premature Ejaculation

Cures for Premature EjaculationMen already have countless problems to deal with which includes juggling career, family and personal life, all together. It is also essential to maintain health by managing exercise schedule and diet plans.

But despite all the measures you take to avoid any hazards, there are still some complications some people are bound to have. And some complications with reproductive functions like erectile dysfunctions, some sort of outer or internal infection or just degrading quality of sperm and its count.

Out of many complications, premature ejaculation seems to be the most common these days.  It is indeed embarrassing to admit and experience and sure capable of making someone feel less or insecure about it. So much that in most of cases, one might just chose to be silent and suppressed to express it.

So here are reasons and handy tips that might help you encountering these problems. But still we would like to suggest you to consult your doctor for better and precise measures that would stop premature ejaculation:

It could range in various aspects like psychological and medical causes. Some of the psychological causes could be sexual inexperience, novelty of a relationship, over-excitement or too much stimulation, relationship stress, anxiety, guilt feelings, depression, issues related to control and intimacy.

However there are some other psychological reasons like strict sexual teaching and upbringing which affecting young men who have been brought up under inhibitions that sex should be prohibited until marriage. Or some traumatic experiences of sex could be anxiety and premature ejaculation can result from problems ranging from a loss of privacy when in the act or past sexual abuse. Even conditioning like a teenager learning to ejaculate quickly to avoid being found masturbating.

Medical Causes: are usually side effect rendered by series of disease or illness as degradation in quality of reproductive functions. Some of them like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, prostate disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), thyroid problems (overactive or underactive thyroid gland), illicit drug use, excessive alcohol consumption. Althought it is rare compared to psychological one, since doctor make sure the concerned medications would not cause any other side effect. But there is always a chance for exception, so be it in million.


Deep breathing:
Try to see if he can avoid shallow, short breathing, which speeds up your heartbeat. Try to get to spend five seconds breathing in one deep, full breath, hold it for about three seconds, and then exhale for five seconds. If he can do this for about five minutes without disturbing the rhythm, he may be able to use it in the bedroom.

Pause and Play Method:
To put in simple words, art of learning to control yourself just before you drop your beats. Let me suggest you, it would take some practice to master and best way to control it is masturbation, which also allows you to be more focused on your imaginations and put it to best use.

Kegel Exercises:
Before fumbling into dictionary to find what kegel is, it is that strong muscle, which resides in pelvic area and beneath perineum muscle tendon. Kegel is the actual reason behind success of Pause-&-Play method. But is can also be practice for solo purpose.

So you are asking how I can find my kegel? Actually when you are passing urine and you wished to stop it. The muscle that contracts and stops it, is called kegel. And the best way to practice it is when you pass the urine, do a pause and play move there!

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Tips on Last-Long Erection

Last-Long ErectionThere is one the thing every man wished to be always youthful about and never to fail at it and that is indeed Genital erection and reproductive function. But factually, with aging effect reining your overall body system, the quality of reproductions tent to decease, and with other disease causing blood related problem that quality of a man’s erectile functions started decrease.

Although there are many medication options exist in the market you can try to achieve long lasting erection, or you can adapt following alteration to naturally cause long time erection, at least more than usual:

Rescan your Medications:
Some of the medication courses like antidepressants, blood pressure medications, narcotic pain relievers, and antihistamines, which are used to cure and control disease and its symptoms might cause erectile function adversely. It is wise to check meditational label for any side effects, and prefer Sudafed-free prescriptions. If any prescription meds are causing you to fall flat, feel free to talk to your doctor about any possible substitution.

Reduce that belly:
If you couldn’t cut down oodles of weight, its fine just keep yourself in that way. Just make you keep your waist circumference below 35 inch. You ask why? Cause a high waist circumference indicates higher levels of harmful visceral fat. And visceral fat is linked to lower testosterone and more inflammation, both factors which can hurt your penis.

Time to Kill Stress:
Don’t get us wrong, working hard to achieve your goal isn’t a bad thing to put all efforts directed toward. But the stress and anxiety, that could render adverse effects on your overall health and eventually on your erectile functions! So it is advisable for you to keep yourself off from unwanted and unnecessary stress of work or anything that could lead your ways to depression.

Instead you can chose to spend more time with your partner which is beneficial for both, stress busting purpose and also deepen the intimacy with your partner. Win-win situations!

Get some quality sleep:
One of the universal health care tips we could offer to you. When you are sleeping mode, your body tends to recover all the wear and tear loss it caused in daily routine. And just like all the functions are now set to restore, blood circulation is also reflowed to pelvis area, which make it more potent to felicitate erectile function. And with regular sleeping schedule, you can improve duration with ease.

