How to relax our mind

How to relax our mindIn the fast run of life, people get freaked out due to high levels of stress. If stress takes in your health, you can experience various health disorders. The brain get tired. Thus the brain needs to be relaxed to improve our mental health.

Let us see how we go about doing that

Drink lots of water
Water will keep our mind and body calm. Water does a detox effect. Drinking water flushes out all those toxins that build up in our body. These toxins may also accumulate in the mind. Hence keep yourself well hydrated.

Do what you want to
For at least half an hour a day, do what you love to do. Something you crave for. This will let you overcome stress. This could be taking a nap, reading your favourite comic strip, drawing sketches of your choice,  go take a swim in the pool, walk down the garden, doing the crossword, playing a game or go do some window shopping.

Eat healthy for brain development
Eating meals that are good for both mind and body. Avoid intake of stimulating foods. Eat healthy and avoid intake of junk as well as processed foods. Avoid aerated drinks that are high in sugar. These may look fascinating but may make you go hyper.

Perform yoga
Regular performance of yoga can help one relax his mind as well as body. Yoga is known practice to get rid of stress levels. However one must be consistent in their performance. Stress can take a toll on one’s health. In such instances, yoga can prove fruitful.

Practice relaxation
If you can’t do yoga, simply close your eyes for five minutes and practice relaxation. Yes it’s called mediation. Go hunt for a quiet room in your house. One corner which you love the most. Close your eyes and try to be calm. Do some deep breathing exercises. Simply breathe in and breathe out. If you have more time, place the tip of your tongue on your upper teeth and now exhale. Exhaling will make a funny sound. Now wait for five seconds and then quickly inhale and exhale again. Follow this process for about fifteen minutes. You will soon feel the tension pass out of you and your levels of energy will go up. Initially you may feel slightly uncomfortable, however a sudden feeling of discomfort in head indicates release of stress.

Move around
Change your environment. If you are at work and feel you can’t take the load any more, go take a walk in the café.  Go sit on a quiet bench for five minutes. Or simply take a walk down the garden. If you are a housewife, who gets frustrated with her daily chores of life, go take a walk in your balcony. Ignore the world for five minutes. Remember you need to make time for yourself to keep yourself going. This will happen only if your mind is at ease.

Sleep well
Sleep is a must for all of us. It keeps mind at ease. Hence sleep well. Do not deprive yourself of sleep unnecessarily.  For efficient functioning of our mind, sleep is a must!!!