What cause Cataplexy and its treatment course!

CataplexyCataplexy is a sleeping disorder referred to condition where strong emotion or laughter triggers a person to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious almost like in sleep state. Cataplexy is much similar with the Narcolepsy disorder as both condition causes same effect of causing person to fall into sleep state. But narcoleptic condition as are more serious as it doesn’t need any emotional trigger to cause it. And it is not necessary that person suffering from Cataplexy could fall asleep, he might just be unable to control muscle dynamics and just collapse.

Cataplexy can be tricky and embarrassing at times as simple emotional incidents like being happy, sad, fierce, angry, loved, or just going hysterically laughing on the joke could be potent trigger that causes the Cataplexy conditions. It can replicate the effects of myotonic goats, which freezes and collapse whenever you try to scare them.

Although Cataplexy is still in research state as scientist and neurologist are finding reasons why and how it cause. But as Cataplexy symptoms being identical with narcoleptic conditions, they could jump on to some conclusions. It basically happen because of when we being excited out brain releases hormone called dopamine, which result in an anamorphic state where one feel blissful.

And like many people have different set of ways to react to the situation, person with Cataplexy conditions could unconsciously fall asleep or collapse. Cataplexy could be treacherous as being more alert and reacting to certain condition can also trigger the one to fall unconscious. Now just imagine Cataplexy attack happen while driving a vehicle or handling complex machinery that requires constant alertness and deal with pop-out problems, which could panic sometime!

Symptoms: There are some symptoms that would be helpful for diagnose the Cataplexy conditions. Symptoms like drooping of the eyelids, to quite severe with the inability to stand, arm or leg muscles become weak, speech is slurred or their head droops.

But even in the most situations victim can still be fully conscious and alerted about their surroundings. These attacks can occur randomly, but most often are brought on by any strong emotions. Laughter is reported as the most common stimulus.

Treatment Course: Although Cataplexy is almost identical to Narcolepsy, it is also an incurable disorder. But still modern medical science has some medication and therapy options available, which can be beneficial to control the symptoms of Cataplexy disorder. Thought being a medication, it may cause some side effect including some neural damages. It can be avoided by consulting with doctors or neurologist since the can assign precise medication course for your condition and best suitable for your healthy dynamics and also make sure that you would not develop any allergic complication with the ingredient included in it.

Although there very rare cases which need to be perform therapy, but if conditions demands then therapy is conducted. But some change in the lifestyle in order to re-stabilize your sleeping schedule will do the trick and dilute any symptom of Cataplexy.

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Live life stress free with Provigil

stress free lifeOur life is full of hassles, demands, deadlines, expectations and frustrations. We rush all the time to do work, for exams or to fulfill someone’s expectations. Life has become a bumpy ride with ups and downs. But, we wouldn’t have enjoyed smoothest ride too. It’s a human nature, we like to accept challenges and work on them. However, we don’t realize that how much stress is good for our physical health and peace of mind.

Stress is a normal physical response to the events that make you either threatened or upset your balance in some way. A positive side of stress is that it helps meet our rising expectations. For instance, an office assignment without a deadline able us to finish it off or a pressure of exam over your head allow you to focus on study otherwise you would have end up watching TV. Thus, stress is good that allow you to meet up the challenges or get over the hurdles.

Response to stress differs from person to person. There are certain causes that develop stress and oodles of stress either make person frustrated or weakens. Some unavoidable situations and pressures may cause a person stressed out. For instance, recently engaged girl may be stressed about the future after marriage and how things will work out or your rocky relationship may take your sleep thousand miles away. Your attitude towards life, rigid thinking, negative self talk and too many expectations double up the stress.

Stress does not only affect physical health but sneak away your mental peace too. Stress can cause depression, heart disease, digestive problems and most importantly cause sleep problems. Under the stress when a person doesn’t take enough sleep, feel tired all day resulting in sleepiness during daytime. Your stress keeps you all night awake and gives you terrible time in a day. Lack of proper sleep can put at an edge of threatening sleep disorders.

So how will you deal with stress?

When you cannot control your stress and you feel the situation is going out of your hand, rely on Provigil. Stress and sleeping problems walk hand in hand. Provigil is a recommended drug, which effectively works on various sleep problems and health conditions such as stress, depression, narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and sleep apnea. Provigil is known as “wakeful promoting agent” that signals the brain to be awake and alert. Thus, you are more concentrated on your work, feel energetic and less fatigued. Provigil 200mg sharpens the mind and keep you awake and alert for many hours without feeling sleepy or dizzy. When you get such positive results out of Provigil, you are less likely to feel stressed.

Along with Provigil you should make necessary changes in your life to keep stress away.

Do exercise – Daily exercises keep body and mind healthy. Exercises make your bones stronger, improve blood circulation and sharpen your mind.

Eat healthy diet – Eating healthy food is very important. Control your intake of sugary foods and fats. Cut down on alcohol and smoking.

Get plenty of sleep – Sleep is very important for your body and mind. Nothing can work best for your body and mind than sleep. Sleep well for at least 7-8 hours every day.