Sort out your mind:
Most of the ED related problems can also be solved with some suitable self-suggestions or psychoanalysis sessions. In most cases, some pre-noted presumptions or stereotypes like past experience, suppressed by any dogma or presumptions, thinking that he is sensually insufficient for his partner, or even thinking that certain illness is causing impotency though it is not. Reasons could be anything and better way to find is ask you if there are anything or just take help of psychoanalyst to figure it out.

Be more than just regular:
We human get bored of the routine; habits we do on daily basis and just doing something new in the act of love can also do the trick to boost your arousal point. Our subconscious mind’s reaction like ‘those were days phrase’ can cause ED, on psychological front.

In other case, even if you take some Sildenafil drugs to get erection, it would be ineffective if arousal is not enough to keep it functioning. You can discuss with your partner about it to experiment something new.

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Shift work sleep disorder – The most overlooked disorder

Shift work sleep disorder and healthIt’s all hunky-dory doing shifts until a family member of yours start complaining frequently about his or her health problems. Not all know the health dangers of working in shifts and hence, shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) is most overlooked disorder. Shift work sleep disorder occurs when there is a conflict between your circadian rhythms and your work schedule. It’s a continuous struggle between your body and your work schedule. Your job demands you at work place whereas your body wants to sleep and when you want to rest; your body expects you to be awake. From there on the problem starts!

Working in shifts causes many health problems affecting your performance at work and restricting your personal and social life. That is once again unhealthy for your mental wellbeing as well. Having poorly-maintained relationships can cause great strain on people’s mental health.

Not everyone with shift work develop shift work sleep disorder. The problem mainly faced by those with who do frequently rotating shifts or overnight shifts. While night owls may adjust more easily to working in late night shifts than morning-persons and on the other hand, morning larks may be more comfortable doing early morning shifts. It all depend on the frequency and timing of the shifts as most people find difficulty adjusting to overnight or rotating shifts.

SWSD causes a good number of problems such as excessive sleepiness, constant fatigue, headaches and poor memory and concentration. If you work in shifts you’re at a greater risk of developing several chronic medical problems such as heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol levels, weak immune system making easy prey to frequent rounds of colds and the flu and breast and prostate cancer.

In addition, shift work sleep disorder greatly impacts your performance at work by having:

  • Repeated mistakes at work
  • Increased sick leaves
  • Occupational injuries and mishaps
  • Risks for automobile accidents
  • Substance abuse in order to stay awake
  • Increased use of alcohol to improve sleep
  • Increased frustration, irritation and may have misconduct at work

Due to odd shift timings, you may not be able to attend social events and hence, may have poor connectivity to loved ones, lacking bond with them. Eventually it can put strain on your relationships resulting in isolation, depression and anxiety. Thus, SWSD can drench your mental energy, positivity, and almost everything. Hence, if you find any of these symptoms in you, you should not avoid rather seek medical help.

Today we are bound to our work for 24/7 and we have become more customer-centric than business-minded. However, one cannot take his or her own health for granted at the cost of sacrificing physical health and mental peace. Working in shifts has become our work culture and one cannot avoid it completely, but can take proper precautions in order to work efficiently. Approach your family doctor for the right diagnosis and treatment as SWSD can be treated and you can still manage to work in shifts!

Sleep well and look young!

natural sleepNot many have an idea as to how effective a good night’s sleep can be on one’s body. A good sleep keeps you healthy, young and also at peace. Inadequate sleep can cause too many health and skin problems. Acne is one of them. A person who has a meeting the next day can develop pimples or acne if he/she sleeps for just a couple of hours. Acne can be developed because of lack of sleep. Now there aren’t any direct studies that tell or establish this fact. But when you know there are minute chances, why even bother taking such risks.

For those who sleep late nights, the nest morning always feels tired and boring. They seem to lose interest in every activity they perform. Moreover it also leads to excessive sleepiness during the day. And hence however tight your schedules seem it is always said that you get some adequate sleep. The many other effects of improper sleep are:

An increase in inflammation
Increase in insulin resistance
And too much stress

And why not, if you do not give your body to rejuvenate, these problems are bound to happen. You may also realize that you develop dark circled under your eye. It starts to give an old look to your face since eyes are the highlight of everybody’s face. Dark circles once formed are difficult to go, hence make sure that you get proper 8 hours of sleep so that you always look fresh and young.

Do not take any sleeping pills to take sleep. As long as your sleep is natural the effects are more intense and positive.  Also if you have been depressed lately you will realize that good sleep has automatically fought your depression and you are leading a much happier and focused life!

