How Lack of Sleep Raises Risk of Bone Loss

lack of sleep and Risk of Bone Loss

Sleeping is essential exercise to keep or body fit. While sleeping our body tends to repair damaged tissues and helps to reconstruct the bones. Sleeplessness can cause serious health problems like heart attack, increase in blood pressure, stroke and even diabetes. It can even lead to depression and aging of the skin.

Sleep disturbances are more common with late workers and even shift workers. This leads to 5 hours of sleep in 24 hours and can increase the risk of bone loss in one’s body termed as Osteoporosis. This problem is a loss of bone material from the body and leads to decrease the bone density. Through this one is prone to fractures, thinning of bones and can affect anyone regardless of age.

Although no studies have rectified that less sleep raises the risk of bone loss but some of the literature suggestions have declared that sleep disturbances are well associated with increased fracture risk. Recent studies have shown that changing pattern of sleep has increased the risk of hip fracture, especially in men. Even women who work for at least three rotating night shifts per month were reported with increased risk of hip and wrist fracture in postmenopausal.

Doctors came up with a theory that decrease in melatonin secretion might be responsible for the increase in bone loss risk. During childhood or adolescence, our body works constantly in breaking down old bones and tends to build new bones. This process is termed as remodeling and during this process; our body builds more bone than it removes leading to stronger bones. But this process is hindered through sleeplessness and our body is not able to perform its functions well.

Natural method to get good sleep
There are various natural ways to enjoy a sound sleep but it is recommended to have at least 6-7 hours of sleep.

Increase Melatonin levels
You can increase the melatonin levels in your by eating foods rich in melatonin. You can add your diet with alfalfa sprouts and sunflower seeds that are rich in melatonin and can follow other suggestions by your doctor. Taking supplements can affect your body’s hormonal balance try to avoid them.

Limit the usage of electronic devices
Electronic screens like T.V., computer screens, and even Smartphone emit blue radiations that badly affect our sleep. These blue lights trigger lower melatonin levels and which is a good thing during the day but not good after dark. So moving in sunlight won’t affect you much than watching such screens before sleep.

Use dim light while sleeping
We generally use night bulbs during sleep and they usually disturb us. Try dim light bulbs or even candles and enjoy a good sleep.

Try to sleep earlier
Doctors recommend having regular sleep for at least 6-7 hours. You can try to sleep earlier if you wake up early and adapt this habit as a routine.

Sleep well to repair bones
While sleeping our body automatically starts its self-repairing system. But this process also takes time as while sleeping we are relaxed and are not engaged in any work. So, sleep well to repair your damaged tissues and help to reconstruct your bones.


Sleep hacks to remain awake!

Sleep is indeed sweet and it is hard to find a person who hates to sleep sound! And there is no denial how sleep can be helpful with its countless benefits. But it is not always the case! There also comes the time when you have to be remaining awake and that too with alert mind and in such situation, sleep can be a nemesis for such course.

Eye alert: Usually we suggest people to dim-down the room so it would be easy fall asleep, but this tip in reverse can still works! And it is because body’s internal rhythm is regulated by the amount of light you receive. Open blinders and shades and let in the sunlight be in or take a walk outside or look out the window for some time. It is better to turn on all the artificial lights in your office or around your work space. You can also learn some eye exercise off the internet. You can also take some time out to pay attention to your surrounding which would freshen up eyes and refresh your alertness. But make sure you don’t get carried away; you have a task at hand to complete.

Sound ears: Light and bang is not the only thing that can be used to keep you awaked, even hearing ability can be better tool to keep yourself awake. And in such case you have two interesting and favorite tips. Either keep someone close to you who can talk to you and keep you intrigued and make you respond every once in a while. Or you can turn up the list of favorite song or sound track list to keep you awake and alert. But make sure you listen to something peppy and the one that is usually ideal to make some dance at slightly loud level.

Smell: Keep the place you work clean and aromatic would also helpful. In such case any room freshen would work, but lemon or mint essence is most suggested. And in case of you have hard time in it, keep something smells bad and keep you disgusted but awake.

To eat: usually in such case eating something spicy in meal and nuts and seeds would be helpful hacks. But with that make sure to drink water more then you usually drink as it keeps metabolism active.

Medic help: though we suggested consulting with your doctor before consuming, minding complications it could cause, but if all okay then you can buy Modafinil to keep your senses awakened. Although Modafinil is prescribed to people with sleeping disorders but it can also be used for general use.

