Slow down brain-aging gracefully

Slow down brain-agingGrowing older means poor memory and flickering concentration. Although aging is a natural process and one cannot stop it; however, you can surely brain-age gracefully by slowing down its process. How the food provides fuel to the body and mind, the same way the brain also needs thought food along with regular food that you eat.

Be physically fit
It’s very important to keep your body and mind fit and fine and that goal can be achieved by doing regular exercise. At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise can boost fresh oxygen supply to the brain helps keeping it active.

Eat healthy
Eating a healthy nutritious diet rich in omega3s can boost your brain health and provides a horsepower. With active mind you can accomplish many tasks efficiently and quickly. Make sure that your diet is well-balanced providing you all necessary nutrients.

Give your brain to chew
Our brain is a storehouse of all information and data and if you don’t use it, the data get crashed. Thus, your brain requires something or the other information or a workout to chew on. Here are some mental workouts that work for making brain sharper.

  1. Keep your social life all jazzy and engage in plenty of engaging conversations.
  2. Become a bookworm. Read newspapers, magazines, books or whatever your hands can get on.
  3. Play challenging games like solving puzzles, scrabble, Sudoku or cards.
  4. Take up a course that interests you.
  5. Pursue a new hobby and explore every aspect of it as much as you can.
  6. Learning a new language is a best way one can ever have to sharpen the edges of your brain. It takes whole new game for the brain to store everything new. From the vocabulary to grammar rules, it’s amazing for the brain.
  7. Play games that challenge your intellect and memory such as chess.
  8. Participate in games like ‘question and answer’ it can help you a lot to improve your memory.

Keep stress under control
One of the exercises for brain to keep active is to practice meditation and relaxation techniques. Keep stress levels under control as excessive stress is a culprit that eats your brains gradually. Thus, learn to keep stress under control by practicing mediation, yoga and relaxation. These exercises are a great tools to slow down the brain aging.

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