Methods for Fast Growth of Thicker and Longer Eyelashes

Thicker and Longer EyelashesHaving thicker and longer eyelashes are a dream for many of us, as it makes our eyes look beautiful and attractive. But have you ever wondered why do we need eyelashes? Apart from improving your appearance eyelashes  serve some useful functions like they protect the eyes from dust particles present in the air, help keep the sweat or moisture away from the eyes, most importantly eyelashes protect the eyes from the rays of the  sun. Eye lashes are very small part of the whole body but they do have an important part in protecting our eyes.

Eyelashes are normal hair; it is natural for them to shed from time to time. But it may take a month to six weeks for them to grow back. Sometimes, many of us experience thinning or very scanty growth of eyelashes that can make us worry. Many of us desire to have thicker eyelashes but, are really possible? Yes if you take proper care of your lashes by nourishing them from time to time then you can have healthier eyelashes.

There are many factors that make eyelashes thinner like -age, nutritional deficiency, hypothyroidism, reaction to certain cosmetics, medication etc. But with natural remedies you can overcome this problem.

Remedies for faster growth of eyebrows

It is very important to know that when you start using different method to grow your eyelashes it may take few weeks to several months to get the result, so you have to be patient and not give up until you achieve your goal of growing healthier eyelashes.

  • Olive oil – olive oil is rich source of oleic acid; vitamin A and E that help nourish your eyelashes when applied regularly. It will surely work to help your eyelashes become darker, thicker and healthier. Just apply on eyebrows and massage and leave it overnight for desired results. You can rinse it off the next morning. It may take few months to get the results, but this is the best remedy for growth of eyelashes.
  • Castor oil – It is an antioxidant, contains fatty acids, vitamin and proteins which are good for the growth of hair follicles, promotes circulation and very good remedy to grow back your eyelashes. Apply on this oil regularly for thick and longer lashes.
  • Almond oil and Alovera – If you want to grow thicker and longer lashes the combination of alovera and almond oil will works wonders on your eyelashes, these ingredients nourish your lashes from the root and make them thicker, longer and much healthier. Just mix 1 tbsp almond oil and 1 tbsp of aloe vera and apply this mixture to your lashes with a brush and leave it overnight to do its work. This remedy will definitely help you get your desired result if used regularly.
  • Coconut oil – coconut oil contains vitamin E, fatty acid which is useful to nourish hair. Apply on your eyelashes and leave it overnight and rinse it off the next morning. Do this regularly for longer and thicker eyelashes.
  • Coconut milk and Castor oil – make a great combination for making eyelashes healthier. Mix half tbsp of coconut milk with half tbsp of castor oil and apply this mixture on to your eyelashes and leave it overnight and wash the next morning ,it will nourish your lashes making it thicker and longer. Apply this mixture regularly for desired result. Coconut milk is loaded with healthy protein as well as fats that would help your eyelashes grow thicker and longer.
  • Egg yolk – it is one of the best remedies to make you eyelashes stronger, thicker and longer. Egg yolk is high in protein that would help your eyelashes become shinier and thicker and it is known to nourish your hair follicles which makes it stronger and promotes hair growth. You just have to beat an egg yolk and mix it with almond oil and then add a tbsp of glycerine to mix these ingredients thoroughly and apply it on your eyelashes with a cotton ball, leave it for few minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Do this regularly and you will definitely be satisfied with the results.
  • Green tea – green tea contains huge amounts of essential nutrients and various compounds that are very good for healthy hair .It is one of the best remedies to make your eyelashes grow faster. Just prepare green tea and let it cool, apply this liquid on the lashes with a cotton ball then rinse off after 4 to 5 minutes with cold water to get desired results.
  • Petroleum Jelly – using petroleum jelly for the growth of eyelashes is also one of the easiest and best remedies, apply this jelly with your fingers to your eyelashes and massage thoroughly ,it not only nourishes the lashes but also prevents it from breakage, making it thicker and stronger. Do this regularly for best results.

    It is everyone’s dream to have fuller and longer eyelashes using easiest methods. So, if you are want you eyelashes to grow faster naturally without putting much effort then follow the above mentioned remedies to grow beautiful, longer and fuller eye-lashes.


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