Other tips: Bonus tips like slashing cold water on face, roaming around or use acupressure points like head, the back of your neck, the back of your hand, just below the knee, and your earlobes can also help you keep awaked.

A Chain Smoker is a Self-Killer

How many of us know that “Each cigarette smoked is estimated to shorten life by 11 minutes?”

People express their emotions by smoking rather than words. They smoke to celebrate the Team India victory and to show their sadness on MSD’s retirement from one day matches. Poverty do not play role in this as cigarette stand as a sixth finger in people from rich to poor.

Smokers only see one side of the cigarettes which gives them happiness and activeness that they enjoy in an unnamed world. Though they are aware of its killing part, they don’t mind it and are ready for this suicidal act. What makes them ignore the effects of smoking? It’s the Nicotine which is the primary psychoactive chemical used in cigarettes that makes humans highly addictive towards smoking.

Most of the people who smoke never know what causes them to death. They think smoking causes lung cancer but the truth is it mainly causes respiratory problems, liver, heart diseases and stroke. Cancer cells may not show its symptoms even for years but heart disease and cardio vascular diseases cause sudden death.

It does not only affect the person who smoke but also affects the surroundings. Second-hand smoke is a mixture of smoke from burning end of the cigarette and smoke exhaled from the lungs of the smoker. It increases the risk of heart disease by 25 – 30% for a non-smoker.

Do you want to know how smoking kills a person according? Here is the medical explanation of how slowly it fixes a person’s death. When smoker inhales highly toxic carbon monoxide, it binds to haemoglobin in lungs with an affinity of 200-250 times greater than that of oxygen. Even 2 to 3 hours after smoking, half of the carbon monoxide still circulates and starts eroding the endothelium lining of blood vessel wall. Eventually, the coronary artery whose job is to carry oxygen to heart becomes narrow due to cholesterol being dumped. The same process happens in the blood pathway to the brain causing complete blockage and the person immediately suffocates and exhale his last breath.
There are few better ways to stop smoking like nicotine replacement drugs, quit smoking program, it is up to the smoker to give up or not. If he/she is not ready, there won’t be any good result. There are some cases where quitting smoking lead to frustration, depression, fatigue, insomnia but medications will help in recovery.

Being born with good health is a gift to many of us. Don’t self-destruct yourself and cause damage to the environment. Quit smoking, Start living!

The Churg-Strauss syndrome and its signs!

Apparently it is inflammation of the blood vessels which mostly occurs in case if patients happen to have history of asthma or allergy. Some of commonly causing symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, nasal passage inflammation, numbness, and weakness. There are many factors that can cause such inflammations in the vessels and there are rare cases that it can be caused by the medications used in course of treatment for other health alignments.

Asthma is the most common sign of Churg-Strauss syndrome. The disorder can also cause a variety of other complications like hay fever, rash, gastrointestinal bleeding, and pain and numbness in your hands and also on feet. It is rare and incurable in the course but there treatment that your doctor could prescribe to help you control symptoms, with steroids and other powerful immunosuppressant drugs for limited course of time.

Possible Causes:
There are more chances that it could be an overactive immune system response is propelled by a combination of genes and other environmental factors like allergens or certain medications that could influence or fluctuate the metabolism or immunity. In case of autoimmune diseases, instead of simply protecting against invading organisms such as bacteria and viruses, the immune system overreacts and attacks healthy tissue, that could result in fierce inflammation.

Some of the medications used for treatment of asthma and allergy or after switching from low-dose oral systemic steroids to inhaled steroid medications are linked to cause such complication. And yet there are no clear connection between Churg-Strauss syndrome and any medication has been proved. Though cases and the intensity of symptoms could vary from patient to patients, but as per the health care surveys have indicated that people in middle age and those who have nasal allergies or other complications are likely to be vulnerable to cause such complication.

Sign can be unpredictable and as there are three classification of it, which is not necessary, it will cast all symptoms at once. It takes medical diagnosis to jump to conclusions. But following are some of the types and their symptoms:

Allergic: it is assisted as per the number of allergic reactions caused by asthma, allergic rhinitis, and sinusitis. In case of asthma, it develops on average three to nine years before other signs and symptoms appear. In case of late-onset asthma it could develop later, even later in life, and not necessarily mean that one could have Churg-Strauss syndrome.

Eosinophilic : It is a type of white blood cell that helps your immune system fight certain infections and in normal circumstances it make up only a small percentage of white blood cells. And for those people who could possibly have Churg-Strauss syndrome, are un-intuitively high on numbers of these cells, which can be treacherous as they can cause serious damage. Some of the common signs like fever, loss of appetite and weight loss, night sweats, joint pain, asthma, fatigue, cough and also abdominal pain and gastrointestinal bleeding can associated with it.

