Sleep Right! To be Genius!

sleep and memory improvementSleep is something that we’ve been doing from the day we born, and one habit we can’t quit, and also we don’t want to. It is needless to say how pathetic one can be if they frequently delay or skip their sleeping schedule. Over the years our parents and doctors suggest us to have and follow proper sleeping schedule as it is one of the key reason one can be prone to early disease and psychological disorders.

Straight in short phrase, sleeping is a physical act that intimately draws benefits to psychological and physiological system of our body. And following are some reasons why you should follow a strict sleeping schedule if you wished to be a Genius!

Stabilizing mental psyche:
From the point we woke up and till we shut down our eyes, we records, recall, and process so many kinds of information in mind, that out brain works continuously to perform every task you assign. Even reading this blog and remembering words and facts for future use is also kind of task. Sleeping, not only bails out time out of consciousness to rest for a while but it also gives time for subconscious to recollect, analyze and store everything you learn, did or happen during the day. And with proper sleeping pattern, it work works smooth as butter.

Neural System:
Neural system work in felicitating neural signal, affirmative information directed towards muscle or body cells, which instruct body or muscle to move in particular manner, yeah it is a definition! Since your subconscious process and store everything you learn throughout the day, it also instructs neural system to form a muscle memory. And that’s the reason why coaches suggest sportsman to follow a strict sleeping schedule. One example of how it works? You know the time when you are walking in your dream and suddenly fall in pit, well that many be a glitch while programming neural system, so you can calm down!

Mood Enhancer:
The best person to ask how sleep elevates your mood is the person who loves to sleep! The overall mood dynamics can cost huge impact on how stressed you can be. Even slightest delay in your normal sleeping schedule can brought negative or passive thoughts and reasoning in your thought process and drop in enthusiasm is common trait. Whereas, person who had enough hrs of sleep is more jolly and open to positive vibe.

The Stress:
Something no one wished to have but end up having enough that can hog all your focus solving it and derailing your sweet sleeping schedule. Most of the stress or the problem we face in our life doesn’t even take much time to sort out or at least not worth of concerned attention it get. Sleep, can make you more potent deal with stress since your mood dynamics swayed from neutral to ‘oh I’m unable to deal with this situation.’ In short, you are more prone to stress.

Since you’re neural and subconscious mind is tuned and working in fine manner, your ability to memorize and recalling facts and info become more efficient. Well-working neural system helps forming memory and subconscious system works in recalling those stored memory.

I guess these 5 reasons are enough for you to prioritize your sleeping schedule.

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