Easy ways to get Pimples going!

pimples-home-remedyPimples are indeed proven to be nightmare to wake up from even for usual days and almost incurable disaster when you have to present yourself somewhere. By definition, pimples are a small hard inflamed spot on the skin that can contain fluid or puss. And there are plenty of reasons it could appear on skin and the most common factors like dead cells, bacteria or hormonal misbalance can make it possible to cause pimple and other skin conditions.

Indeed there are many dermatological solutions to control and cure such awkward pimples and even some suggested of counter medications can also be effective to sooth course. It is best of you consult a dermatologist first for best suitable medic and in case of you have presumed skin allergic conditions, this can be quite useful. But if you want to fix the problem by yourself, here are some easy tips for you:

Ice Press: you can consider this as first aid in treatment. This tip can be useful to control inflammation element which make it quick to recover and make it look less hideous. Wrap the ice in a bit of fabric and hold it on the influenced skin region for a couple of seconds and hold up a couple of minutes. But mind that, if pimple is caused by bacteria and infections, then this method would be less effective.

Honey Glazing: it is typically be used to in skin treatment for nourishing purpose but it can also be used in course of skin conditions. Particularly on pimples it can help one to disinfect the pimple making it more favorable to recover quickly. It is best to use a clean, sterile cotton tipped application and dab natural honey straightforwardly onto the skin flaws, abandoning it on for no less than 30 minutes prior to washing with warm water and pat-dry it.

Lemon juice: one of the most used remedy and the most effective tool to eliminate germs and bacteria from pimples and eradicated dead cells of from skin pores. And in order to use it take a clean, sterile cotton swab, apply lemon juice to the affected zones before you sleep. And for tenacious pimples, make a mixture of lemon juice along with cinnamon powder and spot onto pimples for throughout the night treatment which would help you dispose of pimples rapidly. Indeed it is effective but for those who have sensitive skin it is better to stick with honey or there mild options as lemon juice possess bleaching quality that can cause irritation.

Steam therapy: it can be effective to improving surrounding conditions to be effective and rapid in recovery as such measures help open up pores to that can be effective to reduce impurities. And as the debris is cleared off it can be easy from pimple to dissolve.  Just fill a huge pot with high temp water from the tap and afterward position your face so it comes into contact with the rising steam. You can make it a regime for doing it twice in a month.

Apple cider vinegar: Much like honey and lemon juice, such natural vinegar is considered to be the ultimate tool as it kills bacteria and germs, restore pH balance in skin which make it more rapid for pimple to cure. All you have to do is wash your face with water and use a towel to dry your skin. Then make a proportion of 1:3 sections water and apple-cider-vinegar, dunk a cotton ball into vinegar and apply it specifically to the imperfection. Just leave it there for no less than 10 minutes, or overnight.

Aloe Vera: Though it is tough and tedious to take out flesh out of it, but indeed it is the ultimate way to maintain and pimple–free skin. Not just it chills your skin off, which feels incredible; it diminishes the irritation and redness of pimples and expels the sleekness from your skin. Just apply aloe gel to the affected areas and do wash it after 15mins with lukewarm water and pat-dry it. you can also make a solution with water in 1:10 consistency and drink it, which can repair you digestive system that can result in hormonal balance and less impurities.

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Time to say bye to those Scars!

get-rid-of-skin-scarsAny skin alignment you experience on your skin can be annoying, and especially the one that appear on face or nearby region. And especially those scars who seem to took oath to stay there forever till eternity. Though medical science has many cosmetic treatments and therapy to cure any skin scars and some proper skin care can also help you get rid of those scars.

Though there are many reasons which can cause injuries or skin conditions to be caused scars. It could be incompetent immunity, allergic conditions, improper diet, or slow metabolic rate, or just inefficient skin care medications. And it is also the fact that, it is not necessary to rely on most of cosmetic treatments. There are many household ways you can fix such problems. Just go to grocery store and buy following items:

Shea Butter and Coconut oil: One of the most used to cure most of the skin scars! Both add up moisture elements to makes it ideal to heal and also preventing widening, itching and getting it deeper. It also contains anti-inflammatory elements which also sooths that inflammation caused by the impact or injuries. It basically contains omega3 fatty acids and antioxidants which can be effective tool to heal and repair torn skin tissues.

In general it is warmed up and applied in mixture with cotton ball. Follow a schedule of 3 times a day!

Onion gel: It might seems very add way to heal the scars but effective got your. Just apply paste directly to the affected area or better put a bandage tape of it. onion contains chemical properties of bioflavonoid like kaempferol, cepalin and quercitin which are capable to blur down scar and make it vanish in continues apply.

If using onion pulp seems too gross or impractical idea for you, then you can also opt for its medicinal option in onion gel, which are extracted from onions. That might not be rapid effective but it gets the cause done. It is suggested to consult with doctor if you have any allergic reactions to the gel’s contents.

Aloe Vera: It is predominately used in many skin care products and in skin alignments for its benefits and ease in availability, and it is simple to use too. Aloe Vera contains anti-inflammatory and collagen healing qualities which can also be heal and restore scars conditions to normal. One has to extract gooey gel off from its leaf and then applied. And for those who are not fond of such efforts, then you can get a jar or can of Aloe extract from market.

You can directly use on the surface and let it dry. Applying it for twice to thrice a day would quick recovery. And by the way it can also give it a radiant glow and also best for skin tightening and acne problem.

Emu Oil: Okay this one might just be hard to find in grocery, chemist or pharmacies, better order from online store. And it’s not like emu bird put through extractor! Emu’s feather contains fat contents which can be extracted and refined in mucus-like oils. It is one of most effective as it goes more deep in wound and repairs torn tissues and moisturize at the same time.

Though in most cases, general medication of creams and ointment can also be effective, even some off counter medications too. Make sure you consult with your doctor or dermatologist before opting for any options.