Vasculitic: it is more severe phase of inflammation issues that affects blood circulation and some of the common signs like Weakness, fatigue or a general feeling of being unwell, Unintended weight loss, Swollen lymph nodes, Rash or skin sores, Joint aches and swelling, intense pain, numbness and tingling in your hands and feet, Severe abdominal pain, Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, Shortness of breath from asthma or congestive heart failure, Cough, Chest pain, Irregular heartbeat and also Blood in your urine can be caused. And hence it is wise seek medical attentions as soon as you noticed some.

It is essential so seek proper medical assistance as such inflammation in blood vassals can cause many other health complications heart conditions or kidneys.

It’s time to break some menstrual myths!

It is much obvious than anything related to genitals and its health would be considered as taboo, even in some of the most developed civilization. Although biologically, menstruation, the sign of women-hood is the noble process that causes pain and discomfort and yet a women bare and yet it is not socially acceptable to even talk about. Though it is point different debate, but most of the taboos are bound to form a myth, and restrictions to not talk about it make it more profound exist for many generation, and restrict women to do certain task. So let’s take a time out to talk about some myths and break them:

Avoid washing your hair during your period!
You’d be happy to know there’s no need for you to change any of your regular grooming and hygiene habits and it would be suggested to take a warm bath or shower that would keep you clean, plus it helps so sooth the cramps #WinWin
Mandatory bed rest!

Sleep is always welcome, but even in menstruation period, you need some exercise too. It’ll make you feel better and there would be quicker hormonal restoration plus less probability of cramps.

Hot water = increases period flow.
Okay, time for a reality check! Fortunately, such water cannot cause any degree of fluctuation to the flow rate, reproductive system is capable to move the cogs but yes, it can be a great tool to manage cramps, just feel a bottle, wrap in towel and there you have a hot pad.

You’ll never get pregnant!
Now here is the bad news, yes it can happen! The sperm can live for 3-5 days and the ovulation can occur during, or soon after, the bleeding phase passed on. And believe it, it is worth sharing fact.

Maturity is needed to use of Tampon!
Even that also made us scratches our head! And the simple fact is, if you’re old enough to have your period, you’re old enough to use a tampon. Just be careful while using it, it doesn’t cause any pain.

Menstrual cycles are 28 days, only!
There isn’t any hard-n-fast rule for that, as it is just an average. Days in the menstrual cycle vary from woman to woman and body will tell you what your cycle is.

Periods can be postponed or proponed!
Only if you wished to gamble you health! There are many ways you can manage menstruation, even in days of heavy flow. And the reason why we suggest to not use such means are it can  misbalance your hormonal cycle that could cause you fever, chilling and while making you prone to other health complication. So just don’t!
Menstrual blood is different from regular blood.

Sorry to break your believe but out body makes only one kind of blood and it is the same and same hygiene concern should also be maintained as if you got a cut.
You can do the basic instructions to follow while you are on your period or try improve your diet to alleviate period cramps, consume a safe painkiller, drink tea to calm menstrual cramps., you can also try fish oil and vitamin B1, needle away period cramps, massage with essential oils for pain relief or you can also curl up with a heating pad to ease period cramps. There is no need to nurture a miss conception anymore, and mind the fact we live in 2016!

Joints Care After 40

Before brainstorming about joints care after 40, what are joints?
Joints are a point at which two parts are attached. Joints help the body to function smoothly. Imagine being no joint for your leg, how would we walk? Awfully. Imagine not taking proper care of your joints and ending up breaking one. How do you spend your days? Painfully. Joints are constructed for easy movement.

Why is joints care important?
Just like any asset, joints wear off through the passage of time. Sometimes, cartilage breaks down. Cartilage acts like a cushion between the two joint parts. It allows the body to function without bones hitting each other. In case cartilage breaks down, it can’t be healed or grown back. Joints care is not an easy task. As you grow old joints care becomes tougher. Also, joints care becomes essential too as you grow old.
What are few Joints Care tips?

1.    Shed Those Kilos
Your body weight puts pressure on your knee and hip joint, which results in damaging your joints. Shedding some kilograms will help tremendously. You must consult your doctor regarding the method of losing weight for joints care. Because he can advice you the best suited way.

2.    Work on Your Core
Indulge in exercises that build your abs and muscle. The stronger your body is, less is the chances of losing balance. Avoiding injuries is very important for joints care.

