Eye-lash Growing Tips

Eye-lash Growing TipsEyelashes play such an important part in accentuating eyes to complete its beauty quotient and yet they are understated. It resonates what eyes are trying express. It complete the grace quotient when you wear exquisite eye make up for one glamorous event. Or can add depthless in to the dark character you wished to portray. Just imagine what you can do with it.

Following are some suggested ways you can apply to take care and help them grow great:

Cleaning up: The mascara you wear is already heavy for your eyelash and keeping it in for night might not giveaway you pore on eyes skin to breath. Remember, while cleaning it out, use cotton ball with gentle ways possible. I mean, you don’t want to cause any damage to the current lash, do you?

Olive oil: Nature’s best lash moisturizer you could ever ask for, which eventually make it stronger and longer.

Castor oil: It is also a best alternative for olive oil and also works wonders with it. You can mix them together and apply it, as castor oil could also help your eyebrows hair grow.

Coconut and Lavender Oil: It helps you get rid of free radicals, which plays big roll boosting growth. Coconut oil is enriched with soothing and nutritional value, which makes it perfect to mix with any oil. It can also act as a base. Just mix lavender and coconut together, apply gently with finger and let it work its magic.

Petroleum Jelly: Yes, The Vaseline, the trusted form of moisturizer. And guess what, it also works to grow your lash faster and thicker. Just apply it regularly.

Green Tea: Soak green tea leaves in warm water for some hours and apply it with a cotton ball.

Lemon Peel: Soak lemon peels in olive or in castor oil, keep it aside for overnight and apply it next night.

Trim time: Absurd it may sound, but this really works. Lash-folicles get stimulated if you just trim down ¼ length every 2or3months.

Lash-Diet: Now I would bail out myself saying ‘just follow healthy diet’ but, just make sure your diet includes apples, guavas basically most fruits. Green vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, other sources of proteins.

In other tips, you can eat something that have carbohydrates and do not starve yourself to the level of being paper-thin. Just eat healthy and never skip your exercise schedule.

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Water an elixir

drinking waterThe importance of water is undeniably greater than any fluid ever existed in the world. It is so important that it is considered as an elixir in most part of world and still considered to be the reason that would cause third world war. So we get it, it is important.

Still water is considered to be more regular as it is easier to find than any other beverage. Water can be more than just multi-utility liquid one can find. And its noted significant can be defined in following pointer.

Liquid Balance: As we learned in elementary school, 60% of our body is made of water. So it is equally important to maintain the balance the liquid level to keep every function of our body sustaining.

For the Metabolism rate: Metabolism can be explained as moving dynamics of your body’s molecular structure which eventually helps your immune system to be at its best. Water, gives better agility to your metabolism which also renders best result to the efforts you take to live healthy life. It means, ample amount of water equals to boost up metabolism rate, which equals to healthy life, simple equation!

Better digestions: Bile, an enzyme, which is the most important factor in digesting the food you ate, works well if it reaches to the most part of churned food you eat. And adequate amount of water felicitate bile to work best. Although saliva also work but not as well as water. Just make sure drink enough water after finishing your meal.

On Weight loss: Although speeding up metabolism works wonder to brought miraculous benefits of your diet plan but water can also be tricked to control your unnecessarily added up appetite. You ask how? Well it tricks your mind that you are full and you don’t need more food anymore. But remember, do it only after you consumed required food before drinking water.

Kidney: Kidney is the most vital organ that process blood and dispose needless waste via urine. And to keep it sufficient drink more water so the system will remain flawless. BTW, do you know which organ fall first prey to dehydration? It’s kidney! Speaking about dehydration…

Dehydration: It is the state where most of the body fluid is drained off via urine or sweat or even exhalations. It can draw major problem since it targets most of your of your organ first. Dehydration can effectively avoided with water cause other beverages can also contains sugar and salt that might keep you hydrated, but only for some time.

