Sleep Peacefully… but for how long?

Sleep PeacefullyIt is always being point of discussion ever since some curious gentlemen raise this question! And from that moment doctors, researchers, psychologist, physicians and dozen other kinds of experts including some renounced pioneer in gym care industry came up with their own theory. And we thought, to resolve this confusion, let’s put it all together and tell you how much time you need to complete your daily sleep needs.
Incomplete hours of sleep can cause many complications right from lack of general sensitivity, unable to concentration, inclined on unhealthy foods, loosened metabolism rate. And in severe situation, it can cause you sleep deprivation that can lead to depression and anxiety issues, hallucinations or some accidents since one can’t focus on anything.
Following is the list of age group and the hours of sleep is must for the concerned person in that group, know how much you want:

New Born (0-3months):
New offspring’s to infants need more sleep of 14 to17 hours a day, as they are in evolutionary phase where their tissues are devolving. And sleep is the best time for letting your neural system works its wonder in getting coordination over the body.

Infant (4 to 11 months):
The 12-13 hours of sleep is well needed, since they are trying their new formed neural system and processing and storing info they learn in between, for future purpose.

Toddler (1-2 year):
They need at least 11 to 14 hours of sleep. Enough to process and record the tract they stumble upon and work on improving their gibberish in to more understandable human language.

Preschoolers (3-5 yrs):
Deal with the outer world can be task for every child, while learning and educating themselves. And to get energy for those task kids needs 10-13 hours of sleep.

The School time (6-13yrs):
One of the active phase of life, we are at the fullest to learn new things and deal with high energy needs. And to keep it fluent, kids need 9-11 hours of sleep.

Teenagers (14-19yrs):
The most rebellious phase of life, infused with energy and hormones. To deal with outer world and society one might need 8-10hrs of sleep, to keep it in flow.

Younger adults (20-28):
People in this age have learn cope up with new find stress in work or in married like. And to regain the energy you’ve lost in the day, you need 7-9 hours of sleep.

Adults (29-64):
Still, despite course of the time and coping with stressed of success, spouse and children, it is one thing you need not change and keep it following.

Older Adults (65+):
Though need just 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but it is most needed to keep yourself immune and healthy.

Although it is really hard to say X hours is sufficient for every human being. Since there are wide variety aspect one need to consider. Factors like age group, blood type, blood pressure level, any past medical condition or current medication course he is on and the kind of work he is involved in. Like the person who work in Aviation Control center need to have acute sense of concentrations as one mistake in analysis can result in catastrophic outcome.

The best way to know it is consult a doctor since they can examine you, considering your medical history and suggest you precise sleeping hours and ways to do it.

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Tips for better Growth, Go get a sleep!

sleep for healthYes, it does make sense! You probably must be expecting tips like do cardio exercises, following proper diet, enrolling yourself in sport programs and more stuff like that. They are indeed contributes their result in order to achieve substantial growth but sleep is something that not everyone would suggest to you when you ask for tips on overall growth, except your parents and doctors.

Healthy Sleep schedule renders many benefits like well balanced metabolism, release toxins out of your body and soothes your body and so on to make you feel re-energized for next day. There are many facts that can contributes to well being and results in substantial growth. Following factor might just make it clearer for you to understand the importance of proper sleep:

Many factors that define one’s growth like rate of metabolism, kind of lifestyle, level and time one gives to complete physical activity he does and so on. And above all it needs to be properly syncing from your body to be able to perform all acts. And sleep just gives that time and favorable conditions for your body to regulate every function needed to formulate gradual growth.

Muscle memory:
It is something that we learn through doing physical activity and our muscle learn that act and keeps the information stored in, of what we call reflexes and mostly controlled by subconscious. It is mostly beneficial to sports person who have to remember every move they make. And sleep gives condition and time to subconscious to make muscle memories.

Better Results from Diet:
In the growing years, kids are bombarded with dietary suggestions for better growth rate. But any diet would only be effective if your body have better metabolism, which is in simple word a chemical process that defines quality of your health. Sleep can boost your metabolism rate that will eventually help you render best benefits from the diet you are taking.

