Easy method to quickly fall asleep!

method to quickly fall asleepSleep is precious to everyone, so be it animal or social animal, like us, the human. There are countless benefits of healthy sleeping schedule like healthy body and its metabolism, smooth well functioning body-system, body and mind in perfect harmony and radiance in skin. And to the other side of the coin, sleep depravity and other sleeping disorders can cause many ‘vice-versa’ effects which are treacherous to your overall health.

So be it anything, if you have problem falling asleep peacefully, then follow below method and achieve that peaceful sleeping:

Quitting Time:
Well it is time to ditch some bad habits so you could come clean. And these bad habits includes, alcohol, smoking, caffeinated beverages and sugar induced food items. This could cause temporary kick to the metabolism, which signals brain to be active, whereas body is in mood to dose off. You need to have at least 4hours interval before sleeping time.

Eating Habits:
Although following balance diet would be beneficial factor in mission to fall asleep quickly. But first mind how much you are eating. Cause over-eating too much food can put your body to make extra efforts to digest food and finding perfect position which is comfortable for the bubbled up belly is another task. And please, eat where you sleep, let the gravity work a bit and shift your food further in digest-system.

Also avoid spicy food, since spicy food also gives a kick to your metabolism dynamics.

In bedroom:
Assuming having problem sleeping, you should keeping the sleeping area clean and clutter less.

If possible paint it in earthy colors which are more dim-lighted then in flashy florescent colored.

The only electronic instrument allowing in the vicinity should just be din lighting and air-conditioners, nor any other notification honking object, and make it a rule.

To get in sleepy mood, you can listen to soft music or some jazz routine. But the best technique is ‘Breath-in Breath-Out’, which literally sooths your body to be relaxed and prone to sleep. You can also try 4-7-8 technique, which includes 4sec to breathe in, 7sec hold calmly and slowly release it within 8sec.

Try to switch location then positions. Those people who are unable to sleep are master in switching position from one side to another. This will trick your mind your drowsy mind to sleep. Cause there isn’t a single rule that says, you have to sleeping in the bed only. You can try hammock, for a change!

If you have a partner, just cuddle-in! This will make your brain trigger oxytocin, the hormone that actually makes you feel pleased, and causing you to feel relaxed and vulnerable to sleep. If this science lesson was too much, you know how cuddling feels or when you eat chocolate!

Speaking about chocolates, dark chocolate can make you feel drowsy and it also works in similar ways as cuddling works, making it an ideal option for singles. And if you are still looking for other variant, you can try lukewarm milk or chamomile tea.

If above set of tips doesn’t seems to work then it is better to consult with your doctor, cause there are probability that you have sleeping disorders.

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