3.    Keep in Motion
This is the most essential thing in joint care. A moving body is the key to healthy joints. Even you’re watching TV, reading a novel or working on your desk, keep moving. Get up from your place and take a 5 min. stretching break or at least change your position. Sedentary life provokes joint problems.

4.    Strong Bones
Joints care relates to joints and joints keep bones attached. Therefore, keeping your bones strong will keep joint problems away. Vitamin D and Calcium helps keeping the bones strong. Consume dairy products and green, leafy vegetables for including calcium and Vitamin D in your diet.

5.    Treat Your Injuries
Joints care is of no use if you don’t treat your injuries. No joints care will have visible results if you have injuries. It is very important to cure your injuries to keep the joints strong.

6.    Stretch Your Body
Flexibility helps in moving better. As I mentioned above, moving body is the vital joints care tip, stretching will help maintaining your joints healthy. Stretch your body at least 4 times a week.

7.    Don’t Stress Your Body
Facing joint aches after a workout is pretty normal, but if the pain lasts for more than 48 hours, it’s a sign that you overstressed your body. This won’t do anything right to your joints care motion. In fact it may lead to injuries and damages.

8.    Strike the Right Posture
It is important to have a straight posture for joints care. Clumsy postures will strain your joints and will result in pain.

Sleep well to grow right!

The reason why our parents and most of the health care personals emphasis such importance to following beauty sleep pattern, especially those kids in the developmental phases in their life. indeed there are many health benefits one can render from following sleep schedule like being energetic, safe from most of the health complication and in case if you have one plenty of sleeping hours can literally speed up the recovery process. And besides anatomical pros it can make person more potent to deal with daily stress than those individuals who haven’t completed their share of sleeping hours.

In terms of developing well in course developing in pre-teen and teenage phase, sleep can be important tool to tune development, unlike making one procrastinated. Such side effects can only cause if one overdo it, which is treacherous for both health and body. But following factors might make you reconsiders tuning or restoring sleeping schedule to make most out of current development phase.

Hormonal Balance: No matter which gender you consider, in developmental phase of life hormonal cycle and its effectiveness rules that developmental aspect which defines bodily growth, mental stability and vice versa. Much like other health factors like metabolism rate, immunity elements, it is also essential to maintain hormonal stability as it affects that emotion spectrum, which can be deciding factors as it can make vulnerable to stress and other associated with it. Sleep can be effective tool for hormonal cycle to restore, heal and keep in stabilized mode on daily basis. Needless to say, it can improve quality of pituitary glands, which constitutes body growth.

Digestion: Kids in such phase of life are zestful and more likely to be spontaneous, which means they need constant source of energy to utilize, which can be derived from well balanced diet. And despite following one, it needed strong and well functioning digestion functions to cause better nutrient absorption. The key factor in overall digestive functions is bile, which secreted from liver influenced by the metabolism rate and well regulated blood circulation. And for such purpose it is much needed to follow proper sleeping schedule. Beside this it can also efficiency of nutrient allocation like amino acids and fatty acids, which are the main factors that contribute to the good development of overall anatomy!

Brain Functions: Needless to say, how drowsy and zombie-like one feel when one couldn’t get proper sleep. Such thing in regular basis cab stall the mental development as metabolic fluency that causes brain fluidity which results in fine brain function is affects as one couldn’t complete sleeping schedule. Whereas, well followed schedule can improve memory function, body coordination and focusing ability, which is much needed in such phase of life! In most case studies, it is found that those kids who follows precise sleeping schedule happen to have best muscle reflexes.

Weight Control: If obesity is one problem someone if facing, then sleeping can be the most effective tool to maneuver weight aspect as one wants. It can help person to lose weight by stabilizing digestive, hormonal and metabolic rate, make person apt and able to cope up with exercising stress, fatigue and keep you flexible and agile in the process. And even in case someone looking to get body mass, its same factors can be labored to get those muscle mass.

Indeed there are countless benefits like better response time, analytic skills, and memory retention that can literally help you get better in academics and in life too. And in case if you have problem in sleeping, feel free to consult with doctors.


Quick tip to get over Social Anxiety!

As per the psychological definition would suggests, social anxiety is in which a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations that can be categorized as intense nervousness and self-consciousness arise from a fear of being closely watched, judged, and criticized by others. There are many apparent reasons one could be so vulnerable to such emotional alignment and fortunately there are many therapeutic and treatment options availed to get over such complication. Some of the common factors like negative deeds happen in past that still hold effects like cringe, regrets, repression and guilt, or being informed about mishaps, and in most cases other emotional alignments like low self-esteem, inferiority complex and so on.

