Fake Eyelashes things you should know before using it!

Fake EyelashesNo doubt, women do spend a lot for on the cosmetics. Some might just go over the hedge to be well-prep for any occasion or for any particular show. Or just for be dress for dorky comic-con fest. Out of many beauty enhancement, fake eye lashes is most used to portrait or complete any themed look, for any party or any to complete any character.

But just as you suspected, using fake eyelashes cause some complications, just like any other cosmetic enhancement would cause. But most complications revolve around used or placed in wrong manner, excessive adhesive or just some other complications!

Some Key Complications:
One of the common one is incorrectly misplaced over natural eyelashes. And the real reason behind it is not selecting proper size of eyelash equitant to your overall dynamics. So best suggestions are let the professional make-up artist handle the situation, since they are more experienced and know what’s good for you.

And if you are fan of DIY, then spend more time on education yourself about various size and ways to apply them

Time to wait: it would take a time to apply and set the eyelashes it its place and till that time, you are suggested to sit at one place with your head lean back, for quite a sometime. Thought there are lots of other options available in the market which set much quickly. But one have to have a patience and not everyone has time to do that.

Glue Reaction: now this is subjective as some might develop a sensitivity issues with the adhesive being used in to apply eyelashes. In that case, remove it and rinse your eyes with cold water or inform attendant about the discomfort it is causing you.

Material: of course, with cheap quality material there comes the risked of complication. Although kink eye lashed might be pricey but has best quality and doesn’t cause any problems, except you have allergic conditions.

In case of irritations: there are range of eye care product, mostly eye drop that can cure irritations caused by fake eyelash. Like Bimatoprost, this is widely prescribed by doctors and dermatologist as an instant cure for any severe complications. And also doubles as medicine that boosts growth of your natural eyelash.

And some Pros:
To put it in simple words, it is a quick and effective way to get desired look for any occasion, with easy to apply and very cost effective and also less messy then other option. And like we suggested, get a professional person to apply it.

Bimatoprost: useful for eyelash growth!

eyelash growthBimatoprost, for those who are looking for some options to enhance their growth of their eyelashes! May be out of desire or anything like some special professional who work in modeling and cinema industry are sometime under pressure to get some features of their face enhanced. But even in general it is possible to your eyelash with the help of Bimatoprost.

Essentially, Bimatoprost is used for curing increased pressure in eyes by rapidly draining excess fluid and open angle-glaucoma. But there have been sighted some significant trait that eventually boost up the growth rate in terms of length thickness and darkness of your eyelash. Although it is yet to be discovered how it works but there have been some theories that says, may be the duration aspect might be causing its growth.

Although there have been seen some side effect of it and the basic one is, if you are allergic to the ingredient that been used in Bimatoprost, in such case consult your doctor, they might suggest some more suggestions. Some generic visual-based side effect that might happen after using Bimatoprost like Blindness, bloody eye, blurred or decreased vision or change in color vision, color changes in the skin around the eyes, unable to seeing at night, distorted color perception, sometime double vision, dry eyes or eye color changes, fever or chills, halos around lights, lack or loss of strength, loss of vision, night blindness, over bright appearance of lights, redness, burning, dry, or itching eyes, pain, swelling of the eye, eyelid, or inner lining of the eyelid, tunnel vision and so on. Although these effects and side-effect can differ from person to person and intensity also be differ. In case of uncontrollable effect, immediately contact your doctor.

Following are some helpful tips that could come handy:
The leaflet comes with solution; make the best use of it. And if you are not fan of micro reading, then read this article further.

Wash your hands and face thoroughly, just assure you’ve removed all the dirt and make-up content.

If you are using contact-lenses, remove then. You can reuse it after 15 to 20 min to get back to visual.

Rest your head back and using your index finger, pull the lower eyelid down to form a pouch. Carefully drop the medicine into the pouch where there are roots of your eyelash is and drop a drop, apply some gentle pressure around eyelids to spread all over. Then gently close your eyes. Remove excess medicine around your eye with a clean it up with dry tissue.

