Eye-lash Growing Tips

Eye-lash Growing TipsEyelashes play such an important part in accentuating eyes to complete its beauty quotient and yet they are understated. It resonates what eyes are trying express. It complete the grace quotient when you wear exquisite eye make up for one glamorous event. Or can add depthless in to the dark character you wished to portray. Just imagine what you can do with it.

Following are some suggested ways you can apply to take care and help them grow great:

Cleaning up: The mascara you wear is already heavy for your eyelash and keeping it in for night might not giveaway you pore on eyes skin to breath. Remember, while cleaning it out, use cotton ball with gentle ways possible. I mean, you don’t want to cause any damage to the current lash, do you?

Olive oil: Nature’s best lash moisturizer you could ever ask for, which eventually make it stronger and longer.

Castor oil: It is also a best alternative for olive oil and also works wonders with it. You can mix them together and apply it, as castor oil could also help your eyebrows hair grow.

Coconut and Lavender Oil: It helps you get rid of free radicals, which plays big roll boosting growth. Coconut oil is enriched with soothing and nutritional value, which makes it perfect to mix with any oil. It can also act as a base. Just mix lavender and coconut together, apply gently with finger and let it work its magic.

Petroleum Jelly: Yes, The Vaseline, the trusted form of moisturizer. And guess what, it also works to grow your lash faster and thicker. Just apply it regularly.

Green Tea: Soak green tea leaves in warm water for some hours and apply it with a cotton ball.

Lemon Peel: Soak lemon peels in olive or in castor oil, keep it aside for overnight and apply it next night.

Trim time: Absurd it may sound, but this really works. Lash-folicles get stimulated if you just trim down ¼ length every 2or3months.

Lash-Diet: Now I would bail out myself saying ‘just follow healthy diet’ but, just make sure your diet includes apples, guavas basically most fruits. Green vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, other sources of proteins.

In other tips, you can eat something that have carbohydrates and do not starve yourself to the level of being paper-thin. Just eat healthy and never skip your exercise schedule.

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