Cool hacks to stop water pollution!

stop-water-pollutionIt is needless to say, how bad current situation of pollution is in the world map, we all being dealing with the consequence brought by the air, soil and water pollution equally and also needless to mention, we, the humans, are responsible for such mess. Though most of the measures did in such direction are related to air pollution and little less being propagated about measures to stop the water pollution, which equally important to easy.

Indeed water is one of the universally available fluids in the world and yet only part of it availed to use. And even in such cases it we are polluting the scares water we have in much way by dumping industrial and domestic wastage in to it and rest or the situation is degraded with the wastage of excess amount of water wasted by the negligence of water sources. Thus it is indeed a need of time to mend ourselves in some disciplines that would stop us polluting the water we have and eventually make situation less serious.

In House Habits: It is an old time tale to blame industrial sector that they cause the water pollution, domestic area and the people live in, like we, also contribute many factors that can cause water contamination to some level. And when it is don’t one collective basis, by everyone, then everyone became part of the problem. Some of our bad habits like use of toxic chemicals like bleach and ammonia to clean your home is not only bad for the water supply, it’s not necessary. We all buy it as it is more effective and saves the time, in the cost of water erosion. So next time you go to by some cleaning products, look for EPA sign on the products which is considered good to use as they won’t pollute the water supply. Even some common household supplies like white vinegar and baking soda can be used for everything from washing windows to scrubbing bathroom tiles, and best part, they are completely nontoxic.

Disposing habits: Some habits are just glued to our DNA and it is time to chance. Those substance that contains toxic content in it, like paint, motor oil, cleaning solvents, ammonia and also pool chemicals are definitely needed second though even before you dump those containers it comes in. It is also not wise to wash of those things a drain it down, as it can it can raise serious possibility of toxic contamination. And to do it proper ways, check your local government’s website or contact your sanitation department to find out how toxic waste should be disposed of in your locality.

Speaking of dumping toxic elements, it is also wise not to flushed remaining or expired medication or other items like  diapers, wet wipes, and plastic tampon applicators in toilet flush, as it can also cause toxic contamination and it is wise to give it to local pharmaceutics store as they have proper channel to dispose it.

Save as much as you can: There are so many ways you can eventually stop water wastage and reduce excess water usage. Some of the easiest ways include take showers instead of baths, since baths require more water, turning off your faucets when you aren’t using water, such as when you’re brushing your teeth. Don’t over-water your lawn. Make sure lawn sprinklers are turned off when it rains. You can also water your garden before the sun comes up or after it sets to reduce evaporation, which leads to water waste. And for earth’s sake, stop using plastic carry bags as they do most of the damage and try to reuse as much as you can. And in case if you clanged to use  as they are more durable, try cloth shopping bags.

Indeed it takes more measures like these to take water pollution more seriously and take a step forward to prevent it. Just learn more and educate more about it to other.

Dietary Drugs to Cure Depression Blues!

diet-to-cure-depressionDepression and Anxiety are most common form of mental alignment which is capable to influence your overall health. There are many factors which could cause anxiety or depression to a person, which includes emotional or physical trauma, substances abuse like alcohol smoking or synthetic drug abuse, sleep depravity and even in bad diet could also cause depression.

Though with improvement in medical science, you can opt to cure and heal symptoms of Anxiety or depression. But if bad dietary habits cause such complications then switching to some better diet would eventually help you prevent having any symptoms of anxiety or depression. Or even in case if you are dealing with one then these suggestion would be effective tool to seize it, naturally:

Omega3 fatty acids: They can also be considered as great for brain fluidity and better cognitive functions. It can also be effective to eliminate any possibility of inflammations, which eventually influence your mood dynamics.
Where to find one: fishes like salmon and several off-the-counter fish oil supplement can be an ideal source of Omega3 fatty acids. And for vegetarians and vegans, you can opt for walnut and flaxseed can be great option to add.

Vitamin D: One of the most common factors that found in many case studies is, deficiency of Vitamin can cause depression and other disorders like dementia and autism.  Though it is the most commons element include in most of the dietary food and sunlit is universally found source of vitamin D.
Where to find: cod liver oil, mushroom, fortified serials or even tofu can also be great source of vitamin D.