Better Psychological schema:
It is not only about having better physical effects, having sound and calm mind would also contribute well in improving overall growth. One can early figure out how dull we fill when we couldn’t get proper schedule or skip sleep due to some other task. It also capable to make you more vulnerable to illness and diseases! And you also how pleasant we feel when we have a comfortable sleeping session.

Hormonal Stability:
This is the one problem both genders have to deal with as they are growing up from adolescence to puberty. Our body is exposed to some serious hormonal changes that eventually shape up our psychological schema and personality in long run. As you are asleep and internal system at rest, subconscious regulates the hormonal flow, which could cause problems is one couldn’t get proper sleep.

Like I said, when we are asleep our body is at rest. This also gives your body to release harmful toxin it produce throughout the day. Toxins like lactic acid our muscles create when they exert or feel muscle fatigue and kidneys also releases impurities in your blood. While you are asleep your body releases those toxins via urine or stool.


Sleep Right! To be Genius!

sleep and memory improvementSleep is something that we’ve been doing from the day we born, and one habit we can’t quit, and also we don’t want to. It is needless to say how pathetic one can be if they frequently delay or skip their sleeping schedule. Over the years our parents and doctors suggest us to have and follow proper sleeping schedule as it is one of the key reason one can be prone to early disease and psychological disorders.

Straight in short phrase, sleeping is a physical act that intimately draws benefits to psychological and physiological system of our body. And following are some reasons why you should follow a strict sleeping schedule if you wished to be a Genius!

Stabilizing mental psyche:
From the point we woke up and till we shut down our eyes, we records, recall, and process so many kinds of information in mind, that out brain works continuously to perform every task you assign. Even reading this blog and remembering words and facts for future use is also kind of task. Sleeping, not only bails out time out of consciousness to rest for a while but it also gives time for subconscious to recollect, analyze and store everything you learn, did or happen during the day. And with proper sleeping pattern, it work works smooth as butter.

Neural System:
Neural system work in felicitating neural signal, affirmative information directed towards muscle or body cells, which instruct body or muscle to move in particular manner, yeah it is a definition! Since your subconscious process and store everything you learn throughout the day, it also instructs neural system to form a muscle memory. And that’s the reason why coaches suggest sportsman to follow a strict sleeping schedule. One example of how it works? You know the time when you are walking in your dream and suddenly fall in pit, well that many be a glitch while programming neural system, so you can calm down!

Mood Enhancer:
The best person to ask how sleep elevates your mood is the person who loves to sleep! The overall mood dynamics can cost huge impact on how stressed you can be. Even slightest delay in your normal sleeping schedule can brought negative or passive thoughts and reasoning in your thought process and drop in enthusiasm is common trait. Whereas, person who had enough hrs of sleep is more jolly and open to positive vibe.

The Stress:
Something no one wished to have but end up having enough that can hog all your focus solving it and derailing your sweet sleeping schedule. Most of the stress or the problem we face in our life doesn’t even take much time to sort out or at least not worth of concerned attention it get. Sleep, can make you more potent deal with stress since your mood dynamics swayed from neutral to ‘oh I’m unable to deal with this situation.’ In short, you are more prone to stress.

Since you’re neural and subconscious mind is tuned and working in fine manner, your ability to memorize and recalling facts and info become more efficient. Well-working neural system helps forming memory and subconscious system works in recalling those stored memory.

I guess these 5 reasons are enough for you to prioritize your sleeping schedule.

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Insufficient Sleep Syndrome: a sleeping Disorder

Insufficient Sleep SyndromeSleep is one of those activities that plays key role in balance factor of your overall health. And an insufficient sleep disorder is referred to basically discontinuity to maintain healthy sleep schedule. There could be much reason one can come out with that can cause this sleeping disorder and it is also considered to be early sign of other sleeping disorders.
In most cases, what we think an ‘n’ hour of sleep is sufficient for us is actually not enough. The sleeping hours mainly depends upon factors like the amount of labor you take during the day, kind of food you eat including caffeine and sugar intake, lifestyle and also jet-lag. In other reasons, sleep depravity can also caused by the medication course you are following or just the time you bail out to complete task, which you plan to compensate later.
It is needless to how sleep is important to live healthy life. Its absence can cause physical and psychological imbalance can withered your inner harmony and causes to slowdown metabolism which ultimately degrades your immune system making you more vulnerable to disease and illness. Lack of concentration, which is caused by ISS, alone can capable causing catastrophic result performing some otherwise simple task like handling heavy machinery, critical activities or just driving in traffic can be tedious task for one to do with sleep-deprivation.

