We all have phobias and fears

phobiasEvelyn saw the huge building having approximately 27 floors in it. Instantly she had goose bumps on her hands and arms by the thought of taking a lift. After graduation, this was her 17th trip to search for job in a big New York City and she felt completely helpless and dizzy at that moment when she realized that even this job she had to let it go since she couldn’t fight her fear of lifts.

It can be darkness, spiders, tallest building in the town, waterfall, bridges or tunnels, we all have some or other phobias and fears that makes it scariest thing to ever experience. Approximately 4 to 5 percent of the U.S. population has phobias. Phobias are usually persistent in nature and are irrational fears of certain objects or situations that have a strong presence in your mind that even if a thought triggers in your mind you can be as terrified as if it is right there. An imagination or thought can make you so afraid of it that you never want to experience it and you take so much effort for it to avoid it. However, if you’re a person with phobia never makes an effort or think about it that how can you tackle this problem for once and for all, but spends your entire life to avoid it. That’s how the phobias are terrible in nature.

It’s very common to be fearful of certain situations or objects that are rare in sight or frightening itself such as seeing a snake on busy streets of New York can be scary for a city dweller, but not for those who live in bushy areas. But the problem comes when phobias and fears start interfering in your life. of your phobia is extreme in nature, it may affect your social activities, school performance, career or sleep. in such cases, you may want to see a qualified specialist.

The most common phobias and fears found among people are social phobia, animal phobia, situational phobia and blood-injection-injury phobia. A good amount of people have a fear of heights, water, storms and the dark. A large chunk of U.S. population also has animal phobias that include the fear of snakes, spiders and dogs.

If you have any of these phobias, you can quickly experience a number of symptoms such as sweating, trembling, chest pain, difficulty breathing, hot or cold flashes, racing or pounding heart, and a churning stomach.

People with phobias and fears can have poor quality of their life. You may want to avoid social situations where you may not feel safe and thus, you will have a poor social network and less chance to interact with people. Phobias can also have impact on your career choices and jobs. Thus, identify your phobia and if you feel that it is affecting your personal and professional life, seek medical help.

No matter how extreme your phobias and fears are they can be treated!


Things to do when heart attacks when you are alone

heart attacksHeart attack is the scariest thing that can happen when you are all alone. Just in America, millions of people suffer from heart attack each year. Heart attack, also known as ‘myocardial infarction’ causes permanent damage to the heart muscle. ‘Myo’ refers to muscle and ‘cardial’ refers to heart and ‘infarction’ means death of tissue due to lack of blood supply. Having a heart attack when all alone can really be very threatening to your life since there is no one around whom you can ask for help or who can give you instant medical care. Such kind of situation indeed becomes very dangerous and if you are not able to take care of the things on yourself, it can lead to your death as well. Here are few tips that you can use if you experience heart attack when you are alone and the ways to deal with it.

Identify the symptoms:
In case you are suffering from heart attack, you need to identify the symptoms first. Severe chest pain including feeling of squeezing, heaviness or pressing which occurs on the central or left part of the chest that usually lasts for atleast twenty minutes are the general symptoms of heart attack. You may also feel severe pain in left upper arm, neck and jaw along with profuse sweating and a feeling of impending doom.

Call for medical help:
If you are experiencing heart attack, the first thing that you should do without wasting anytime is call for emergency medical help.  In case you are driving or doing any kind of activity, then you should stop immediately. In case of driving pull over to the nearest safe place and call for medical help.
Keep aspirin:

Many studies have shown that taking aspirin which is a blood thinning agent helps a lot in survival of heart attack. Heart attack is mostly caused by blood clotting in one of the blood vessels that is responsible for supplying blood to the heart. The blockage deprives the heart of oxygen rich blood causing damage to the heart which progressively dies. Aspirin helps in preventing this clot from getting bigger in size and gives the body opportunity to break down the blood clot. In case you are not allergic or suffer from any side effects from aspirin, you should wait for the paramedics to arrive.

Coughing or applying pressure on the chest during the heart attack may also help in the chances of survival. However, according to studies, this may prove to be urban legend. Coughing may sometimes help in retaining the oxygen supply to the heart and pressure on the chest which is a technique of CPR should be done only by a person who is trained in CPR. Even if the person is qualified to does the CPR he or she must notify the medical emergency facility at once before the condition of the patient deteriorate further. Hence these are few things that you should keep in mind if you experience heart attack when you are alone.