Magnesium: The general inclusion of Magnesium infused food can pervert you from causing any symptoms of stress.  It can also heal control the inflammation element, which could cause irrational mood swings.
What to avoid: excess alcohol, salt, coffee, sugar, phosphoric acid (in soda), and diuretics as much as possible.

Amino Acids: They are literally crowned as building blocks of our body; it is not only made for fitness freaks. It is basically effective tool that put proteins to optimum use. This eventually benefits fitness junkie’s growth factor and gives a metabolic boost to a depressed person.
Where to find: beef, eggs, fish, beans, seeds, and nuts are the easiest way to find amino acids.

Iron: An iron deficiency is mostly likely to be blamed as cause for depression and anxiety. It causes low red cells in the blood count which result in anemia, that results in slower metabolism rate and hence it is essential to include iron enriched food in your diet.
Where to find: though most of the non-vegetation options like red meat, fish, and poultry can be included. But in case you are vegan or Vegetarian, then you can have it through prescribed iron supplements.

Zinc: This mineral is helpful for most of the digestive functions and if you pair it up with fibrous food then you it is best for smooth digestive system. It can also eliminate chances of allergic outburst, which can occasionally cause depression attacks.
Where to find: include beef, lamb meat, chicken, yogurt, chickpeas, cashew, mushrooms and green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach in your diet.

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Diet that make your Skin Radiant!

diet-for-radiant-skinA well balanced diet can be an effective way to be healthy and maintain that way. It can brought ‘n’ numbers of benefits and important one includes boosting metabolism, keeping us immune from diseases and also keeps our blood circulation elevated. And it is also true that with some minor tuning and adjustment you can speed up recovery of any alignment you can have. But one might just ask what effects can tuned up diet would cause radiant skin.

Skin radiance depends upon many factors like blood circulations, level of metabolism, right functioning of digestive functions and many other factors. So it is essential to include the food items which cause this factors to activated and eventually cause a natural glow in skin:

Tomatoes: No matter how you call it, they are packed with natural vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, K, B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, and even vitamin C. Mainly it contains Lycopene, an antioxidant which has anti-ageing properties. You can use the pulp or juice of tomatoes on your skin and if this couldn’t get any better, the pulp of tomatoes also helps tighten pores and cures acne and pimples. It possesses are acidic in nature, which also acts as a natural sunscreen.

Pumpkin: There is something about this fruity-vegetable which is astounding and yet undiscovered. It antioxidants, vitamins (A and C) and minerals like zinc, which is vital in the creation of new skin cells, and also helps regulate oil production, improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of open pores. All you have to do is eat a handful of pumpkin seeds to cause radiance you’ve always wanted.

Banana: Yeah we get it, no one likes green vegetables but what if it cause glow to your skin! Banana is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K which help repair skin tissues, which poses effective protections against free radical damage and give you a radian. Either you can drink up a kale smoothie or just toss it in salad of pasta just in case of you can’t eat it in organic form.

Potato: Before you dig your hand in fries basket mind that, the ideal use is not what you eat as. Basically it works as a natural bleaching agent so that can be used for skin lightening by removing any impurities and toxins clogged in skin pores. Potato also helps get rid of dead skin cells, sun-burns, dark spots, blemishes and also effective on panda-eyed dark circles. All you have to do is apply a face mask of grated potatoes on your face for around 30 minutes. You can simply squeeze the juice of a potato in a bowl and use it on your face or apply thin slices of potato directly.

Strawberries: Almost all berries are full of advantages like any berry you pick; it comes with at least one benefit. As we learned in school, strawberries are full with anti oxidants but being rich in alpha-hydroxyl acid, strawberries help get rid of dead skin cells. It also boosts up collagen production; minimize fine line and wrinkles due to the presence of vitamin C.

You want more; it also contains omega-3 fatty acids which is capable of giving a glow to your skin.

There are load of benefits you can derived from carrots. Beetroots and what not! And the best part about it, it doesn’t cause any side-effects on your skin, at all!