In case of doubt if any contamination or germ infestations, be careful with the tip of the applicator to touch any surface, so be it your eyes.

Take interval of 5 minute between two drops, or even if you have other medicine you put in your eyes. Or if doctors suggested multiple drops, 5 min interval is enough.

Follow the schedule properly, to get proper result out of it. And just in case you misses any doses, you can skip to next scheduled doses and avoid overuses.

Feel free to ask your chemist and pharmacist about how to use and other precaution.

Keep gentle wet wipe or wipes damped in water close at hand distance, just in case excess thing drop being poured.

Bimatoprost eye care product

As we all know that eyes are considered to be the best part of our body. but today’s generation are fond of stylist everything not even sparing their eyes. whether it be makeup, changing the lenses everyday according to their clothes and personality, and may more. moreover, the young generation is not at all aware about the side effects of using all these styling products, they can damage our eyes in a very bad manner. they can even cause blindness or partial vision loss, like glaucoma or AMD. well don’t worry about it there are many drops and treatment introduced in the market, in order to cope up the primary stage of vision loss. ad one of them is Bimatoprost eye care product in the market.

this eye drop is basically used to treat eye disorder such as Ocular Hypertension and Glaucoma. it comes in the class of medicine called as prostaglandin analogs. it helps the eye to lower down its pressure and increase the natural flow of blood or say water in the eyes.

How to use this medicine?
This is the medicine that comes with a liquid solution, that has to be dropped in the eyes. it is basically instilled in the affected areas, once in the evening. it work wonders, when this medicine is used on time every day. always follow the instruction prescribed on the label very carefully, in order to avoid the side effects. it is also recommended to consult a doctor before taking any drug or solution in order to understand it do and don’t. do not use it more or less, take the exact amount as prescribed.


  • ask your doctor or pharmacist about the allergies regarding your body
  • ask your doctor for prescribed medicine
  • if you are diagnosed with another eye disease, side by side, tell the history as well to them
  • if you are using the other one, keep a gap of about 10 min between the two drops to avoid any further problem
  • consult your doctor immediately in case you observe any swelling in the eye or missing lens
  • tell the doctor if you are pregnant, or if you’re planning for a baby or feeding your child

Protect the beauty of your eyes

beauty of your eyesYour eyes are the most important part of your body that works from the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes to sleep. There are unlimited phrases, songs dedicated to describe the beauty of your eyes. They not only help you to see the world around you but they are the center attraction of your face.

They come in various colors; some have blue, some have gray and some have deep sea green eyes. They protect you from the objects that are harmful; they let you see the things in front of you; they alert you for many things and they make you enable to do many daily tasks.

Close your eyes for some time and imagine that you have never seen the world before. How frightening it can be! With the help of your eyes it’s everything or its nothing.

Do you know eyes speak a dictionary of expressions without need of uttering words from mouth? All people need to read your eyes. They express countless emotions such as fear, anger, shy, love, care, guilt, joy and the list never ends. When you look down, it expresses that you’re either upset or guilty of something. When you look directly into someone’s eyes, it shows your confidence or interest in a person’s conversation. Widening of the eyes indicate anger whereas beaming eyes expresses that you’re very happy. The lovely pair of eyes speaks volume of human’s emotions and feelings. They don’t need a book or novel to convince the feelings.

They let you see the different colors, shapes, movements, sizes and more. They are the guards of many and they are the beauty of expressions. Have you ever wondered that why they need in return? Little care and hygiene is all they want to protect the vision and the beauty of your eyes.

Air pollution, dust, aging there are the factors that can threat the sight and beauty of your eyes. When we can make them look beautiful by using mascaras, eyeliners and other eye embellishments, why can’t we take little care towards them to keep them well-protected? To enhance the beauty of your eyes when you take so many efforts, daily eye care will assure their beauty forever.

