Iron Enriched Food

Iron Enriched FoodNutrients are power boosters from the nature, and iron is one of the crucial of it. Its deficiency can cause anemia, which can make you prone to illness and some infections. It is also more important for those of a would-be mothers, and pediatricians plays more emphasis on including more and more iron nutrient food in diet. There are two classification in it, heme iron which comes from animal and non-heme which can derived from plants, veggies and herbs.

So wouldn’t it be a wise thing to do if to include food what are high in iron level.

One of the best source of iron that also pact with mineral, protein and vitamins one could find in meat sections. Pork and beef are good source you can add with pork have an added advantage of vitamin C. you can also try red meat or egg yolk.

The French ecstasy, along with clams, mussels, oysters, and squid that house zinc and vitamin B12 along with Iron content! Other alternate for oysters like haddock salmon and tune

One of the important ingredient on most of the middle-east Asian countries, this non-heme source of iron is very easy and availed for vegan and Vegetarians. It can be used as dressing ingredient in salsa, pasta and salad. Of you can find a recipe that can turn it into Hummus.

Fortified Cereals:
What better way to start day with a bowl of fortified cereals. It also has  vitamins and minerals like fiber, zinc, calcium, and B vitamins to satisfy over all nutrition need one could have. You can check before putting in to your cart.
Pumpkin Seed:
Indeed one of the unexpected source of Iron but it works. I was also amazed to find 10mg from one cup of pumpkin seeds. It tastes great so it became must to homemade trail mix, added to bread or some exotic muffin recipes, or as a crunchy salad topping options. It can also add more healthy alternative for peanuts we keep in our pockets.

It is the most common source of iron one could find. Pair it up with kale, bell pepper or broccoli and you will have an ultimate and healthiest recipe. There are some dietician who would suggest pureed beans in any salad of your choice. So if beans are not your style, you can come up with some other variant to cheat with.

The newest revolution in the healthy food industry, its one non-Heme-Iron variant that also packed with calcium! Of course in win-win situation!

Chocolate or Cocoa powder:
Yeah, I save the best for the last! It is indeed the most enticing food in the world and now you have iron nutrient which make it a great go-go. Just keep diet plan in mind and then buy one!