Alcoholism – A family disease

AlcoholismWhen your drinking has crossed the limits from moderate to social drinking, the problem starts interfering at all levels of your life, particularly in your family. If bickering, hurling objects, cursing, and stealing every day is not enough for you then there is no surprise when several cracks are clearly visible not only on walls on your relations to people. Alcoholism is certainly a family disease that destroy homes never to put the broken pieces altogether. Thus, it’s very important to bring your man in his senses before he destroys everything.

How the family is torn apart?
Spouse or partner
Mostly an adult sibling in the family not able to bear the family pressure becomes the prey of alcoholism. His partner is often the first victim of his mental and physical abuse. The spouse is often left out unhappy, resented, disturbed, dissatisfied and frequently taunted by the other family members. Due to her partner’s alcohol abuse, it increases marital abuse, anger, distress, reduces physical intimacy and sexual desire. She finds difficulty to cope with mental and physical torture and becomes challenging for her to manage finances to take care of children education and all.

Children are other victims of alcohol addict. Children who live with a family wherein a father or mother is an alcohol addict develop several psychological problems such as:
Low self-esteem
Feelings of guilt
Highly stressed and extremely anxious
Chronic depression
Fear of abandonment
Lack of social contact

They are easy victims of physical and mental abuse. They have difficulties in making relationships with others and have poor performance in academics. They always blame themselves for their parent’s drinking habit and carry low self-esteem throughout their life.

Relatives often avoid keeping close contact with such families. Thus, families with alcoholism do not get support from people which worsen the situation causing families to torn in pieces. They constantly have to face social stigma and humiliating experiences in social circles. Alcohol addict also creates a nuisance for neighbors causing other family members to feel embarrassing and shameful. Hence, spouse or children often avoid contact with others.

Families and relations not only go helter-skelter but bringing them back becomes sometimes quite difficult as resentment and anger once shape up in the heart of family members, the memories are often full of bitter.

Alcohol not only tastes bitter, but the addiction of it is also very bitter.

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