The maximum level one could stay awake!

without sleepAnd we are pretty sure that some of you belong to special human species called Insomniacs, who are mastered in endeavoring countless to hours dedicated to do that one thing they think worth to sacrificing their sleep. But this article is universal everyone who wish to know to what extent it is one can be awake and the exact limits!

But if we have to dispense one advice, so that would be, don’t! Sleep is the most important activity one should never underestimate. In absence of proper sleeping cycle one might experience discomfort, disorientating is doing something, stroll in focusing memory retentions and other health hazards. And trust it, it worth spending time sufficient for good old sleep.

You might opt for medications which would help you stay awake or rely more on caffeine content but know this, sleep is still inevitable, it might just bail you some time to perform given task. To make it more easy for you understand, we’ve come off with effected you would experience on hourly interval basis. As follow:

After 24 hours…
After this period of time, some expected effects like difficulty in taking routine decision, and a decline in eye-hand coordination, you tend to be more emotional vulnerable, deceased focus, hearing is impaired, and there is an increase in your risk of death from a fatal accident if you are subjected to use heavy machinery or just driving.

After 36 hours…
In this stage, you are bound to be prone to some intense inflammatory effects on blood vessels, which could possibly make you more vulnerable to some cardiovascular diseases and high Blood-pressure problems and hormonal misbalance. Some of the more common side effect which are easy to spot on are feeling of dehydrate and dramatic decrease in motivation to do anything. In all you tend to feel more alienated in this stage.

After 48 hours…
You might get introduced to micro-sleep, a phase where person might shut eyes just for second or half, best referred as blackouts. There frequent it be, person struggles to focus on anything, since after blackout person need some microseconds to remember what he is doing it. This might just feel innocent and harmless but just imagine if you are driving or handling a take that required continuous attention, like person working in aviation control room.

After 72 hours:
This can be best referred as zombie state! As person have no clue whatsoever about its surrounding. In appearance he might look stoned and more prone to have hallucinations, which could be hazardous to your neural system.

It is never safe to underestimate sleep. You just go and take a good old sleep!

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