Should you be alert about your child’s extra weight?

obesity in childrenObesity in children has become a greatest concern in America and in many countries.  Growing number of fast food corners parents are also getting worried about their children’ unhealthy eating habits. Easy access to fast food, quick home delivery and parents pampering their children with fast food treat are making today’s children more vulnerable to obesity. So should be worried about your child’s weight or their eating habits?

Bad diet, unhealthy food habits, sedentary lifestyle and genetics are the factors that can contribute to obesity in children. While genetics play an important role in the development of obesity, but most of the times lifestyle plays spoilsport in a healthy growth of children. When there is constant absence of parents, parents who are working may be away for hours and hence, children do not get proper guidance in developing healthy habits in them. Also, parents who themselves have unhealthy eating habits can have medical problems in them as well as in their children. Millions of Americans have sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity accelerate obesity in children.

Obesity in young age not only causes physical problems but it also causes psychological problems such as low self-esteem, poor body image and depression in them. Thus, parents should keep a close tab on their children’ healthy growth. Whether they end up eating more of junk food or spending more time in front of an idiot box all aspects of their life are equally important to understand the causes of obesity and chalk out a plan accordingly.

Tackling with the problem of obesity isn’t difficult and with the right support, encouragement and role modeling can make it possible to maintain a healthy weight in children.

Be the role model
Children usually imitate and pick up the habits of their parents at home. Thus, be the role model for your child. Start eating healthy food, setting an example of yours in front of them has higher chances that they’ll start doing the same.

Adopt active lifestyle
Having an active lifestyle is important for families and their children. Encourage your child physical activities by joining them. Play active indoor games or enroll him or her in a fitness club for children. Most working parents spend their time watching TV at night and thus, children also get glued to the screens. Hence, limit your screens time.

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