Pimple Free Skin: Isn’t this something we all want! Well water help you drain out most of the toxins out of your body, clearing the all the blockage that was clogged up in your skin pores, which eventually cause less pimples and healthy skin! Water also felicitate antioxidant to work more efficiently that results into radiant skin.

Active Kick-start: Just drink a glass of water first thing the morning to gently remind metabolism to act out. Even when you bored or can’t concentrate on your assignment then go and sip a glass of water.

Bonus tip: If you are one of those who party too much and do boozing also should opt for water if you don’t wish to get hangover or headache next morning.

The best ways to Seize Thyroid problems

Thyroid problemsThyroid is a gland located beneath your neck those secrets thyroid hormones, which are important as they play major role in influencing metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature. During infancy and childhood, adequate thyroid hormone is crucial for brain development. There are several different types of thyroid disorders that can arise when the thyroid produces too much hormone called hyperthyroidism or having not enough flow called hypothyroidism. Since it can lays huge impact of immune system by lowering metabolism rate. Hence it is crucial to cure the disease before it could cause further damage due to weak immunity.

Of course, modern medical science has line of medication, therapy and if required, surgeries to cure the thyroid symptoms. But there some natural ways you can control and cure its symptoms.

Adding Sea-veggies in your diet! Those you might have to make some efforts to get some, but it is worth it. Most of the sea vegetation has major iodine content in it which is beneficial t control the dysfunction conditions. There are some bright options like kombu, kelp granules and using nori wrap instead of sushi wrap would make much difference.
Butter way!

Though doctor might just suggest you to stop having dairy product, depending upon your thyroid conditions, but even they would agree to add butter in your diet. As seen in lots of studies, butter is best for endocrine system. But try to find some organic butter from farms.

Include Kale: If you have thyroid issues, then raw cruciferous vegetables may not be the best choice. You might want to skip the kale smoothies and salads, and eat your greens cooked instead. The reason is that the cruciferous vegetables contain goitrogens that may disrupt the thyroid if consumed in large quantities.

Make habit to use headphones: Using mobile phone has become addiction more than utility. It is also being blamed to cause major radiation problems. Like it could cause damage to your brain, it can also treacherous for your thyroid conditions. and the best way is, start using headphones which you are on call!

Make the point: Those people with hypothyroid tend to “swallow down” what they really want to say. It’s been very healing for them to learn to speak their truth. On the flip side, she has found that people with hyperthyroid are talking too much, and can benefit by listening more.

Some other advice: You can opt for some other better suitable exercise options like yoga. It could also be beneficial for your thyroid conditions!


7 Best Post Workout treats

post workout mealIn the mission to be fit and achieve that well-toned physique, you have to shed your beloved weight in form of sweat. And for that butt out workout you need to be rewarded for the efforts and the kind of patience and dedications you shown towards your goal and away from distraction of then soul food, you need some pampering! So we come up with the list of food delicacy, which melts over your conscious and sooth your soul.

And don’t need to worry about nutritional value; we covered that health aspect for you. Just don’t droll over your screen!

Cheese, Black Beans and Corn-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Avocado Crème: Admit it, we knocked you out with the first word, and you read cheese. Well it is a tempting compilation of sweet potato with black-beans which makes it the healthiest dish for you. And mushy texture of avocado, which is enriched with low saturated fat, a good fat, makes you relieved from cholesterol control syndrome.

Chicken Egg Wrap Burrito: Two staple favorites for every foodie wrapped in one tortilla also baked in egg batter, who more you could ask for. And not that, it is doubled content of protein which also make some more room to add some extra vegetables, like mushrooms or peppers to make it supper healthy.

Chipotle Black Bean Burgers: Another knockout word, “the Chipotle.” And yes you are allowed to munch one burger, packed with smart ingredients and easy healthy to eat. As it also features almond for nutty texture and also packed with avocado, which also adds to the health value. Just have patience and control not to choose any other items from the menu.

Chocolate-Chia Recovery Drink: The chocolate itself can heal any wounds and release any stress you experienced. And when it is combined with Chia, flaxseed and hemp seed, which add it fat and fiber quality, all makes it a heavenly compilation packed with all healthy elements.

