Treatment course for Eczema and way to recognize it!

eczemaThe Atopic Dermatitis,  otherwise known as eczema, is a skin disease cause to the skin to develop itchy inflammation in various part of human body and such conditions are classified as disease rather that an infection, but in most case fungal infection can also cause such dermatological conditions. In frequent cases it can it causes rashes in arms and surface behind knees, as they are most likely to remain moist with sweat and exertion, but still it can happen anyways in on body, wherever situations are favorable. And as the case studies suggests, children in certain age are prone to have such conditions and there are also some traces that indicates it can also be passed through generations and if anyone in family has such conditions in the past then one might likely to have Atopic Dermatitis.

Indeed is takes dermatological diagnosis procedures to define what kind of treatment would be needed to cure such symptoms though in most cases some of the off counter medication would also sufficient for such course. But following few symptoms would make it clear that it is more than just an itchy rash:

Much like the way we get rashes, but condition can be categorized in two types, one with dry skin conditions and other with moist skin. In case if dry skin tends to get dry and rough in texture and it all started with minor itching. Then with continuous itching to sooth the urge, some bumps started popping and with more scratching it turned into blisters and then further it can also cause further inflammation and chances to spread to other body part came in contact. Over the course of time, such place can get dry and also likely to be think and rough in texture.

In case of moist place over the body it can also cause less irritation and itchiness as compared to dry skin. Though it can also get severe and also cover more skin-surface to it is also wise to seek derma help. Indeed children and especially babies have more changes to cause Atopic Dermatitis on cheeks with scalp, the front of the knees, and the back of the elbows. In children, common areas include the neck, wrists, legs, ankles, the creases of elbows or knees, and between the buttocks. One should seek prompt medical help if it happen as such marks can remain forever throughout the life if left untreated.

Treatment course: Only after proper diagnosis, which includes analysis of previous health conditions, which could also includes reconsideration of medication course used to sooth certain conditions. And after prognosis, certain suitable treatment course can be assigned:

In case of person with dry skin eczema conditions, moisturize often to treat and prevent dryness element of the skin. And in most cases doctors prescribes thicker creams and ointments, like petroleum jelly, work better than thinner lotions to bring moisture element back to skin and start the recovery process.

With the help of diagnosis, doctors can also suggests you the way you should away from trigger that can be treacherous for the conditions. Commonly such list includes harsh soaps and detergents, dander, and any other things you are allergic to and it is wise to follow such instructions.

In it is indeed most difficult to Control scratching urge and thus you may prefer to cover the rash with a bandage to keep from rubbing it. In case of baby diagnosed with such conditions, putting mittens or cotton socks on your baby’s hands is wise idea to prevent them from scratching.

Handy tip like applying good amount of moisturizer and wearing cotton gloves at night would help older children and adults to better the conditions.

Though some off counter medication of pill and lotions can also help you to recover from such conditions, but it better to use suitable medicines prescribed by your doctor, especially if you have history of skin allergies!

For time being take bath in lukewarm or warm (not hot) water. Soak for about 10 minutes. You can also use soaps or shampoos at the end so that you aren’t sitting in soapy water. Pay little attention to the cosmetics while shopping one, as it can also cause complications. If possible ask your dermatologist about the cosmetic products you use on daily basis.

The reasons why you should eat more Almonds!

why you should eat AlmondsMuch like berries most of the nuts are mostly packed with healthy benefits we can derive from eating almonds once in a while. Almonds being used in as a part of diet in Egyptian era and also used as medication in Indian Herbal medication! Rather just being a dressing element in most of the deserts and sweet munchies it can also brought some health benefits controlling cholesterol.

For many reason it can be added in our diet and some qualities like being enriched with Antioxidants which comes with immune abilities, unsaturated fatty acids which are great for brain functions. It is also fibrous which make it great for digestive system. There are other plenty of reason why one can start consuming it on daily basis and some of them are:

Nutrient Efficient: It is digestive function to get most nutrients out of the food and beverage we consume, and it is essential as in absence of any nutrients are more vulnerable to nutrient-deficiencies and weakened immunity make it confirm to cause health complications. Almonds can help you by its Vitamin A and D element which are considered to be water-soluble nutrients. It can be beneficial for most of the digestive system by helping alkalizing the digestive tract, reducing acid buildup and balancing the body’s pH, which is good for health and also make it efficient for nutrient absorptions.

Brain functions: This is one of the popular reason why it is mostly suggested by our parents in out child and teen hood, wished they did explained why we should’ve eat it. The riboflavin and L-carnitine are the two main elements in almonds which boosts metabolism and eventually regulates brain fluidity which eventually improves cognitive functions. It is not only effective or applicable for kids and teens only. Adults can also consume and derive its benefits from it. Almonds can also be effective tool to defend one from aging effects on your cognitive functions like neural degenerations and weakening memorizing functions, which can cause brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Best for Heart conditions: There benefits of eating crunching munching which also contains key nutrients like monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and oxidants as they helps boosting cardiovascular activities and also effective to reduce inflammation in caused in blood vessels which cause cholesterol blockage and also risk of fungal infections. An almond also contains other nutrients like arginine, magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium and potassium which also help you in control the cholesterol element.

For Weight loss: Speaking about cholesterol-control, almond can also be effective tool for your weight-loss mission as it can control cholesterol that eventually cause weight-accumulation and also put you at risk for blood pressure conditions and also anemia. One of the least know benefit of almond in weight-loss is that it effectively make you feel you are full in stomach, which helps you controlling your appetite. And in other benefits for weight loss, it can also help you boost up metabolism which is much needed to last long and zestful for exercise routine.

Though it is suggested to eat 3-4 almonds on daily basis, as the classic health care rule of ‘excess of anything can be treacherous to health’ is applicable to almonds to! Keep some in pockets in case if you feel hungry while working.