Some other psychological disorder, which can be caused by untreated insufficient sleeping syndrome like Insomnia which is disrupted sleeping schedule, obstructive and central sleep apnea which cause unusual breathing patter while you are asleep, Narcolepsy which is an unusual pattern of sleep where one can fall asleep anywhere anytime regardless what he is doing, Idiopathic hypersomnia which is opposite to insomnia it is a disorder where person sleeps for longer hours, periodic limb phase disorder which is much similar to sleep paralysis but more frequent and subjected to the specific limb then whole body. In other disorders, short sleep time, shift work disorder and delayed sleep phase disorder.

There are some easy symptoms one can figure out whether they have insufficient sleep syndrome or not and opt for proper treatment.

Not completing or delaying your Ideal Sleep Time at the end of the day.

Unable to pop out of your bed as soon as you wake up, since your body requests for more sleep.

Unable to recall or retain stored in your memories or struggle keeping completing calculative task.

Consistent and gradual drop in your energy level causing you to feel exhausted by the end of the day.

The Remedies:
There are some easy remedies and alteration in your daily lifestyle and habits you can alter to control the insufficient sleep syndrome. But for the best and precise remedial measures, consult your doctors or sleep specialist. Why? Cause they are professionals who can suggest best treatment analyzing your medical health history, sleep pattern and set course for suitable for you.

Some handy tips like, prioritize your sleep schedule, do exercise, follow right diet and keep yourself off from any distractions(however it temp you) and be following it.

Sleep Paralysis: For Basic FYI!

Sleep ParalysisGenerally referred as Parasomania, it is the state where one feel awake but the conscience but not by the body. In simple words, your mind woke up just as your alarm started ticking, you open your eyes, see and sense what is going around but you are unable to move your body and get up from the bed, can’t even move your hands and feet. Let me share some more light on this topic and tell you how it happen.

When you fall asleep we reached to the state of ‘atonia,’ where your body is aligned still, in whichever position you sleep, so that sudden moment when you are in exploring new world in dreams or nightmares. Remember the time when you are walking or climb down the stairs and you actually missed one, yeah that time! It is also been seen as loosed link in coordination between atonia and your waking up can cause you sleep paralysis, as you and your conscience is awakened but atonia is working to its best regardless to the fact you are awaked.

In most of the cases researchers come across Narcolepsy, disease where its patient has misplaced neural system that cause them to fall asleep uneventfully and undesirably, seems to be the cause of sleep paralysis. Since it has more possibility to cause sleep paralysis!

It can cause panic attack since other sensory organ work but you are unable to speak because to be able to speak you have to move your mouth muscles. But your breathing process can be resumed as normal, might be boost up if you are under panic attack. Just remember one thing, usually this kind of incident last for few minutes or even for some seconds. It might make you feel it is permanent but it can be easily disrupted if anyone made an attempt to touch or speak to you. Or even if no one is around, fierce attempt to move can make it stop.

And also mind you, in some cases some individuals have also experienced hallucinations, like someone is there in the room trying to harm you or even song tingling or ticking sensations. It could also because if you went under panic attack your negative thought triggers and causes you to feel in this way. But this kind of hallucination can also be caused in normal cases.

Still, if you are experiencing it on more frequent basis, then its time you should consult to a physician or a psychiatric for further diagnose and/or medications. Although some other causes like sleep deprivation can also cause same effects as atonia, since your body-cycle is disturbed because of untimed delays, body may subconsciously demands more res time, in result, sleep paralysis. In that case, following strict sleeping schedule can cure it.

And in case of narcolepsy, doctors might prescribe you suitable anti-depressant, which proves to be more effective to cure it, not necessary you have to be depressed for that.

Conclusion to this, Sleep Paralysis is common condition that happens at least once or sometime in our life, which is not so serious. But if it is frequent, just seek some medical help.