Clean-Eating Banana Almond Quinoa: Quinoa is already known for its cholesterol absorbing quality, which is beneficial for managing insulin and blood-pressure dynamics and so on. Then it is a genius idea to pair it up with Banana, which is a good source of potassium. Also equipped with almond for its nutty texture and omega3 fatty acid, which is also great for heart conditions.

Hummus-crispy chicken: Whoever would have come up with the recipe either must be a genius or lazy as hell, as no one would ever thought middle-eastern hummus can cause so wonders to the western staple food called chicken. It add thin crisp layer over chicken which make it even tastier then you could imaging. And not to forget wide range of beans or vegetables goes great with Hummus-crispy chicken.

Mango Coconut Quinoa Salad: Another east-meet-west recipe and sigh of relief for those who are done eating normal salad and looking for something new to try. Both coconut and mango come with anti-oxidant properties and coconut having upper hand in the nutritional chart in comparison with mango. And when there two paired with nutritional quinoa and other side ingredient like almonds onions and pepper, it makes hell of a healthy salad option.

And while you all go haywire to try these awesome food items, remember the golden rule, ‘too much of anything, ruins everything!”


Easy method to quickly fall asleep!

method to quickly fall asleepSleep is precious to everyone, so be it animal or social animal, like us, the human. There are countless benefits of healthy sleeping schedule like healthy body and its metabolism, smooth well functioning body-system, body and mind in perfect harmony and radiance in skin. And to the other side of the coin, sleep depravity and other sleeping disorders can cause many ‘vice-versa’ effects which are treacherous to your overall health.

So be it anything, if you have problem falling asleep peacefully, then follow below method and achieve that peaceful sleeping:

Quitting Time:
Well it is time to ditch some bad habits so you could come clean. And these bad habits includes, alcohol, smoking, caffeinated beverages and sugar induced food items. This could cause temporary kick to the metabolism, which signals brain to be active, whereas body is in mood to dose off. You need to have at least 4hours interval before sleeping time.

Eating Habits:
Although following balance diet would be beneficial factor in mission to fall asleep quickly. But first mind how much you are eating. Cause over-eating too much food can put your body to make extra efforts to digest food and finding perfect position which is comfortable for the bubbled up belly is another task. And please, eat where you sleep, let the gravity work a bit and shift your food further in digest-system.

Also avoid spicy food, since spicy food also gives a kick to your metabolism dynamics.

In bedroom:
Assuming having problem sleeping, you should keeping the sleeping area clean and clutter less.

If possible paint it in earthy colors which are more dim-lighted then in flashy florescent colored.

The only electronic instrument allowing in the vicinity should just be din lighting and air-conditioners, nor any other notification honking object, and make it a rule.

To get in sleepy mood, you can listen to soft music or some jazz routine. But the best technique is ‘Breath-in Breath-Out’, which literally sooths your body to be relaxed and prone to sleep. You can also try 4-7-8 technique, which includes 4sec to breathe in, 7sec hold calmly and slowly release it within 8sec.

Try to switch location then positions. Those people who are unable to sleep are master in switching position from one side to another. This will trick your mind your drowsy mind to sleep. Cause there isn’t a single rule that says, you have to sleeping in the bed only. You can try hammock, for a change!

If you have a partner, just cuddle-in! This will make your brain trigger oxytocin, the hormone that actually makes you feel pleased, and causing you to feel relaxed and vulnerable to sleep. If this science lesson was too much, you know how cuddling feels or when you eat chocolate!

Speaking about chocolates, dark chocolate can make you feel drowsy and it also works in similar ways as cuddling works, making it an ideal option for singles. And if you are still looking for other variant, you can try lukewarm milk or chamomile tea.

If above set of tips doesn’t seems to work then it is better to consult with your doctor, cause there are probability that you have sleeping disorders.

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Some Simple tips to detox your Body…

detox your BodyWe all live some hectic life! Perusing what we want, we keep everything in single string. Makes efforts to live healthy and harmonious life! Despite making all the efforts to keep you healthy, our body still produce and secrets harmful toxin out of our body.

