The charisma of the eyelashes

making your lashes darkerEyelashes have always been regarded as a source of beauty in many cultures. Since ages, we have tried to redefine the beauty of eyelashes by using mascara, eyeliner, fake eyelashes and other eye embellishments. If that is not enough there are countless of efforts done by women just to make them more enhanced and beautiful. Eyelashes can give that extra charm when one needed to impress someone or to be a center of attraction.

With growing demand of eyelash products and eye embellishments, the cosmetic market in these recent years have been spinning tons of money with an endless range of products. The recent market data shows that 65 percent women reported using mascara, which is the safest and easiest way to give the appearance of longer fuller lashes and 62 percent women find that using eye liner gives them satisfaction of having fuller lashes.

On the other hand, there have been cases wherein people are complaining using these cosmetic products have given them problems such as eyelash irritation, eye infections like pink eye and eyelash loss. Of course, not all people have experienced these things as it also depends on the consumers’ usage. But a large chunk of women is reducing their usage of eyelash enhancing products whereas the hair restoration procedures are becoming more popular these days.

Why these hair restoration procedures are in demand is because these procedures and medicines treat problems of women who have sparse eyelashes or experiencing eyelash loss. Long-term use of mascara and eyeliners, use of eye embellishments have caused infections and as a result, it can eventually cause eyelash loss. It happens when you try to remove eye makeup; it removes some of your lashes, which cause hair follicles to be irritated causing lashes to fall.

Also, people with medical conditions such as blepharitis, madarosis and hypotrichosis can experience eyelash loss and to treat these medical conditions you may require medications like Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost has been proven an effective treatment for eyelash fall. The drug stimulates the number of hair follicles or roots of the eyelashes. This increased number of hair makes the eyelashes fuller and denser.

Bimatoprost also stimulates the hair darkening pigment called melanin, and thus, making your lashes darker. The medicine can give fruitful result within 16 weeks of continuous use of it. It makes your lashes longer, thicker and darker and hence, you have beautiful eyelashes without using any cosmetic products.

Since the product is approved by FDA and hence, its usage is safe and usually recommended for people with above medical conditions as well as cancer patients. Cancer patients may experience eyelash fall once they go through chemotherapy sessions. Thus, Bimatoprost serves your purpose of enhancing your lashes as well as making your appearance more attractive. In addition, it’s a sigh of relief for those suffering from medical conditions.

That means there is no a single moment where you can’t find yourself without those beautiful eyelashes. Your beauty is always completed when you’ve Bimatoprost!

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Why lashing out these eyelashes?

eye with long eyelashes. beautiful woman brown eyeNot many know that even eyelashes can fall just like our hair on the scalp. If you find any stray lash on your towel or pillow case, don’t be scared. But if your lashes are falling out faster than before your new ones replacing old one, then you might have put yourself in a trouble. Identifying the cause of your eyelash fall may help you to find out a quick solution. There are some medical conditions or use of makeup products can cause eyelash fall out. Let’s find the causes and its solution:

Blepharitis is a condition wherein an inflammation of the eyelid causes eyelashes to fall. Your eyelid may become inflamed due to an infection, trauma or an allergic reaction. You can treat this condition with the proper treatment that may cause eyelashes to grow back.

Alopecia areata can cause hair loss including the loss of your eyelashes. Autoimmune disorders such as scleroderma or lupus and endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism can also cause hair loss including loss of eyelashes.

Usually, people who are going under chemotherapy sessions lose their hair including their eyelashes. Chemotherapy drugs are so intense that they target rapidly growing cells in the body, including hair follicles. Once the patients stop taking chemotherapy sessions the eyelashes and hair grow back.

Skin cancer
Skin cancer that affects eyelids may cause eyelashes to fall out.

Mascara use
Frequent use of mascara, especially waterproof mascara can cause eyelash to fall out. While removing the waterproof mascara mainly causes in the removal of the eyelashes along with the mascara. Some people develop an allergic reaction after using mascara while some people cause traction in the attempt of removing mascara causes hair follicles of the lashes to irritate and then they start to fall.

Rubbing or tugging of the eyelashes too hard can cause them to fall out. Frequent use of eyelash curler pulls these delicate lashes causing trauma to them and can cause the lashes to fall.

Use of eye embellishments and accessories
Long-term use of eye embellishments and accessories such as fake eye extensions and beaded eye jewelry cause them to fall out. This does not stop here. In fact, fake eyelashes can also prevent natural eyelash growth. The glue that is used in fake eyelashes is not good for eyes. Some may develop mild or severe eye injuries or allergic reactions.

All these reasons do contribute to eyelash fallout. In such condition, you may use bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is used to treat people with sparse eyelashes or loss of eyelashes such as cancer patients. The drug stimulates hair follicles causing more eyelashes to grow and making them longer and thicker. Bimatoprost also stimulates the darkening pigment, melanin causing lashes to become darker. Hence, you have fuller, longer, thicker and darker eyelashes.

In short, Bimatoprost can be used to treat in above conditions which are causing eyelash fall out. In most cases, improving lifestyle and diet can resolve the issue of eyelash loss.

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What Causes Watery Eyes – Let’s Find Out!

Watery EyesEyes are the most delicate sense organ. These are susceptible for various eye ailments and watery eyes are one of them. In medical terms it is known as epiphora and it can strike almost anyone. However kids and oldies are at the higher risk of developing this condition. When the tear ducts get affected due to some reasons and stop functioning then watery eyes bother one. in some cases certain health issues or eye ailments affect the working of the tear duct and watery eyes develop.

In this article we are going to see what are the factors that cause this condition. These are explained below:

  • Dry eye syndrome – It is the most common cause for one to suffer from this irritating eye ailment. In this syndrome the eyes become too dry causing discomfort in them.
  • Blockage in the nasolacrimal duct – The tear produced in the eyes flown through the tear duct to the nasolacrimal duct which then carried them through the nose. Blockage in this duct causes watery eyes.
  • Conjunctivitis – It is also known as pink eye, is an infection of the lining near the eyelid. This can occur due to any reason such as bacterial or viral infection, exposure to certain chemicals and use of contact lenses. This condition develops watery eyes as a symptom along with other symptoms.
  • Blepharitis – It is an inflammation of eyelid which further leads to the poor functioning of the glands present at the edges of the eyelid. It also leads to watery eyes.
  • Ingrown lash hairs – When the lash grows inwards instead of outward direction, it touches the eye ball causing watery eyes.

Apart from these reasons when something gets into the eye also make them water. However it is a temporary situation that can be treated easily.