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Are you suffering from narcolepsy?

narcolepsyNarcolepsy often gets and overlooked sleep disorder and unfortunately, it is one of the critical sleep disorders one should take treatment for. Many people do not know that this disorder is a result of an imbalance between sleep and wake cycle. The disorder requires lots of patience, prolonged treatment, and a commitment in order to bring down its some of the uneasy symptoms.

If you or any of your family members is suffering from narcolepsy watch out below symptoms as narcolepsy can lead to a number of health problems.

Excessive daytime sleepiness
To diagnose narcolepsy, you need to have been experiencing extreme daytime sleepiness. It is normal to feel drowsy in boring situations such as while watching TV or normally people feel sleepy after having a meal during a mid-day. However, in narcolepsy you may feel extremely drowsy and fall asleep without any warning. Narcoleptics feel these irresistible sleep attacks while having a conversation, during meals or even while driving.

Narcoleptics significantly experience cataplexy wherein one loses sudden muscle strength and these involuntary body movements displayed during social settings may create an odd impression. You may typically experience loss of muscle strength during strong emotions such as laughter, elation or anger.

Sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis wherein you are unable to move or speak while falling asleep or waking up. These episodes are usually last for few seconds to minutes. Once the episode passes, people usually recover to their full capacity to move and speak.

Nighttime wakefulness
Narcoleptics usually experience frequent awakenings due to hot flashes, elevated heart rate and sometimes intense alertness.

Experiencing hallucinations can be frightening for the sufferer himself/herself and for the bed partner as they usually experience vivid, terrifying hallucinations. Moreover, when your bed partner cannot see, hear or feel something and you claim to see that you’re hearing or seeing something can cause great distress and concern.

Automatic behavior
When you’re feeling sleepy or tired, there is also a tendency exhibiting automatic behavior such as doing something without really thinking about it or without having any memory of it. You may drive to a wrong destination whereas you were supposed to drive home. Performing such tasks while you’re under the sleeping spell may lead to occupational errors and automobile accidents proving fatal.

Other symptoms
Excessive sleepiness can lead to problems like poor concentration, trouble remembering or retaining new information and blurred or double vision.

These symptoms significantly impair your ability to function smoothly. The good news is that narcolepsy may be severe in nature but can be cured successfully with the help of stimulants.

Waklert has been found extremely useful in order to reduce excessive sleepiness, trouble concentration, lethargy and poor memory. Waklert stimulates dopamine levels in the brain that sends a signal to be awake and alert. Thus, you’re less likely to feel drowsy or troubled with poor concentration as Waklert improves concentration, boost your memory and energy and significantly reduces excessive sleepiness. When you’re alert you tend to do better day by day and hence, no more narcolepsy!

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Living with narcolepsy

Living with narcolepsyLiving with narcolepsy can be challenging as it continues to affect your ability to work, attend school and build personal relationships. Even though narcolepsy is a neurological disorder, which affects the part of the brain that regulates sleep; however, you can still manage your condition by living happy, fulfilling life. It’s said that narcolepsy affect every level of your life.

Effects of narcolepsy on personal and social life
How would you feel when somebody dozes off while talking to you? You may assume that the person is either bored by your conversation or not interested in your talk. That’s how narcolepsy can affect your life. Narcolepsy has a direct impact on someone’s self-esteem, social relations and quality of life.

People with narcolepsy usually struggle with:

  • Mental fogginess that makes it difficult for them to concentrate or usually confused even over small things making it hard to make decisions by their own.
  • They have difficulty in remembering things and display behavior that can lead to feelings of uncertainty about daily events and self-doubt.
  • Excessive sleepiness makes it hard to control and eventually causes unintentional napping at school or work, which can be embarrassing and problematic. As a result, your performance at work or school is greatly affected. Job safety can be threatened due to excessive sleepiness.
  • Experiencing hallucinations anytime of the day can be frightening and misunderstood by others.

Narcolepsy also affects your day to day social interactions with others. People with narcolepsy likely to suffer from:

  • Strain to stay awake during social activities such as watching a movie with friends or attending party of a close friend.
  • Be confused or grumpy upon waking.
  • Uncontrollable urge to nap at an inappropriate places and times that can ruin your image in social circles or you can be ridiculed or teased by colleagues or friends.
  • Having hallucinations during conversations can cause fear for the person himself/herself and others.
  • Experiencing cataplexy at awkward times such as when laughing with friends at a party.

Experiencing such symptoms on a daily basis can affect greatly. As a result of narcolepsy, you have trouble maintaining good performance at work, strong social network and strained relationships at home when you miserably fail to commit people.

The good news is that as a part of narcolepsy treatment, if you take Waklert you are surely freed of all these problems that you experience as a narcoleptic. Waklert, a single pill a day have miraculous effects on your personal and social life. It’s because Waklert reduces excessive sleepiness in you. That means, you are completely awake, alert and concentrated to respond people in a good manner. You quickly have whole time in the world to interact with people with improved concentration and energy. You’re no more a target for social bullying since your brains and eyes are no more droopy.

With Waklert you are going to experience well-qualified life and you will be no more a narcoleptic! Isn’t that good!

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