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Flatten your Belly without any Gym Membership!

easy-to-do-abs-exerciseYes you can do it! Probably for most of us it is one of the prime motive to sign-up for Gym membership, isn’t it? But unfortunately very few stick to it and achieve ‘for-summer-beach-body’ with carved up abs and for most they couldn’t flatten up the potted belly.

Following are some easy to do abs exercise, which doesn’t take much time and brought effects in a week or two of regular routine. Though you still need to consult with your physiotherapist as most of the directly or indirectly to back and waist, which can strain a bit and cause complication in case if you have alignment caused by injury.

Burpees: One of the most power pact set of exercise which utilize full body moment. It serves the cause by working on as many muscles as possible. Just stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and while lower your body until your palms rest on the floor about shoulder-width apart. Then kick your legs backward into a pushup position, perform a pushup, and then quickly reverse the movement and perform a jump when you stand. Just 10 fast-paced reps are just as effective at revving your metabolism as a 30-second all-out sprint, so you can burn your belly fat faster than ever before.

Mountain climb: This kind of exercise is crucial for strengthening your core muscles, which can also be act as shield as when it is hard. Just place yourself in push up plank positions and your hands below your shoulders and your body forming a straight line from your head to your heels. Lifting your right foot off of the floor towards your chest! Tap the floor with your right foot and then return to the starting position. It is only useful if you alternate legs with each repetition.

Dumbbell Hot Potato Squat: It is the most fun yet effective ways to strengthen the gluts, quads, and hamstrings, which are the most important muscle in abs. And to do this you can suitable but light weight dumbbells for exercise.

Just hold it in the racked position with your elbow bent and the end resting near your shoulder. Then squat down so your quads are parallel to the floor, and then quickly pop up to standing, tossing the dumbbell from one hand to the other in front of your face. To avoid missing-catch and drop on floor you can also try with bowling ball for better grip and maneuvering.

Mogul Jump: Name might sounds familiar from historic books but this exercising technique can be used to tone down the fat content around your belly. It is also easy to do as you just have be in push up positions with your hands directly below your shoulders but your knees directly below your hips. Place your toes firmly into the floor or you can take help or rubble soles. And then elevate your knees so they hover just above the ground. And while keeping your feet together jump them to the left, pause, and then jump them to the right. This might be difficult in beginning but fun when you get used to it.

In case if you experience any cramp, you can opt for off counter opintment of medication can be effective. Meanwhile do follow your sleeping schedule religiously, which render benefits.

Just make sure you have Vitamin A and the reason why!

vitamin-a-retinoidVitamin A, also known as retinoid, which is basically a fat-soluble antioxidant that is sighted to be benefited for its healthy vision, neurological function, healthy skin quality! Out parents and many healthcare and dietician have propagated people to be fan of all nutritional diet and in case if they are missing any particular nutrition, then doctor would prescribe one the those nutritional-supplements in order to prevent them from chances of causing deficiency. Some nutritional deficiencies can cause minor side effects of your health and where as some of the basic nutritional-deficiencies that can render catastrophic impacts that can flip your being healthy spectrum. And when it comes to vitamin A, some of the most found symptoms like frequent eye complication, dull and damaged skin conditions, respiratory infections and it can be devastating if you are pregnant.

Sources you could find Vitamin A in:
It is essential to also include other nutrients in order to enjoy all the health benefits. And when it comes to in including vitamin A, one have to make sure that there are two basic types of vitamin A, like preformed vitamin A, also called retinol, is found in animal products and some of the organic foods. Good sources are fortified milk, eggs, meat, cheese, liver, halibut fish oil, cream and kidneys, cantaloupe, pink grapefruit, apricots, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, winter squash, dark green, leafy vegetables and also broccoli. Thought it is wise to consult with your doctor or dietician. Especially if you are diagnosed with any alignments or decency, and you are looking for ways to rave up the absence. In case of deficiencies, it is best to get well suitable and precise diet for the conditions.

Reasons why you should have Vitamin A: Much like most of the nutrition, vitamin A also tend to render many benefits, mostly related the symptoms of deficiency we mention above. Out of many benefits following are some of the key benefits, that includes:

Better Eye care: It betters your chances against muscle degeneration and also help to keep eyes moist, when lessens the chance of most of the eye diseases and complications.