Tonight you’ll sleep like an angel!

sleep like an angelThere are few lucky people who can instantly doze off as soon as they hit to bed. However, some of us no matter what we do, our eyes cannot shut. We keep staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning, counting sheep for sleep but sleep seems thousand miles away from us. Even a small amount of sleep loss can wreak havoc on our ability to work, on health, mood, to safety or perform daily functions. If you have had enough of sleepless nights and craving for the miracle to happen, then here are some natural tricks that can help you to sleep like an angle.

Maintain bedtime routine
The first and foremost thing for good sleep is to religiously maintaining bedtime routine. Ensure you wake up and sleep at same times every day. Following a regular bedtime routine gives time to your body to set off your circadian rhythms.

Make your bedroom sleep-friendly
Calm and comfortable bedroom should be the heaven for good sleep. Keep your room temperature comfortable to sleep in. The cooler, the better you can sleep. Your bedroom should be noise-free, serene and dim-lit. Before hitting to bed pull down curtains to block the outside light and use earplugs and eye-mask. Use aromatherapy as it helps soothe the body and have a calming effect. Make sure that you have comfortable bedding to sleep nicely.

Keep an eye on what you eat
Food is a factor that plays an important role in a good night’s sleep. Have a light dinner as heavy meals are difficult to digest and indigestion can make it difficult to sleep. Also, do not sleep with empty stomach as hunger can keep you awake. Eat a light snack shortly before bedtime.

Limit screen time
Do not spend time watching TV shows close to bedtime or do not handle backlit devices as this kind of stimulation signals the brain to be alert when it’s supposed to be winding down and can delay your sleep. Thus, turn off all screens at least one hour before you sleep.

Give time to your body and mind to relax
Drinking a glass of warm milk and taking a nice shower close to bedtime can give your body and mind to wind down. You can some gentle stretching and progressive relaxation; tighten your each muscle for a count of ten and then release one by one. It will relax your body and reduce muscle aches and pains. Read some entertaining or boring book. It helps your mind to get the worries off.

Comfort yourself to set the sleep in
Wear loose, light, cotton clothes. Let the sleep set you in. watch your posture while you sleep. Find a comfortable sleep position that supports good sleep posture. Use a good quality pillow that supports your neck and head properly. Lie in the same position every night, so your body becomes accustomed to falling asleep in the same manner. Use a soft blanket while you sleep.

Your lifestyle may cause sleep troubles

sleep troubles causesJustin is a shift-worker who works in rotational shifts. Justin work involves him to spend extended hours at the work that leaves him out of energy and no time in hand. Justin would sleep for more than 11 hours on his weekends. He hardly gets time to spend with his family and friends and misses his social life. Although he does get weekends; however, most times he complains about sluggishness and drowsiness.

Katrina is in her 20s. She loves playing football and works at a salon. When asked her how she manages her work routine she says that “I juggle between my work and passion. I love what I’m doing. However, it’s been days I’ve become an insomniac that leaves me no energy and I feel sluggish during the daytime. I’ve missed my football practice session in this whole week.” She doesn’t have an idea how to deal with her insomnia and daytime excessive sleepiness.

Just like Justin and Katrina, there are many teenagers and young adults frustrated and struggling to cope with sleep irregularities. Sometimes its work, but most times it’s your unhealthy lifestyle habits that count towards your sleep patterns.

Most young adults and office-goers that don’t get time for entertainment spend time at night watching television shows and handling backlit devices. This is one of the major reasons that stimulate the brain signaling to be alert and awake delaying your normal sleep timing further. In addition, alcohol consumption and smoking significantly disturb sleeping patterns affecting the quality of your sleep.

Moderate alcohol consumption may not have that much affect on your sleep. However, the lesser, the better is the key for good night’s sleep. Those who do substance abuse are more likely vulnerable to depression and other mood disorders worsening the condition even more.

A sedentary lifestyle is the biggest culprit for most health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, irregular sleep patterns and cardiovascular disease. Sedentary lifestyle includes lack of physical activities, eating junk food and spending more time in front of the idiot box. A sedentary lifestyle is more a preference than a habit. Office-goers, older family members, and even teens give excuses like not getting time for exercise whereas most of them spend time in watching TV and playing video games.

