Some Bad Habits that would make you Night owl

irregular sleeping patternSleep is crucial to everyone and we know when happen when we could get enough sleep. Some even turned in to zombies for some time. And the fact is everyone love to sleep but there are always something that prevent us from getting back to our required sleeping schedule and also causing delays, sudden or gradual.

Absence of sleep or irregular sleeping pattern can cause series of problem and also makes you more vulnerable range of sleeping disorders like narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea and so on. So here are some generally found distinct bad habits that keep you awake:

Technology usage:
So whoever in your life who suggest you to keep your hands off from technological gadgets, so be it smart phone, laptops or computers. And stable internet connection just makes it more difficult to resist its extensive. And factually they also have point! Most of the displays used in gadget are self-luminous preventing the melatonin, a hormone which is cause us sweet sleep.
Solutions: no we are not suggesting you to quit using it, which is impossible, we know it! But it would be best to manage the timing with some discipline. Just finish all your work or net-time 1/2hrs prior to bed time. Make it a rule for yourself! Every conversation you have or everything we access on net can be postponed and did it later, make the best use of bookmarks folders. And also avoid viewing displays in dark as it put more stress on your eyes and gradually be harmful.

Eating habits:
Over eating, or eating snacks before crashing in bed would also extend your awake substantially. Some food products that are induced in sugar and cholesterol cause your body to sometime go on hyperactive mode. It triggers your system to stay awake as long as it cause. And if you are more fan of coffee at night or to extent working hours then you should plan to quitting coffee. Factually, coffee is best for kick-starting you metabolism in the most morning, not for daytime and specially prohibited drinking it before you go for sleep.
Solutions: just make sure you don’t end up following any above mentioned bad habit. And if you are just unable to quit coffee, at least control it and avoid having coffee for 4hrs prior to sleep schedule.

Untimed Naps:
The kind of naps try to have to compensate sleeping time, tricks your mind fooling that you are having enough time but at the cost of delaying main sleeping schedule. In simple words, the amounts of naps you take deduct same time from natural sleeping hrs at the time you planned it.
Solution: just avoid it! Or if you have to, just to complete some urgent task then take a time out and educate yourself more about ‘Power Nap’ or for some coffee-addicts ‘coffee power nap,’ and follow it thoroughly.

Alcohol Abuse:
Fact about using alcohol to fall asleep faster is true. And another fact is, effective for first few time, and after that it tend to make more habitual to it, making you addicted to it.
Solutions: just quit alcohol!

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