Aaah! That bloated feeling!

bloating problemsI hate getting up in the morning with that bloated feeling. I don’t feel like doing anything because it eats up my head. It ruins my mornings, noon and evenings. When I kept getting these bloating more than ever, I reviewed my lifestyle and I made changes accordingly. It worked for me and I’m sure that it will work for you. So do you know what did I do to keep bloating away? Read on:

Drink lots of water and eat watery fruits
Yeah, I know when your belly is already bloated, drinking water is the last thing you want to do, but trust me it works. When you don’t enough of water, it causes dehydration as well as constipation, which is another cause of a bloated belly. Thus, drinking as much water as you can help you eliminate this uneasy feeling of bloating. Also, eating water-contained fruits such as watermelon, cucumbers and grapes can handle the rest of your problems.

Limit your intake of certain foods
Certain foods aren’t stomach-friendly such as onions, beans, pears, caffeinated and carbonated beverages like coffee, cola and soda are the worst. Even some dairy products can make you feel bloated after consumption of these. Thus, limiting their intake can resolve your gastrointestinal problems for good. Carbonated drinks deplete the water levels of your body causing dehydration and hence, reduce their intake to prevent dehydration.

Workout is important
Daily physical activity is a key to the healthy lifestyle. Daily exercise helps to build strong bones, healthy muscles, improves muscle tone; boost your immune system so you are less vulnerable to diseases and reduces the frequency of common health problems like constipation and bloating. Thus, aim to do exercise for 30 minutes every day to gain these benefits.

Chew food slowly
It can be your office assignment, your scheduled meeting or salsa class or a date with your boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean you should eat fast in order to avoid being late. Other things can wait but don’t manipulate your body functions. Bloating can be caused when you swallow too much air while finishing your meals and that’s why you get the hiccups when eating too quickly. Take your own sweet time to finish your meals and chew your food properly.

Improve your diet
Eating low-fat and high-fiber diet can keep constipation and bloating problems away. Thus, improve your diet with the help of your dietician.

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