Fights inflammations: Being an antioxidant it can helps person to deal better with Inflammations element. It basically helps by neutralize free radicals that eventually cause tissues and cellular damage and complication.

Better Immunity: It is not just the better metabolism that is beneficial. Vitamin A is most effective in regulating genes that result in better immunity. An efficient immunity can make person illness-free life and health, and in cause if you are looking to recover quickly, then it is the way to do it.

Better skin conditions: Predominantly included in most of the skin care products as for skin health it can be helpful tool to re-growth, which is more important if you want to pause the skin aging process and increase collagen production. Other dermatological benefits including less acne and healthy hairs can also be achieved with the help of vitamin A.

Against Cancer: Though it wouldn’t cure cancer, but would sure make you more able to deal with symptoms of various cancer types. And thus for this reason, the diet prescribed by the doctors always contain food which are enriched with vitamin A. Apparently being an antioxidant, it can help person to seize growth of cancer cell so that it would make therapies and medication more potent for the patient. Though it is still subject to which cancer type for it would used for but in most case, vitamin A enriched diet it prescribed for lung, prostate, breast, ovarian, bladder, oral and various skin cancers.

Indeed it is beneficial to follow an all nutritional diet, and especially if you are looking for a way to recover from bad health. even in general condition, regular inclusion of vitamin A would cause healthy eyes, supple skin and overall better immunity.

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The Reasons to have Sea-Food in your diet

seafood-in-your-dietSo be it fresh water food or from the deepest treasure in open sea, marine food has its own line of benefits, which are sometime hard to fulfill with standard healthy diet. Even experts know the importance of certain marine food that hard to incorporate with any other options. But sea-food in particular can prove to be finishing touch factor for your diet.

Marine food, in general, is known for causing healthy benefits along with improving cognitive dynamics with efficient memory power. In most cases, Marine food has sighted to be the better option than traditional red-meat. There are numerous benefits for adding seafood in your routine or goal-oriented diet that could make much difference then sticking to the generic ways:

The reason why sea-food is so praised in dietician community, despite being better options that red-meat, it smartly packed all the nutrients which are needed and crucial for not only maintaining health and metabolism dynamics but also important for overall developments. And that makes it must add thing in your diet, especially for children and youngsters. Most of the sea-food is packed with high-quality protein, iodine and various vitamins and minerals. It is the most ideal source of Vitamin D and Omega3 fatty acid, which are crucial for development purpose. You can prefer to choose some fatty type fishes like salmon, trout, sardines, tuna and mackerel and you can also add zinc via oysters.

Better for Heart: It’s one of the benefits of having fatty type fishes! Sea food can also be effective in lowering risk of Strokes and other Heart related complications make it easy to manage and medication to be effective. Whether you have heart related complication or not, you could make one day of your week reserve to eat seafood and you are on the way to great hearty health.

For Super-Brain: Speaking about its effects on brains ability, most of the seafood contains omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which is sighed to be beneficial for overall brain and especially for maintaining eye health. in most cases it is suggested to would be and to breast-feeding mothers since it all have high in mercury contain which make it ideal to for mothers who need to have all balanced diet.

Against Cognitive-ageing: Aging is inevitable, and the most common effects of gradual losing brain’s efficiency and most then memory part. Well having inclusion of seafood have been sighted to help you deal with that particular functions, lowering risk of dementia and Alzheimer. But even with those people in mid-life phase, eating seafood could help you manage emotional dynamics.

On Asthma: As we all know, we had at least one kid in our school who have asthmatic problem and it is one of the common disease which mostly cause children. The most crucial factor of asthma is inflammation caused in airways, making it unable to breath properly. Seafood can effectively control the factor of inflammations making it easy to manage asthmatic conditions.

For sound sleep: Much like Asthma, sleeping disorders like sleep depravity have seemed more frequent. Although there could be many reasons for that could contribute causing derailed sleeping schedule and the most common could be early symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency. Since seafood’s also have vitamin D, it could also be helping hand to restore derailed sleeping schedule.

