Bimatoprost for pain-free eyes!

pain-free eyesWhen your eyes give you a certain pain for a long time, consider it as a warning bell for an eye-checkup. If faced more often than not, this condition may be Glaucoma. It is a medical condition wherein the pressure in the eye increases leading to extreme pain. Bimatoprost, a pharmaceutical wonder drug was manufactured to cure this problem. It works by increasing the fluid in the eye and puts it into the blood stream. If you have this medical condition there are some things that you may want to know about Bimatoprost.

If you overuse these drop, the size of the eyelashes may grow abnormally. Some changes are permanent while others can be looked into. Make sure your bottle of Bimatoprost is not expired and read the instructions carefully before using it. If you then already under any kind of medication for your eye to make sure that you consult an eye specialist before you use Bimatoprost. The clash of two drugs may cause harm and damage to your eye. The eye being the most sensitive part of the body, it is our responsibility to take care of it.

Your dose of Bimatoprost is meant only for you. Do not share or pass on since it may not suit the other person. The drops amount should also be decided by your eye expert and not you , unless you want to go blind for the rest of your life. Changes in dose as per your fancies will also lead to permanent damage to your eye. So be wise and take every step under careful medical supervision.

If you feel any uneasy feeling or any unusual reactions in your body, talk to your doctor immediately and take advice. If he asks you to stop the dosage, then do it. Bimatoprost is meant for eye care, so make sure the purpose is served.

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