Some easy Acne Remedy available in your Kitchen!

acne-remedyZits can be embarrassing sometime! Just imaging you have important presentation or date to go and this thing just pops out of nowhere and ruin your calm and just irritate. And you don’t have option to just pop out them no matter how enticing it is, as popping acne is spreading the bacteria all over then face.

Well following are some prevention you can apply to avoid the appearance of these sudden monsters. And they also come with healthy benefits so feel free to add it in your diet:

Green Tea: It is one the ideal source of antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds, which would not only make your skin radiant but also be effective fighting acne on the surface. Just make a cup of green tea and let it set cool and then wash your face with it like a face wash. Or if you have time and patience, then used an already used green tea-bag on the affected area!

Fruit Juice and vinegar: They are not only great source of vitamin c and antioxidant but it can also used to open skin pores to drain out the impurities. Use to cotton balls to gently apply it on the acnes, let it settle for a while and then take another cotton ball to wipe it out when it is on semi-wet phase.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This is one the Swiss army of all the remedies one could come up with it.  Asking why? It can exfoliate, reduce red marks, and treat acne because of its malic and lactic acid, which makes it an ideal facial toner agent.

Just mixed it with 1:1 ratio with water and apply it with cotton balls and with let it set for some time and the wipe out.

Lemons: It can serve many benefits including for exfoliation, lightening skin, and disinfectant to reduce the appearance of scars and prevent new pimples from forming. It can also be used to remove dead skin cells off from your skin.

Just use cotton ball dipped in lemon juice and directly apply it on the most acne affected area. And after some time, rinse it with cold water only.

Witch Hazel: One of the out of the box remedy, but sure effective! It basically dries and shrink the blemish you created by scratching hell out of it. And application is also simple as you just have to apply astringent with cotton ball and and rinse it after some time.

Chamomile: Use of chamomile can be tricky but it is worth of it since it can be an ultimate cure for inflammation caused to acne.

Either you can make past of chamomile tea and apply it on the affected area or just simply boil chamomile tea in water for at least 15min or it is blend in. let it cool and then apply that essence with cotton ball and rinse it in semi dry state.

Aspirin: You didn’t saw that coming! It is the quickest way to dry the pimple and acne and then you can exfoliate with facial scrub to make it disappear quickly. Just make a paste in 2tablespoon of water and directly apply it on affected area.

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