Ways to manage Vitiligo symptoms!

manage-vitiligo-symptomsVitiligo is one of the rarest skin conditions that cause the de-pigmentation of skin that causes discoloration in various part of skin and cause skin to have broad white spots on, which doesn’t have any pattern. There are many factors that can cause such unusual skin conditions and being an autoimmune disease, which are cause by the dysfunction in proper working immune system that casts adverse effects on your anatomy. Some of the factors includes stress or illness acts as a triggering factor, heredity may be a factor as there is increased incidence in vitiligo in people with a family history of vitiligo and also person with family or personal history of endocrine diseases or connective tissue diseases are also prone to develop vitiligo such as thyroid diseases, Addison’s disease, pernicious anemia, alopecia areata can also be linked to cause the vitiligo.

Though symptoms of vitiligo are not so hard to recognize but some of the classic symptoms includes de-pigmented skin or patch on arms, face, lips, hands and feet. Also in some cases it can also cast whitening or graying of the hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and beard in course of time. it can also cause color change in retina and many more symptoms, which needed proper diagnosis of the skin conditions by dermatologists.

Sunscreen: It would not only gives protection that also prevents causing further damage and it is also stops the de-pigmentation process. in such skin conditions, skin tanning can perpetually cause the more damage to the already existing problem. Though it is best to consult with your dermatologist before using any cosmetic products, and especially sunscreen and you can buy lotion gives you protection against both UVA and UVB so that you get good protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Using conceals cosmetic: Some of the prescribed concealing cosmetics would reduce the appearance of white patches on your skin. And in some cases you may need to run a trial and error method to find the most suitable cover up cream for your skin so that your vitiligo is not visible that easily. Some self tanners would also help in conceal these light colored patches on your skin by adding color to the lesser pigmented areas and these colors will not wash off and will gradually fade off as dead skin develops. But it is essential to use concealing cosmetics.

Aware from cuts: It is specially instructed by the dermatologist to take special care and avoid getting even minor cuts, as possibility to spread through other areas and it can be mess to mange later. In such condition where you suspect you could get cuts like it is wise to get some of suitable antiseptic for such unintentional cuts.

Turmeric and mustard oil: One of the most effective remedy, just take about 250 ml of organic mustard oil in a bowl and mix it with 5 full teaspoons of turmeric powder. You also have to make sure that this mixture is mixed properly. Then apply this mixture to the affected areas of your skin and leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it off after 20 minutes and pat it dry. Then you can repeat this procedure for at least two times a day for 15 to 20 days to see visible reduction in the color of the white patches on your skin. You ask why, its antiseptic quality would help you stopping developing white patches.

Some other Natural ingredients: Thankfully, Mother Nature has so many things to offer. Some of the natural ingredients including radish seeds, psoralen seeds or with ginger, mama cadela roots, ginkgo biloba, sweet basil leaves, or also red clay along with ginger are discovered to be useful for the for the course of treatment and seizing development of white spots and patches.

Tuning your diet: Almost every other medical alignment in the medical science can be cured or at least made favorable conditions to make treatment course more effective just by tuning your diet. And in case of vitiligo, you can also be done, and though it is better to ask your doctor about the proper diet, as it needed to be suitable, nutritional and compact also be eliminating the triggers from the diet list. There are some food elements which can be beneficial to the course of vitiligo which includes green tea, olive oil, black pepper, ginger and garlic, turmeric powder. You can also take about 600 grams of raw cucumber every day three times a day and stick to a vegetarian diet. You can also take three beetle leaves three times a day along with raw cucumber to see a reduction in white patches on your skin.

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Menopause & its conditions!

menopause-its-conditionsIt is that phase of women’s life she has to face it and though it is biological process it is capable of resulting in emotional down ride. It is basically a gradual degradation in reproductive function making them unable to produce offspring in near future. In most cases it is considered as sign of aging but in some rare cases, it can be cause with alignment in hormonal system or ovary tract. Though it is not universal that at a specific age it’ll cause, since health dynamics can differ from women to women, but in most cases it is happen in 40s or 50s.

