Battle out the food cravings

food cravingsWe all like food and specially delicious and sugary foods. Sometimes we find it very irresistible to keep our hands off such kind of food items like chocolate, cookies, and other types of high calorie and high fats containing food. These types of carving mainly begin especially when you are dieting. But these types of carvings are not going to help you and it will destroy the very purpose for which you decided to shun these food items from your platter. It becomes very difficult to have a control over us since the temptation for such kind of food is too high. It is both physiological as well as psychological. Therefore if you are also tempted to crave on these kinds of food items, here are some of the ways you can adapt to resist the craving.

Watch the clock:
Hunger is a physiological reason behind the craving for such kind of food. In case you go for longer than five hours without any kind of food, then the blood sugar level will start dropping and the cravings will begin. You can avoid such kind of craving by not keeping yourself hungry for more than five hours and have some small snack at regular intervals. You can include snack items like small peach, fifteen grapes, two cups of light microwaved popcorns and five pretzels.

Take protein:
In order to fight off the food cravings, you must include some source of lean protein in your diet like skinless chicken or turkey, fish, eggs and low fat cheese. Protein helps in controlling blood sugar level patterns and also help in preventing food cravings. It acts as a natural appetite suppressant. The lean proteins will also help you to put a lid on the calorie count.

Drink plenty of water:
Sometimes dehydration in the people tends to trigger food craving in the people and eat mainly salty food. To tackle that problem you just need to drink lot of water. Eight ounces of water will help you to feel full and get your mind distracted from the cravings. Sometimes it is the thirst that actually feels like carving for food. You just need to quench your thirst and the food cravings will go away.

Seek distraction:
Sometimes the food craving can be a result of psychological conditions like boredom, anxiety, restlessness and other kinds of emotions. Therefore you need to find some activities that will distract your mind. Engage in your hobbies or just go out to breathe some fresh air. This will divert your mind away from the food cravings.

The chewing gum:
If you want to lose weight or avoid food carving then chewing gum can be very useful for you. This will help you in reducing the sugar cravings and snacks as well.

Brush your teeth:
If you are feeling too tempted by some candies or barbeque potato chips and the taste is just drooling in your mouth then just go to the bathroom and brush your teeth with some minty toothpaste. This will help you in getting over your crave for the sugary and salty delights.