With aging your vision can be dimmed or you may develop vision-related problems and thus, it’s very important right from the beginning that you should be regular with eye care regimen and eye checkups. Common vision related problems like cataract, presbyopia and glaucoma can make it difficult to see clearly. Although some vision problems can be corrected with surgeries and treatment; however, glaucoma is a critical eye condition that requires regular eye follow-up. Bimatoprost is the solution to treat severe condition like glaucoma. Bimatoprost reduces pressure in the eye by increasing the flow of natural eye fluids out of the eye.

Eyes are delicate sensory organ of the body and they require care and attention. Don’t take your eyes for granted before it’s too late!

Wondering why lashes falling out?

why lashes falling outMiley was examining herself in the mirror when Mattie entered in her room. Mattie was surprised to see the shocking expression spread on Miley’s face. When Mattie questioned; she realized that it wasn’t her that made Miley shocked, but her thin eyelashes. Yes, anybody at any age can experience eyelash loss and if you’re still wondering why your lashes are falling out, then here are the most common reasons:

Mascara use
Use of mascara and developing allergic reaction to it is one of the most common reasons for eyelash fall. Mascaras do come with chemical content in them and so long term use of them can develop allergies in some. Also, removing mascara results into the removal of other eyelashes causing sparse eyelashes. Mascaras can also cause several eye infections such as dermatitis and conjunctivitis. Dry flakes of mascara fall into the eye, can irritate the conjunctiva.

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids by excessive growth of bacteria that is basically found on the skin. Your eyelid can become inflamed due to an infection, trauma, an allergic reaction or when the eyelid’s oil glands are blocked. Blepharitis can be cured by taking care of proper eyelid hygiene.

Chemotherapy comes with lots of side effects including eyelash fall. Cancer patients who go through chemotherapy sessions usually experience hair and eyelash fall, but as soon as the treatment ceases, the hair start growing back. Although the problem is temporary; however, most find it very distressing.

Eyelash fall can be caused by excessive rubbing, plucking eyelashes or tugging the eyelashes too hard. Trauma can be caused due to excessive usage of eye embellishments such mascaras, eyeliners and tiny beads. This can lead to loss of eyelashes.

Alopecia areata is a disorder in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles resulting hair to fall out. This can cause loss of all hair on the body or loss in just one area such as eyebrows, beard, eyelashes or scalp. The condition may not be cured completely, but can be managed with proper treatment. Other autoimmune disorders like scleroderma or lupus can also cause eyelash loss due to the diseases.

Some medical conditions can be curable while other conditions may not be reversible. Thus, identifying the exact cause of eyelash fall may save you from the trouble. Bimatoprost is an effective medication which is usually prescribed people with certain conditions such as people taking chemotherapy sessions or people suffering from sparse eyelashes or eyelash fall.

Bimatoprost stimulate eyelash growth by increasing the number of eyelash hairs that grow and the amount of time it takes to grow. That means you have longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. Bimatoprost also make your lashes darker by stimulating melanin, a pigment that makes your lashes darker.

Bimatoprost is a prescribed medication and thus, if you want to grow your lashes, then you’ve to fetch a proper prescription from your healthcare provider to use it.

Would you consider using eyelash-enhancing products?

eyelash-enhancing productsFake eyelash extensions have become quite popular in western countries. They were about to pick fast-speed and leaving behind other eyelash-enhancing products, their sale significantly dropped. Do you wonder why? It’s because of their potential side effects such as eyelash loss and severe eye infections. Moreover, they are very expensive that not all can afford them having on. Even Nicki Minaj, Kardashians are taking off their false eyelashes and extensions. They have understood the threat of these temporary eyelash-enhancing products. So the question is that would you consider using any other eyelash-enhancing products?

As the time passes and so is the cosmetic market brings a variety of products to fulfill the needs of eye makeup for women. Many women use eyeliners and mascara in order to enhance their eyelashes and they consider using mascaras and eyeliners are safest and easiest way to enhance the beauty of their eyelashes.