As per the anatomical science suggests, female body and its hormonal effects and hormonal implying effects are different than men. And particularly in case of women, they are vulnerable to hormonal misbalance and this can frequently happen during or after natural menstrual cycle and not to forget that it such imbalance can also be triggered by the life style, physical exertion, or effects rendered by the stress elements in the life, and in some rare cases it can also casts as side effects of medication you are following. And by the gradual degradation mean, as a women grow old, it is not the only the ability to conceive a child is lessened but it can also widely affects the sexual drive of a women, which can further make her prone to psychological pressures states like inferiority, low self-esteem, anxiety or also chance to be depressed.

Factors that cause Menopause:
Aging is perhaps be called as cover reason that cause menopause, there are like of factors that can contribute their effects to the course. Premature menopause can be the result of genetics, autoimmune disorders, or medical procedures or so on. Other conditions that may cause early menopause include:

Premature ovarian failure: Normally, the ovaries make both estrogen and progesterone hormones in the process and a changes in the levels of these two hormones causes when the ovaries, for some conditions, prematurely stop releasing eggs. When such circumstances happen before certain age, it’s classifies as premature ovarian failure. But unlike premature menopause, premature ovarian failure is not always permanent.

Induced menopause: the condition “Induced” menopause happens when the ovaries are surgically removed for medical reasons, such as uterine cancer or endometriosis. There are also some chances where induced menopause can also result from damage to the ovaries posed by radiation or chemotherapy as treatments.

Symptoms of Menopause can easily be misinterpreted as sign of menstrual complications or side effects of hormone replacement therapies. But it is also essential to recognize signs and symptoms of menopause in order to deal its aftereffects, even though it is inevitable condition but it still needed medical attention to deal with its symptoms.

Hot flashes: the feeling of warmth that spreads all over the body and is sometimes followed by perspiration, making women psyched about is. It happens mostly due to degraded ovary functions causing hormonal imbalance.

Profuse Sweating: Though this can also be considered as symptom of hot-flash as women tend to sweat profusely which also cause disturbed sleeping pattern making prone to sleep depravity and weak concentration next day and also some level of dehydration.

Vaginal Complications: the vaginal region contains moisture and lining intact but due to chanced hormonal factors, the lining tissues of the vagina becomes thinner, drier and less elastic. This can make it more prone to dryness, itching, irritation or pain during sexual intercourse and also vaginal infections like yeast infections.

Frequent urination: though irregular bladder causing more frequent urination could be a sign of Urinary tract infections, can be clear sign of menopause. This can also be blamed to disabled ovary functions and loosen vaginal lining or in most linked with side effect of blood pressure complications.

Change in Bust size: This could be easy to track sign as either one of the breast would change its size or in some cases it can also change its shape. And there are rare conditions that can cause such consequence as side effects.

Mood swings: These changes would eventually make it very clear for you about its conditions and as mood swing are more potent and directive to the cause. One might experience memory problems, irritability, mood changes and extreme fatigue. All these symptoms can also cause a dip in cognitive functions and emotional distress and also chance to differ from person to person.

Despite being a ‘bound-to-happen’ conditions it is better to give it a routine check as there are cases where certain medications like osteoporosis, heart disease, poorly working bladder and bowel, making more prone to Alzheimer’s and dementia disease, poor skin elasticity like increased wrinkling, poor muscle power and tone and also some weakening in vision problems have make vulnerable as menopause.

Some easy Acne Remedy available in your Kitchen!

acne-remedyZits can be embarrassing sometime! Just imaging you have important presentation or date to go and this thing just pops out of nowhere and ruin your calm and just irritate. And you don’t have option to just pop out them no matter how enticing it is, as popping acne is spreading the bacteria all over then face.

Well following are some prevention you can apply to avoid the appearance of these sudden monsters. And they also come with healthy benefits so feel free to add it in your diet:

Green Tea: It is one the ideal source of antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds, which would not only make your skin radiant but also be effective fighting acne on the surface. Just make a cup of green tea and let it set cool and then wash your face with it like a face wash. Or if you have time and patience, then used an already used green tea-bag on the affected area!