These unhealthy lifestyle practices can lead to sleep disorders and other health problems. In order to stay healthy, leave your couch and get moving. Those with sleep disorders are more likely to develop depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Modafinil may rescue from trouble sleeping. Excessive sleepiness can cause lethargy in people making less efficient and productive at work or school. In such cases, Modafinil reduces excessive sleepiness, regularizes disturbed sleeping patterns and increases energy in people.

Along with Modafinil Pills, one should become accustomed to healthy lifestyle by doing regular exercise, eating a nutritious diet and establishing a sleep schedule to keep sleep problems at bay. In fact, healthy lifestyle is a lifetime investment for healthy life. So are you ready?

Are you suffering from narcolepsy?

narcolepsyNarcolepsy often gets and overlooked sleep disorder and unfortunately, it is one of the critical sleep disorders one should take treatment for. Many people do not know that this disorder is a result of an imbalance between sleep and wake cycle. The disorder requires lots of patience, prolonged treatment, and a commitment in order to bring down its some of the uneasy symptoms.

If you or any of your family members is suffering from narcolepsy watch out below symptoms as narcolepsy can lead to a number of health problems.

Excessive daytime sleepiness
To diagnose narcolepsy, you need to have been experiencing extreme daytime sleepiness. It is normal to feel drowsy in boring situations such as while watching TV or normally people feel sleepy after having a meal during a mid-day. However, in narcolepsy you may feel extremely drowsy and fall asleep without any warning. Narcoleptics feel these irresistible sleep attacks while having a conversation, during meals or even while driving.

Narcoleptics significantly experience cataplexy wherein one loses sudden muscle strength and these involuntary body movements displayed during social settings may create an odd impression. You may typically experience loss of muscle strength during strong emotions such as laughter, elation or anger.

Sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis wherein you are unable to move or speak while falling asleep or waking up. These episodes are usually last for few seconds to minutes. Once the episode passes, people usually recover to their full capacity to move and speak.

Nighttime wakefulness
Narcoleptics usually experience frequent awakenings due to hot flashes, elevated heart rate and sometimes intense alertness.

Experiencing hallucinations can be frightening for the sufferer himself/herself and for the bed partner as they usually experience vivid, terrifying hallucinations. Moreover, when your bed partner cannot see, hear or feel something and you claim to see that you’re hearing or seeing something can cause great distress and concern.

Automatic behavior
When you’re feeling sleepy or tired, there is also a tendency exhibiting automatic behavior such as doing something without really thinking about it or without having any memory of it. You may drive to a wrong destination whereas you were supposed to drive home. Performing such tasks while you’re under the sleeping spell may lead to occupational errors and automobile accidents proving fatal.

Other symptoms
Excessive sleepiness can lead to problems like poor concentration, trouble remembering or retaining new information and blurred or double vision.

These symptoms significantly impair your ability to function smoothly. The good news is that narcolepsy may be severe in nature but can be cured successfully with the help of stimulants.

Waklert has been found extremely useful in order to reduce excessive sleepiness, trouble concentration, lethargy and poor memory. Waklert stimulates dopamine levels in the brain that sends a signal to be awake and alert. Thus, you’re less likely to feel drowsy or troubled with poor concentration as Waklert improves concentration, boost your memory and energy and significantly reduces excessive sleepiness. When you’re alert you tend to do better day by day and hence, no more narcolepsy!

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Up all night and low in daytime energy?

low in daytime energyLast night you stayed up late. We know most of your time you did lots of work and now you’re low on energy. Now you’re feeling droopy, drowsy and drained when you’re supposed to work and concentrate on the given tasks. When your battery is completely running out, it seems the whole world is troubling you unnecessarily. You might feel that everyone is irritating you purposely; neighbors have teamed together to fight with you; today your baby is crying and screaming from the bottom of her heart and you feel the entire world around you have turned upside down.

Yeah! It all happens and your emotions may terribly overflow when you don’t get enough sleep. Studies show that even small amount of sleep loss can cause great miseries for you whole day and ruin your energy, mood and attitude. You may feel easily irritated even for small things that come in your way; get angry and hostile. The worst part of sleep deprivation that you can become an easy victim of depression.