However, these are the conventional ways of eyelash-enhancing and people want more effective and permanent effect for their eyelashes. Also, we have to look into the other side of the story when using conventional methods of eyelash-enhancing as some users have reported of developing eye infections such as pink eye and have experienced eyelash loss. It’s because of its constant and improper usage.

When eyelash extensions made rounds of problems in the market, researchers had to look after some other alternatives for eyelash growth. Fortunately, they were successful in researching another alternative like Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost was initially used to treat glaucoma, a critical eye condition that causes vision loss in people due to optic nerve damage of the eye. When glaucoma patients reported of having abundant eyelash growth it was Allergen Company that marketed Bimatoprost as an eyelash enhancer.

Eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes failed in the market and medically tested eyelash enhancers emerged in the cosmetic product only to dominate a large chunk of it. Soon these eyelash enhancers became famous due to its promising results and little to no side effects.

Bimatoprost is an FDA approved drug that has gone under extensive clinical trials before launching in the pharmaceutical as well as a cosmetic market. While Bimatoprost is a trade name for glaucoma treatment Allergen Company launched its counterpart as Latisse for cosmetic purpose.

You may certainly consider using Bimatoprost since it’s a clinically proven drug. Bimatoprost has to be applied only on the upper eyelid for stimulating eyelash growth. Bimatoprost works by increasing the number of eyelash hairs making your eyelash appear longer, thicker and darker. You don’t need any rocket science when using Bimatoprost, all you need to be extremely careful when applying to the eyelashes.

People who want long-lasting effects with no side effects they may rely on these medically proven eyelash-enhancing products. Although Bimatoprost does cause side effects; however, comparing to other products, Bimatoprost is much reliable. You won’t have to worry about running out of mascara or getting spoilt your eyeliner even you’re deep down in the swimming pool. You should try once for better results!

Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution.

The charisma of the eyelashes

making your lashes darkerEyelashes have always been regarded as a source of beauty in many cultures. Since ages, we have tried to redefine the beauty of eyelashes by using mascara, eyeliner, fake eyelashes and other eye embellishments. If that is not enough there are countless of efforts done by women just to make them more enhanced and beautiful. Eyelashes can give that extra charm when one needed to impress someone or to be a center of attraction.

With growing demand of eyelash products and eye embellishments, the cosmetic market in these recent years have been spinning tons of money with an endless range of products. The recent market data shows that 65 percent women reported using mascara, which is the safest and easiest way to give the appearance of longer fuller lashes and 62 percent women find that using eye liner gives them satisfaction of having fuller lashes.

On the other hand, there have been cases wherein people are complaining using these cosmetic products have given them problems such as eyelash irritation, eye infections like pink eye and eyelash loss. Of course, not all people have experienced these things as it also depends on the consumers’ usage. But a large chunk of women is reducing their usage of eyelash enhancing products whereas the hair restoration procedures are becoming more popular these days.

Why these hair restoration procedures are in demand is because these procedures and medicines treat problems of women who have sparse eyelashes or experiencing eyelash loss. Long-term use of mascara and eyeliners, use of eye embellishments have caused infections and as a result, it can eventually cause eyelash loss. It happens when you try to remove eye makeup; it removes some of your lashes, which cause hair follicles to be irritated causing lashes to fall.

Also, people with medical conditions such as blepharitis, madarosis and hypotrichosis can experience eyelash loss and to treat these medical conditions you may require medications like Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost has been proven an effective treatment for eyelash fall. The drug stimulates the number of hair follicles or roots of the eyelashes. This increased number of hair makes the eyelashes fuller and denser.

Bimatoprost also stimulates the hair darkening pigment called melanin, and thus, making your lashes darker. The medicine can give fruitful result within 16 weeks of continuous use of it. It makes your lashes longer, thicker and darker and hence, you have beautiful eyelashes without using any cosmetic products.