Fruit Juice and vinegar: They are not only great source of vitamin c and antioxidant but it can also used to open skin pores to drain out the impurities. Use to cotton balls to gently apply it on the acnes, let it settle for a while and then take another cotton ball to wipe it out when it is on semi-wet phase.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This is one the Swiss army of all the remedies one could come up with it.  Asking why? It can exfoliate, reduce red marks, and treat acne because of its malic and lactic acid, which makes it an ideal facial toner agent.

Just mixed it with 1:1 ratio with water and apply it with cotton balls and with let it set for some time and the wipe out.

Lemons: It can serve many benefits including for exfoliation, lightening skin, and disinfectant to reduce the appearance of scars and prevent new pimples from forming. It can also be used to remove dead skin cells off from your skin.

Just use cotton ball dipped in lemon juice and directly apply it on the most acne affected area. And after some time, rinse it with cold water only.

Witch Hazel: One of the out of the box remedy, but sure effective! It basically dries and shrink the blemish you created by scratching hell out of it. And application is also simple as you just have to apply astringent with cotton ball and and rinse it after some time.

Chamomile: Use of chamomile can be tricky but it is worth of it since it can be an ultimate cure for inflammation caused to acne.

Either you can make past of chamomile tea and apply it on the affected area or just simply boil chamomile tea in water for at least 15min or it is blend in. let it cool and then apply that essence with cotton ball and rinse it in semi dry state.

Aspirin: You didn’t saw that coming! It is the quickest way to dry the pimple and acne and then you can exfoliate with facial scrub to make it disappear quickly. Just make a paste in 2tablespoon of water and directly apply it on affected area.

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Time to say bye to those Scars!

get-rid-of-skin-scarsAny skin alignment you experience on your skin can be annoying, and especially the one that appear on face or nearby region. And especially those scars who seem to took oath to stay there forever till eternity. Though medical science has many cosmetic treatments and therapy to cure any skin scars and some proper skin care can also help you get rid of those scars.

Though there are many reasons which can cause injuries or skin conditions to be caused scars. It could be incompetent immunity, allergic conditions, improper diet, or slow metabolic rate, or just inefficient skin care medications. And it is also the fact that, it is not necessary to rely on most of cosmetic treatments. There are many household ways you can fix such problems. Just go to grocery store and buy following items:

Shea Butter and Coconut oil: One of the most used to cure most of the skin scars! Both add up moisture elements to makes it ideal to heal and also preventing widening, itching and getting it deeper. It also contains anti-inflammatory elements which also sooths that inflammation caused by the impact or injuries. It basically contains omega3 fatty acids and antioxidants which can be effective tool to heal and repair torn skin tissues.

In general it is warmed up and applied in mixture with cotton ball. Follow a schedule of 3 times a day!

Onion gel: It might seems very add way to heal the scars but effective got your. Just apply paste directly to the affected area or better put a bandage tape of it. onion contains chemical properties of bioflavonoid like kaempferol, cepalin and quercitin which are capable to blur down scar and make it vanish in continues apply.

If using onion pulp seems too gross or impractical idea for you, then you can also opt for its medicinal option in onion gel, which are extracted from onions. That might not be rapid effective but it gets the cause done. It is suggested to consult with doctor if you have any allergic reactions to the gel’s contents.

Aloe Vera: It is predominately used in many skin care products and in skin alignments for its benefits and ease in availability, and it is simple to use too. Aloe Vera contains anti-inflammatory and collagen healing qualities which can also be heal and restore scars conditions to normal. One has to extract gooey gel off from its leaf and then applied. And for those who are not fond of such efforts, then you can get a jar or can of Aloe extract from market.

You can directly use on the surface and let it dry. Applying it for twice to thrice a day would quick recovery. And by the way it can also give it a radiant glow and also best for skin tightening and acne problem.

Emu Oil: Okay this one might just be hard to find in grocery, chemist or pharmacies, better order from online store. And it’s not like emu bird put through extractor! Emu’s feather contains fat contents which can be extracted and refined in mucus-like oils. It is one of most effective as it goes more deep in wound and repairs torn tissues and moisturize at the same time.

Though in most cases, general medication of creams and ointment can also be effective, even some off counter medications too. Make sure you consult with your doctor or dermatologist before opting for any options.