Despite disposing all the waste toxin through sweat, urine and stool, our body need some extra added tools to drain out more toxins out. Now professional dietician would come out with better and suitable Detox diet for you. But following tips would help you deciding some elements in your regular diet, which Detox your body on regular basis:

Sugar Intake: Easiest thing first, or might be hardest thing for some. This is one content been universally used in most of the food product we consume on daily basis. And we are not only talking about coffee, tea or cakes, it is one ingredient being use as base in most of the packaged product.

So cutting down sugar intake would make more sense, right? Yes, just ask any dietician what harm sugar content in your body could cause.

Water: The main motto behind detoxification is to train out excess and unnecessary toxins out of your body. And water just does that! It help you facilitates circulation functions, which is crucial for toxin draining. Just try to raise water consumption, notch-by-notch. But beware of the fact that it would also caused diarrhea if you consume excess water.

Extended Tea-Time: In the debate of which is better, tea or coffee, tea has upper hand of being more induced with antioxidant then coffee, which is beneficial in detoxification process. And before you think to max up tea intake, mind that it also have caffeine content as coffee. And we were also taking about tea, without milk or cream in it.

Chose Organic: If you have to make chose between food delivers all the nutritional value versus food that promise only fraction of nutritional value, then I bet you must have chose organic food. And why not! Organic food like colorful vegetable or fruits, whole grains, beans and legumes, and small amounts of nuts and seeds have more nutritional value that those non-organic products, which already have lost its beneficial values in process.

Sauna Treatment: For those of who are looking for the ways to drain our toxin from your skin, then sauna treatment would work wonder for you. It works by opening your skin pores and let it exerting all the toxic waste you gain throughout the time. It also have potential to drop some weight off your body, which is helpful especially for those ladies who are planning weight loss in post-pregnancy phase.

Exfoliate: Other great option for sauna, exfoliations works the same way as sauna would work and also give you options to add some nutritional value through the exfoliation agent you use in process. Other then exerting harmful toxins off from your skin, it also help improves circulation rate in your skin.

Flushing pollutant: We just can’t deny existence of pollution in our world and we also have to bare the consequence of it. Anyways, to complete the detoxification process, we also have to clear our nasal passage for effective breathing process. Unconventional but to western world, you can use ‘Neti pot’ to drain our any toxin and blockage in nasal passage.

Now take the Art of Sex seriously!

theory of relationshipIt is believed that intimacy, passion and commitment are three pillars of love and it might sounds overstatement to you but a potent sex drive would make you achieve. Love, emotions, principles and worldly commitment could be important for grooming a relationship but the act of sex is an actual testing lab that where every theory of relationship is tested, with the kind of chemistry two people have, which can’t be deceived by the word anymore.

Often scorned by inspecting in sleazy shade, the act of sex hold significant importance, according to following point:

On Theory: As we discussed earlier, intimacy is important in relationship as it can develop and define synchronization between to indicial. Intimacy is like superglue that attaches two people together. And passion could be referred as outcome of potent intimacy. Commitment aspect might be influenced and maneuvered by words but felt best with the kind of intimacy two partners have within.

And for those people who are looking for ways to intimacy should first start with cuddling and then to the ultimate way is to make love.

To the core: Ask any couple you think they are perfect, most of them would indicate that ‘it’s because they know each other, inside out’ and it makes sense. When two people see and spend most of the time with each other, wearing nothing but the birthday suit, they have passed out the stages of any inhibitions or presumptions. Which eventually makes ways commitment as one could see other person not wearing any formal mask; it makes them able to trust more.

Repair and regain: Most of the relationship that reached to the relationship councilors desk, have one thing in common, they have lost the spark! Apparently, those worldly commitment falls fade in the course if time and with the less probability to regain its gracious status.

But only intimacy holds the ability to reignite the old spark and get your relationship back on track. It can regain it fizz but just making or breaking certain routine pattern.

