How to heal bruises fast?

Bruises are the reminiscence of injuries or pains afflicted on our body due to which the tissues and blood vessels underneath the skin burst. Even though bruises heal on their own, we can take certain steps to ease the pain and reduce their visibility a bit. It can happen due to you being hurt in an accident, due to falling and let’s not forget, by getting into a fight and being hit. Yes that happens and what comes out of it is a black eye.

Bruising is a very natural phenomenon that occurs as a response to an injury. When you get hurt, the blood gets trapped beneath your skin and results in a purple, bluish or grey patch that is tender in touching. Bruises are difficult to treat but there are many home remedies that can help the bruises heal fast, prevent them from happening and reduce their appearance.

The following home remedies can be followed to get rid of bruises:

  1. Arnica- Arnica Montana is a homeopathic herb that helps in reduction of inflammation and swelling. It absorbs easily into the skin which makes it an ideal treatment for bruises in the form of ointments. It can also be taken orally. Studies show that arnica worked really well on laser induced bruises. 20% arnica gel or ointment can be used easily to apply topically and the arnica pill should not be swallowed directly, instead it should be allowed to melt below the tongue.
  2. Aloe Vera gel- Aloe Vera gel is filled with goodness of healing. It heals the skin and reduces the bruising. If you cannot get your hands on natural aloe gel, you may opt for organic aloe Vera gels in the markets.
  3. Heating pad- Putting a heating pad or hot water bottle on the bruise will loosen the blood vessels and increase blood flow in the area where blood is trapped. Heating the area will also help in pains and tensed muscles.
  4. Elevation and rest- Elevating the wounded area above the level of your heart will allow blood flow in other directions, this also reduces pain. This step help you relax and take some rest and reduces the pressure on the bruised area.
  5. Ice pack- Applying ice packs, a bag of cold vegetables or ice in a plastic bag can help calm down the vessels and prevent the flow of blood in surrounding areas. This may help in reducing the size of the scar and also reduce inflammation and swelling. You can apply ice on the bruises for 10 minutes after every 20 minutes.
  6. Compress- Compressing the bruised area means holding it with a stretchable or crepe bandage. It will hold the bruise in place both inside out and will prevent the blood trapped from spreading in other areas.
  7. Vitamin C- Vitamin C is known for its healing properties and it cures inflammation and swelling. You can get your supply of Vitamin C either by eating citrus fruits like lemon, oranges and tangerines. You can also take supplements or apply it topically in form of serums, gels and creams.
  8. Eat Pineapple- You can eat pineapple to get the enzyme in it called brome lain. Brome lain helps with the swelling and inflammation. You can also take brome lain supplements if you do not eat pineapple.
  9. Essential oil goodness- Essential oils can be applied to the wound to benefit it. Frankincense essential oil helps in relaxing the muscles and reducing pain. IT can be used by mixing it with arnica. Lavender & rosemary oil can also be used with the cold compress to calm down the blood vessels. Essential oils must be used in diluted form by using them in conjunction with a carrier oil as direct application can have a few side-effects sometimes.
  10. Eat foods rich in zinc- Zinc is a mineral known for its rich properties of healing wounds and tissues. Crabs, spinach, legume and pumpkin seeds are good sources of zinc.
  11. Comfrey cream- Comfrey leaves can be used for a dry compress by drying the leaves and boiling them in water. Wrap these leaves in the towel cloth and apply on the bruise. Comfrey cream is also very effective in treating inflammation and swelling.

So these were a few home remedies to reduce visibility of bruises and heal them fast. However, you must see a doctor if you bruise very easily, bruises without any reason or a sudden bruise has appeared.

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