Since the product is approved by FDA and hence, its usage is safe and usually recommended for people with above medical conditions as well as cancer patients. Cancer patients may experience eyelash fall once they go through chemotherapy sessions. Thus, Bimatoprost serves your purpose of enhancing your lashes as well as making your appearance more attractive. In addition, it’s a sigh of relief for those suffering from medical conditions.

That means there is no a single moment where you can’t find yourself without those beautiful eyelashes. Your beauty is always completed when you’ve Bimatoprost!

Bimatoprost online.

Do not take the problem of glaucoma lightly

problem of glaucomaEvery disease has a negative effect on our body and no disease should be ever taken lightly. If you ignore or overlook your health disorders, it can really have a very serious repercussion on you and the consequences will be dire. Especially if the health disorder is related to some of our vital organs, then we must be really very careful. Among the vital organs of our body, the eye is the most sensitive and the most delicate one also. It is the only medium via which we are able to see the world. Life without the eye will be very difficult to imagine. But the eye is also susceptible to various kinds of disorders and the most gruesome among them is the issue of glaucoma.

This is an eye condition that can lead to permanent loss of vision of your eye. It causes damage to the optic nerve of your eye and it gets worse over time. This is mainly associated with the buildup of pressure inside the eye. This pressure is known as intraocular pressure. This pressure damages the optic nerve which transmits the images to the brain. Due the increase in the pressure it affects the vision of the eye and with the passage of time it can lead to complete loss of vision.

The glaucoma is of two types, primary open angle glaucoma and angle closure. The symptoms of the primary open angle glaucoma include gradual loss of peripheral vision, usually in both the eyes and tunnel vision in the advance stages. Acute angle closure glaucoma includes symptoms like pain in the eye, nausea, vomiting which is often accompanied by severe eye pain, sudden visual disturbances, blurred vision, halos around the light and reddening.

The pressure inside the eye generally increases due to the accumulation of the fluid which is known by the name of aqueous humor. This fluid pass through a mesh like channel inside the eye, when this fluid is blocked by some reason or other, it begins to build pressure inside the eye causing the problem of glaucoma. The disorder of glaucoma can also happen due to other health issues like rising blood sugar level and diabetes. If the problem of glaucoma is not attended on time, then it can even lead to the problem of complete blindness and that will be a major setback for the person suffering from glaucoma.

In order to prevent this disaster, the ophthalmic drug of Bimatoprost is being utilized. This ophthalmic drug reduces the impact of the vision blockage caused due to the issue of glaucoma. It also helps in reducing the pressure on the optic nerve of the eye and hence restoring the vision. Plus this medicine also helps in growing back the receded eyelashes longer and thicker. You can easily buy the beneficial drug of Bimatoprost online at a very cheap rate. You need to follow the instruction that is given with the leaflet of the pack or the doctor’s while using this medication. If you have any doubt you can consult the doctor before using Bimatoprost.

Why lashing out these eyelashes?

eye with long eyelashes. beautiful woman brown eyeNot many know that even eyelashes can fall just like our hair on the scalp. If you find any stray lash on your towel or pillow case, don’t be scared. But if your lashes are falling out faster than before your new ones replacing old one, then you might have put yourself in a trouble. Identifying the cause of your eyelash fall may help you to find out a quick solution. There are some medical conditions or use of makeup products can cause eyelash fall out. Let’s find the causes and its solution:

Blepharitis is a condition wherein an inflammation of the eyelid causes eyelashes to fall. Your eyelid may become inflamed due to an infection, trauma or an allergic reaction. You can treat this condition with the proper treatment that may cause eyelashes to grow back.

Alopecia areata can cause hair loss including the loss of your eyelashes. Autoimmune disorders such as scleroderma or lupus and endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism can also cause hair loss including loss of eyelashes.

Usually, people who are going under chemotherapy sessions lose their hair including their eyelashes. Chemotherapy drugs are so intense that they target rapidly growing cells in the body, including hair follicles. Once the patients stop taking chemotherapy sessions the eyelashes and hair grow back.

Skin cancer
Skin cancer that affects eyelids may cause eyelashes to fall out.