The relation between depression and sleep

relation between depression and sleepSometimes our life does not sail on smooth seas and we have to go through some rough patch as well. We hit the rock bottom of life and our morale goes to an all time low. We seem to be left directionless and not able to figure out what exactly we should do. There is continuous blanket of gloom and sadness around us. We feel so low that life starts feeling like a burden on us. Such kind of mental state is generally known as depression. This can happen to anyone of us. Depression breaks our spirit so badly that we tend to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world and go into a total solitude.

But the issue is that depression can not only hurt our mind, it can also hamper our sleep cycle as well. Change in the sleeping habits is the most common symptom of depression. It happens in the either ways. You may sleep excessively or get too little amount of sleep. Many people who suffer from depression encounter problem in their sleep pattern. In excessive sleeping they tend to continue sleeping just to avoid social contact with world and keep themselves aloof. They also use sleep as medium to escape from the depressing thoughts as well. On the other hand depression keeps the individual awake as well. The mind is continuously hammered by disturbing thoughts and under such condition the person is not able to sleep peacefully. These things keep the person awake and eventually they suffer from the problem of insomnia.  The deprived sleep also works in a negative way on your emotional health as well. The depressive thoughts grip you more firmly due to this.

This gives way to other kinds of sleep issues a well for the people who are affected by the problem of depression. Narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and restless legs are some of the symptoms that follows due to the sleep issue related to depression. A research shows that children who suffer from lack of sleep or sleep too much experiences longer episodes of depression. Chronic problem of sleep can too lead to the problem of depression.  As a summary you can say that sleep issue and depression are very much interrelated. Be it over sleeping or lack of sleep, both can cause lot of problem for the person who is suffering from the problem of depression.

There are few ways via which you can tackle the problem of sleep problem in depression.  To start with you can engage in exercise. Regular exercise will not only keep your mind fresh and healthy as well and help you to come over the problem of depression. Limit your coffee and tea intake since they contain caffeine which can interrupt in your sleep cycle. Also the best thing will be to avoid alcohol if you having both depression as well as sleep problem. See less amount of TV before bed time or shut it down completely in order to catch a good night sleep. Maintain a schedule of going to bed and waking up and follow it rigorously. In this way you will be able to tackle the sleep related problem of depression.

Dealing sleep issues in teenagers

sleep issues in teenagersGlenda felt sleepy during the lecture and she only woke up when the voice of her teacher startled her. Her teacher took her to the principal’s office to complain about her sleepiness. These days she had a hard time staying awake during classes and thus, this time her complaint landed her up in the principal’s office. She felt embarrassed with this. Her mother visited the school and clinic on that very same day and Glenda was glad to finally get relief from her excessive sleepiness when she was diagnosed with narcolepsy.

She was advised to take Provigil to reduce the excessive daytime sleepiness in her. Soon she could find herself more focused, concentrated and totally energetic during her classes. She was no more feeling sleepy during the class. Generic Provigil pill reduced her symptoms like excessive sleepiness, tiredness and improved her cognitive skills.

Sleep disorders can occur in any age group – to infants, children, teenagers and the adults. Any teen requires minimum 8-9 hours of sleep every day. Most of the teenagers need to wake up early in the morning to attend their classes. Other curriculum activities such as swimming, football or music practice may require extra practice. For practice, they require more energy and attention.

Teens are likely to enjoy their life during their best years of high school. They like to hang out with friends, attend late night parties, and discover new places and going for night outs. Thus, such activities can leave them less time to sleep and waking up in the morning becomes a headache for them.

The problem arises when they cannot cope up with sleep issues. Either they find difficult to stay awake in the classes or falling asleep in the night. Most of the teenagers engage in watching popular TV shows late in the night or playing video games for many hours. Even school assignment can keep them busy for hours.

When they can’t get enough sleep on a daily basis that affects on their academics. They experience mood swings and become easily irritable. They can even experience depression.

Sleep deprivation causes poor learning and concentration skills. It affects complexion, health, and weight. It spoils eating habits as well. Thus, many teens also gain their weight rapidly. Sleep loss increases the risk of physical injuries and automobile accidents.

Hence, it’s very important to deal with sleeping issues when they occur in teenagers.

Many teenagers are struggling to do well in academics and when they are caught with sleeping disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy and sleep apnea, it makes the struggle more difficult. If they ignore such issues, they will have to suffer from severe consequences on a long term.

Once your teen daughter or son is diagnosed with sleeping issues taking medications such as Provigil regularly and setting up a sleep schedule for them can rescue from these troubles. Instill good sleeping habits in them to avoid sleeping issues. Eating healthy food, regular exercise and having active lifestyle can help teenagers to climb the ladder of success.