Needless to say, it can cause many other health related complications like low immunity and metabolism, prone to cause serious health conditions and if it is left unattained for longer time then person have probability to develop suicidal tendencies. Indeed getting medical help should be prime priority to fix it, but following are some handy tips that can be helpful to tame early social anxieties with ease.

Jot down anxieties: it is always better to start with fresh page and to begin erase out what you have. Writing down anxieties would help your mind be little free to ease down the intensity of such factor. It works as while writing down you are reviewing the thoughts in slightly third person manner and such overview help easing up the situation.

Talk more about in positive about it: In most cases, perquisite inhibitions plays major role in forming and developing social anxieties and such factor can be neutralized by just talking and nitpicking brighter side of an anxious situation and taking more about it. In such condition you can also converse with the person who has been through that situation and also you can mind those who criticize such situation for being big deal, as they have lighter approach of such situation. Though it could be trick, but sense of humor could be a helpful tool to neutralize and give a lighter outlook, but only if used in careful manner!

Keep totems: Totems are tiny, can-be-carried handy objects that hold a symbolic meaning and reminds of a particular thoughts. In case of social anxiety, such trick can be useful to keep totem that reminds of a positive memories or thought, so be it a pendent, picture, or even a small token or coin. The idea behind that is to distract you from feeling anxious and feel at is that everything is alright and will be in that way.

Keep someone close: well this is the time to call a friend that would be there in deed! Such tip also work on a same basis as any distraction would work, but in such instance it can be even more helpful as a friend or companion would be a moral support and someone to make you feel at ease while you are in an awkward situation!

Learn to Meditations: Medication is always being helpful in managing emotional alignment and even some mental disorder, as it gives better control over emotional gears and maneuver emotion as per your needs. Simple breathing exercise of taking deep breath can ease the anxious pressure built up and medication on regular basis can be give better psychological tolerance level while maintaining mental peace.

Have a rational thinking: Indeed it is the best way to loosen up mental pressure you have about a particular situation and also frees your mind to come out with solutions and way to deal with it. And in case of social anxiety, where for a person it is big deal to deal with such factors, rationalizing it would come handy.

There are many ways you can encounter such alignments and in case if you feel insufficient to deal with such problem, then it is wise to seek medical help, before it gets worst and cause phobia or cause depression.

Medicate for a Healthy Mind!

Indeed there are some things we can achieve living an active life and in most cases at the cost of being stressful. Of course there are some people who are the exception to it, and those are those who learnt the art to cope up with day-to-day stresses and know how to live life cherishingly.

Indeed there is not denial that stress is an emotional alignment, which is related to psychological aspect but it can capably causes the physical effects like slowing metabolism, weakening immunity, derailing sleep, distressing dietary habits and eventually digestive system, making one more prone to cause various of other health alignment. And in case of psychological alignments like feeling of incompetence, inferiority, giving up and sometime block out ways to live life. Though there are many psychological therapies and treatment availed to cure most of these and in most cases psychoanalysis works fine. But for maintaining great mental health and serenity, medication is best ways so far, and following are the reason why:

Mood restoration: There is the it the reason why nature add made an inevitable habit to get sleep, no matter which living creature you take in context well the ideal is to rejuvenate the entire system with a basic mechanism that can help restore to the default state of mind and body. Now we all sleep, which is basic thing that make us able to deal with a day and for pro achievements you can also meditate. Mediation basically channelize all your energy and mainly focus to the more calmer side which not only give you more calmer approach of life but it can also make it more than sleeping most of the time. Though sleep is still eminent but meditation gives you extra edge. In most realistic sense meditation does not take one away from the problems of life, rather it helps us face them with our full capacity.

Dilute Mental Pressures: Indeed stress are of different types and affects in more or less level to a person, and much like stresses distracting factors can also cause struggle in dealing with stress and its other signs and forms. Distractions can be of many kind and most of them are from tangible situation, physical, imaginative, psychological sub-conscious to be precise and so on. Such distraction can be made by the person himself to escape out of something rather than gaining control and preventing getting distracted. Whereas medication can help you gain control over emotional stratus and thus better control over coy distractions.