Mascara use
Frequent use of mascara, especially waterproof mascara can cause eyelash to fall out. While removing the waterproof mascara mainly causes in the removal of the eyelashes along with the mascara. Some people develop an allergic reaction after using mascara while some people cause traction in the attempt of removing mascara causes hair follicles of the lashes to irritate and then they start to fall.

Rubbing or tugging of the eyelashes too hard can cause them to fall out. Frequent use of eyelash curler pulls these delicate lashes causing trauma to them and can cause the lashes to fall.

Use of eye embellishments and accessories
Long-term use of eye embellishments and accessories such as fake eye extensions and beaded eye jewelry cause them to fall out. This does not stop here. In fact, fake eyelashes can also prevent natural eyelash growth. The glue that is used in fake eyelashes is not good for eyes. Some may develop mild or severe eye injuries or allergic reactions.

All these reasons do contribute to eyelash fallout. In such condition, you may use bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is used to treat people with sparse eyelashes or loss of eyelashes such as cancer patients. The drug stimulates hair follicles causing more eyelashes to grow and making them longer and thicker. Bimatoprost also stimulates the darkening pigment, melanin causing lashes to become darker. Hence, you have fuller, longer, thicker and darker eyelashes.

In short, Bimatoprost can be used to treat in above conditions which are causing eyelash fall out. In most cases, improving lifestyle and diet can resolve the issue of eyelash loss.

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What good can you do to your eyes?

Ill effects of using false eyelashesWomen love to look good and so the revolutionary makeup was brought in fashion and style world. However, not many know or care about the safety of wearing makeup or using other embellishments. One of the embellishments that are a part of woman’s beauty kit is false eyelashes. While you may wish to have the most attractive, beautiful eyelashes and may fulfill your wish through using fake eyelashes but what good you can do to your eyes when they need care and love?

Ill effects of using false eyelashes

a)    Damage to natural eyelashes
Long-term use of false eyelashes can cause natural eyelashes to fall and over the time you may have sparse eyelashes. The condition is known as traction alopecia when there is a constant pressure on the eyelids that stunt the hair follicle growth. The glue or adhesive used to stick eyelashes to your upper eyelids is not safe and may develop mild or severe allergic reactions.

b)    Eye infection and injury
The process of sticking those eyelashes is very dangerous since it comes too close to your eyes. The adhesive used in the eyelash extensions or lashes can cause eye infections and allergies. The eye infections symptoms include eye irritation, redness, sensitivity, inflammation and swelling. Extensions can also cause severe eye infections such as pink eye.

c)    Trapped dirt and bacteria
Your natural eyelashes prevent dirt, foreign particles, sweat and bacteria from trapping in. However; fake eyelashes prevent this natural procedure from happening and rather cause dirt and bacteria to trap in or around the eyelids causing eye injuries.

Apart from that you are also exploiting the freedom of natural eyelashes preventing its natural growth and blocking its space from breathing fresh air.

It’s not only about using false eye extensions, but many people often ignore the health of eyes that can cause mild or severe eye complications.

If you are looking for a formula that can used to naturally grow eyelashes then you may consider Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost has been proven to be effective to grow eyelashes. It works by increasing the number of eyelash hairs that grow and the amount of time that they take to grow. Bimatoprost also stimulates the darkening pigment called melanin that causes eyelashes to become darker.

So bimatoprost can be an alternative to false eyelashes and extensions. It gives a natural look and you don’t feel the need of using falsies or eyelash extensions. Bimatoprost comes with minimal side effects and one can see the result within 4 weeks after using it.

Bimatoprost is FDA approved drug and hence, its usage is safe. However, you should consult your doctor before you use it for cosmetic purpose. Another way to enhance the beauty of your eyelashes can be mascara. But again do not use mascara frequently and you should remove eye makeup before sleeping.

The health of your eyelashes is in your hands. How you want to look good is your choice but keeping eyelashes in a good shape should be a necessity on your beauty agenda.

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