Fake Eyelashes things you should know before using it!

Fake EyelashesNo doubt, women do spend a lot for on the cosmetics. Some might just go over the hedge to be well-prep for any occasion or for any particular show. Or just for be dress for dorky comic-con fest. Out of many beauty enhancement, fake eye lashes is most used to portrait or complete any themed look, for any party or any to complete any character.

But just as you suspected, using fake eyelashes cause some complications, just like any other cosmetic enhancement would cause. But most complications revolve around used or placed in wrong manner, excessive adhesive or just some other complications!

Some Key Complications:
One of the common one is incorrectly misplaced over natural eyelashes. And the real reason behind it is not selecting proper size of eyelash equitant to your overall dynamics. So best suggestions are let the professional make-up artist handle the situation, since they are more experienced and know what’s good for you.

And if you are fan of DIY, then spend more time on education yourself about various size and ways to apply them

Time to wait: it would take a time to apply and set the eyelashes it its place and till that time, you are suggested to sit at one place with your head lean back, for quite a sometime. Thought there are lots of other options available in the market which set much quickly. But one have to have a patience and not everyone has time to do that.

Glue Reaction: now this is subjective as some might develop a sensitivity issues with the adhesive being used in to apply eyelashes. In that case, remove it and rinse your eyes with cold water or inform attendant about the discomfort it is causing you.

Material: of course, with cheap quality material there comes the risked of complication. Although kink eye lashed might be pricey but has best quality and doesn’t cause any problems, except you have allergic conditions.

In case of irritations: there are range of eye care product, mostly eye drop that can cure irritations caused by fake eyelash. Like Bimatoprost, this is widely prescribed by doctors and dermatologist as an instant cure for any severe complications. And also doubles as medicine that boosts growth of your natural eyelash.

And some Pros:
To put it in simple words, it is a quick and effective way to get desired look for any occasion, with easy to apply and very cost effective and also less messy then other option. And like we suggested, get a professional person to apply it.

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