Better Brain functions: Brain health is inversely proportionate to the psychological stability, want proof? When a person is stress, he tend to drop metabolism, when results in slower blood circulation that results in low brain fluidity. And thus stress reliving ability can be helpful to improve other brain fictional and most importantly cognitive abilities like memorizing and retaining can also be improved with the help of routine meditation sessions. There are also some studies that suggests that in course of time and following meditation sessions can literally grow size of brain even in adult phase of life as two factors like super brain fluidity and less stress can eventually makes the favorable conditions to grow brain cells and their effectiveness.

Other Pros: There are other benefits of meditation like improved immunity that can raise a chance to live an illness free life as it is found to be beneficial in preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, allergies and even cancer conditions. And also make a person deal better with body fatigue and trauma with calm mind state.

And thus it is great to meditate to get all the benefits of being in healthy state. After all it just take few minutes to your schedule at the  cost to make you genius, may be!

Household hacks to keep your eyes complication free!

Eyes are indeed the most precious element of our anatomy that needed to be properly taken care of. Eyes are the ultimate sensory organ that be a medium to know and explore through your eyes and fact is they are also more likely to be prone to complication by external factors and even in rare cases by the medications used for treatment of other health conditions as side effects, which could get worst in left unattained.

Some of the most common eye related complications like eye infection, dry eyes, irritations and even some serious complications like cataract, glaucoma, and even some cases loss of vision. Though for most cases medical science have treatment option and can seek some of counter medics from local or online pharmacy to prevent complications and maintain health of your eyes. And event there are tips, alteration and habits you can adapt to, that would keep you follow the agenda.

Eye Sty: the red, painful lump near the edge of the eyelid that may look like a boil or pimple is indeed distinct complication and temp to pop like a pimple but you should be trying better ways to deal with it. Either you can clean to remove the source of infection by using a cotton ball or swab and warm water. Or you can use hot compress technique by using a lint-free cloth dipped in warm water, wrung well before applying as compress on closed eye. Hot compress is more effective as it increases the blood circulation and fastens the process of maturing, which can then drain out a lot quicker.

Pink Eye (conjunctivitis): such condition can be causes by infestation of infectious elements and to sooth that you have to disinfect with the most potent element in the nature, and that is Salt. You can add it to boiling water, set it to cool, dip cotton ball in it and place on the affected area. It is very easy and helpful remedy for conjunctivitis as cold water compress is more soothing to the eyes, you should use water after it has cooled down.

Blepharitis: one another infection-caused condition that can also be healed with some natural hacks. You just have to use warm water compress on closed eyes to loosen the crusts formed on the eyelids. Then you can remove any oily debris or scales collected at the eye lashes by using a moist wash cloth and few drops of baby shampoo. Do mind to follow hygiene throughout the process as you don’t want to remove one infection and plant another.

Off-counter Eye drops: though we suggest you to consult doctor about using suitable to eye drops or you can also ask a known pharmacist to suggest some eye drop brands. Such remedies would help in relieving symptoms associated with infection and in some cases such medications contain antihistamines or some medicine which help in curing allergic conjunctivitis.

Coriander: Apparently its seeds would help you in reducing swelling caused by style and a watery solution, in which coriander seeds have been soaked for an hour, should be used to wash the eye.

Diet Changes: some diet tuning has always helped one in recovering most of the health conditions and also be effective in optical complications! Though it is better to consult to dietician for it, but you can also include food items that contains Omega 3 and Omega 6  fatty acids like nuts, flax seeds, salmon etc. Ot you could also include vitamin b2, vitamin b6 food sources like eggs, fresh vegetables, dairy products, whole cereals, sunflower seeds, tuna fish, turkey, asparagus, and yogurt. Also, vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, zeaxanthin and zinc in your diet via cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries, oranges, cabbage, cantaloupe, spinach, celery. You can also take nutritional supplement is 30 mg doses be taken 2-3 times a day to maintain a healthy equilibrium and to get rid of deficiency that causes red eyes.

Some Do’s and Don’ts!

What you shouldn’t do is rubbing your eyes when they are red, avoid going out in polluted environment as this might worsen the symptoms, avoid attending or allow pets in your home due to risk of allergy, quit smoking as it increases the risk of dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, cataract, ileitis and infant eye disease etc.

And the things you should be doing are do drink enough water to maintain the equilibrium of your body, and also get adequate rest and maintain sleeping schedule as it helps retain necessary moisture in eyes and prevents redness, Some preventive measures like wearing goggles when you are out or driving to protect your eyes from direct sunlight and also keep the humidity under control, less than 50% to impede the growth of mold at your place. And most importantly make a good habit to wash your hands frequently.