How lifestyle choices can affect glaucoma?

Preventing glaucomaSeveral people are becoming more aware of a healthy lifestyle and its effects. It’s good to know that people want to lead a healthy and independent life. However, certain lifestyle choices may affect your health. One of the severe eye conditions known as a thief of sight, glaucoma has been a topic of discussion that how an individual’s lifestyle choices can affect glaucoma. However, studies have shown that lifestyle factors can influence eye pressure which is a major risk for glaucoma and one need to be well aware of which factors and how they can affect your eye health. Preventing eye pressure from becoming worse is very important for glaucoma treatment from taking right medications like bimatoprost and making right changes in lifestyle.

Aerobic exercises such as running, jogging, walking or cycling can help lower eye pressure. However, weightlifting can raise eye pressure which cannot be healthy for your eye health. In such cases, consulting with your physician may help you to choose right kind of exercises.

Obesity and glaucoma
Obesity can increase your risk for glaucoma and thus, aiming for healthy weight may reduces your risk of glaucoma.

Head-down positions that are basically practiced in yoga are not recommended for glaucoma patients. It increases eye pressure and may reduce the effect of glaucoma medications that you’re taking. Although practicing yoga is good for overall health; however, you should consult your physician and make changes in your lifestyle accordingly.

Daily consumption of alcohol increases eye pressure. Also, alcohol use increases the risk of developing glaucoma.

Studies show that there is no increased risk of glaucoma if you smoke; however, smoking is anyways not good for your overall health.

Drinking coffee excessively increases eye pressure for a short period of time. One study showed that drinking 5 or more caffeinated coffee increased the risk of developing glaucoma. Hence, two cups of coffee every day is ideal and why not limit your caffeine intake as much as you can.

Blood pressure
As you all well aware that neither high nor low blood pressure is good for health. Research show that untreated hypertension is associated with glaucoma. Due to high blood pressure it damages the blood vessels to the optic nerve over time and hence, one should be extremely careful about the blood pressure. In some cases, people with low blood pressure have had a progressive vision field loss. You should always monitor your blood pressure to avoid the risk of glaucoma.

Even though yoga and exercises have been proven beneficial for our overall health but one cannot deny the fact that some of these lifestyle factors are responsible to glaucoma condition. In such cases, you should be regular at taking medications such as Bimatoprost decreases the eye pressure by increasing the flow of natural eye fluids. Do not miss the doses of Bimatoprost at any cost. Also, eating eye-healthy diet, doing a regular light form of exercises and taking vitamins supplements can keep your eyes healthy and safe.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle after carefully reviewing the factors that increase the risk of glaucoma!

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