Know about the killing disease of Blood cancer

blood cancerThe disease of cancer has claimed millions of lives all across the globe. This is the biggest fatal diseases of all. There are many forms of cancer as well that prove very deadly to the human health. Intestinal cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer are all different types of cancers. But among them the most dangerous and the most common form of cancer that is found affecting people is blood cancer.  It is also known by the name of leukemia. Leukemia is the cancer of blood cells. The cancer starts in the bone marrow, the soft tissue inside most of the bones. It is where the blood cells are made.

When you get the problem of leukemia, the bone marrow starts to make lot of abnormal white blood cells which are known as leukemia cells. The issue is that they grow faster than the normal cells and their growth does not stop when they should. With the passage of time the cells of leukemia outgrow the normal blood cells. As a result it can lead to other health consequences such as anemia, bleeding and infection. The cells of leukemia or blood cancer also spread to other organs as well and cause swelling and pain.

There are different types of leukemia. They are characterized as how fast it gets worse and what sort of white blood cells it affects.

Leukemia may be acute or chronic as well. Acute leukemia can get worse rapidly and make you feel sick instantly. The chronic one gets worse slowly and may not show any kind of symptom for years together.
Then there is lymphocytic or myelogenous. The lymphatic one attacks the white blood cells called lymphocytes. The myelogenous leukemia affects the other type of cells that normally becomes granulocytes, red blood cells or platelets.

There are some symptoms of leukemia depending upon the type of leukemia you have got. But there are some common symptoms you can observe like a lump or a swollen gland in your neck, under your arm or in your groin. Bleeding from the nose, gums or rectum, frequent bruising and very heavy menstrual bleeding. Night sweats and bone pain. Incomprehensible loss of appetite and weight as well. fatigue or feeling tired without any reason. Swelling or pain on the left side of the pain.

The exact cause of leukemia or blood cancer is not known yet. But there are certain risk factors which cause the deadly disease of blood cancer in an individual. Exposure to any kind of high level radiation can increase the risk of leukemia like chemo or radiation therapy given in previous cancer treatment. Conditions such as abnormal chromosomes and Down syndrome. Chemical exposures like benzene and formaldehyde. The issue of blood cancer can also be genetic and can also run through your family, passing from one generation to another. Also if you are infected by a virus called HTLV 1. The most common form of treatment for leukemia is chemotherapy, radiation and stem cell transplants.

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