Most people prioritize their tasks and keep aside sleep hours by minimizing the number of hours as they feel sleep is a leisure time. However, over time you can develop some of the most common yet overlooked sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift work sleep disorder.

You know well that when you don’t sleep well, you feel drowsy and fatigued and still you continue tolerating these energy-absorbing symptoms. They say ‘ignorance is the bliss’ but not in all instances. Ignoring physical symptoms or physical problems can be proven problematic as the time passes.

Those who have problems sleeping at night may suffer from sleep irregularities like insomnia and delayed phase sleep disorder. On the other hand, those who can’t get enough energy even after sleeping for more than eight hours may suffer from narcolepsy, idiopathic hypersomnia, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Your sleeping problems can play spoilsport when displaying right attitude or energy at the time of performance. They can have a direct impact on your work as well as social performance. Although Modvigil can regularize and reduce most symptoms of sleep problems but you should ensure that you’re getting sufficient sleep every day in order to avoid such problems.

Modvigil reduces excessive sleepiness in individuals and regulates disturbed sleeping patterns. One can experience improved concentration, increased energy, and stimulated cognitive skills. There are times when you’re huddled with problems that may cause personal, social and professional impairments. Modvigil pills can solve most of your problems by brightening your mood, stimulating energy and enhancing cognitive functions. However, remember that stimulants are temporary and not substitute for a lifetime. Practicing healthy lifestyle by following regular exercise, eating a nutritious diet and getting enough sleep can keep sleep problems at bay.

There will be a time when you don’t even need to take Modvigil when your life is set to take the whole world’s control. Now sleep at night and be jumping jack during the day with Modvigil!

An overview of sleep disorders

overview of sleep disordersHow do you feel when you first get up in the morning? Lethargic, drowsy and irritated? If every morning you experience drowsiness, tired and irritated, you may have a sleep disorder. Now you may wonder what this sleep disorder is. Sleep disorders are the conditions that prevent a person from having a refreshing sleep and as a result, one can experience excessive sleepiness and dysfunction during the productive hours of the day.

Millions of Americans suffer from some of the most common sleep disorders such as insomnia, shift work sleep disorder, and narcolepsy. Each disorder causes some uncomfortable symptoms preventing a person to have a good night’s sleep. They cause:

Insomnia is the most common sleep complaint among many young and older adults. It hampers your ability to sleep in the night to have enough refreshed and rested sleep in the next morning. It causes:

  • Waking up too early in the morning
  • Your sleep is often fragmented and nor refreshing
  • Drowsiness and low energy during the daytime.

Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD)
SWSD is more common among those who have irregular work hours such as doctors, police, nurses and customer service industry workers. It throws you out of sync when your biological clock and work clock work against each other. Your body demands sleep but you continue to work and when your body wants to you to be awake, you sleep. That’s when the problem occurs and you experience:

  • Excessive sleepiness and persistent exhaustion
  • Poor concentration and weak memory
  • Anxiety, stress, and depression

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects your sleep and wake cycle. If you have narcolepsy you have a hard time to be awake and alert during the most important hours of the day. You experience these sleep attacks at any inappropriate places and at inappropriate times such as while having a conversation with a colleague, during meal times or even driving. A thought of sleep attack during driving can be hair-raising enough. Narcolepsy is considered as one of the serious and life-threatening sleep disorders.

After reviewing these disorders you, the mind might be boggling with many unanswered questions. The first thing that might pop up in your head is there any treatment for these disorders. The answer is absolute yes. Waklert is the only medicines that can singlehandedly erase all the sleep irregularities. Whether it’s narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder or insomnia one thing is common in them is excessive sleepiness and tired during the daytime. Waklert reduces excessive sleepiness and promotes wakefulness and alertness in individuals.

Its usage will no longer give you lazy mornings and sleepless nights as it also regulates natural sleeping patterns. Moreover, Waklert has also been shown a significant improvement in people who suffer from weak memory, confusion, and poor concentration.

With an awake and alert state of mind, it allows you to do many tasks efficiently. Forget all your sleep problems when you have Waklert with you. However, don’t forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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