Better for Quality: Intimacy could really boost up your overall relationship dynamic. As an ideal sex session, require one to be more playful, flirtatious, and innovative in the act. Sometime it even makes you or requires you to be rebellious at times. It rightfully summons up the entire firework needed to spark up the relationship.

It is for better: The result of a potent sexual encounter resonates and draws significant positives to the relationships. It could start with taking more care of each other than before, respect each other became more reliable on each other. Isn’t that a sign of a healthy relationship?

Health benefits!
It is not only about hitting gym or following healthy diet for being healthy just for the sake of dire intention to person well. But the fact is, sex itself is a form of exercise! In other health benefits it boosts your metabolism, releases dopamine (the excitement hormone), blood circulations, and pace up your heart-beats. And one just can’t deny its psychological effects boosting your mood and elimination chances of anxiety and depression.

And remember there isn’t any rule written that says, the act of sex have to carried in bedroom, or on bed only!

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Lose Weight in 5 Easiest ways

weight loss easy wayEvery morning we look in the mirror, watch yourself gradually gaining weight, and we even make many plans about following diet, assigning you to exercise regime. But we all know, we hate to follow it, regardless it is turning out to be effective for us. And even more sad reality about weight loss plans; no one is will to start. So here are some of the handy tips you can incorporate to get going on weight-loss.

Diet: Generally assumed concept of dieting is starving you to the level of malnutrition, which is entirely wrong. Assigning you to the diet that has perfect balance of nutrition, vitamins and minerals level up with right amount of carbohydrates is what perfectly defined as diet.

Ditching Junk: We know it is hard for you to ditch those junk food that we crowned as Soul food. Just be smart and reduce the amount of junk food you consume on daily basis. Like if you are fan of pizza then reduce one piece a day replacing with something less healthy and sugar induced.

Trick yourself: Don’t worry it doesn’t involve fancy move. Drink more water, it will not only keep you hydrated but also will trick your system that you have full stomach. But remember, you also have to eat food to keep everything going.

Wished to know another trick? Use much smaller place or for best use bowl to eat your food. This will also work when you have to eat more healthy food, which is not tasty at all, salad and broccoli.

Get going: This is the one universal tip which keeps your effects into working. But it is not that easy since we are best candidate to be couch-warmer. So the trick is, reward yourself for completing a given task, no matter what it is. This will keep you motivate all the time and get your thing done.

On the Move: Working out in gym is not everything; you can have less dramatic way to burn some calories. And the answer is Aerobics! This kind of exercises is simple and mostly doesn’t need any instruments to do it. As simple as walking for 20-30mins can make more difference. Want another hack? Just go from point A to B by just walking or cycling from your daily commute.

Be Positive: Another universal tip! Keeping your efforts rolling! Know that you want to lose weight for yourself. And that too, for betterment of your health! So just be positive about that motive!


Some Bad Habits that would make you Night owl

irregular sleeping patternSleep is crucial to everyone and we know when happen when we could get enough sleep. Some even turned in to zombies for some time. And the fact is everyone love to sleep but there are always something that prevent us from getting back to our required sleeping schedule and also causing delays, sudden or gradual.

Absence of sleep or irregular sleeping pattern can cause series of problem and also makes you more vulnerable range of sleeping disorders like narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea and so on. So here are some generally found distinct bad habits that keep you awake:

Technology usage:
So whoever in your life who suggest you to keep your hands off from technological gadgets, so be it smart phone, laptops or computers. And stable internet connection just makes it more difficult to resist its extensive. And factually they also have point! Most of the displays used in gadget are self-luminous preventing the melatonin, a hormone which is cause us sweet sleep.
Solutions: no we are not suggesting you to quit using it, which is impossible, we know it! But it would be best to manage the timing with some discipline. Just finish all your work or net-time 1/2hrs prior to bed time. Make it a rule for yourself! Every conversation you have or everything we access on net can be postponed and did it later, make the best use of bookmarks folders. And also avoid viewing displays in dark as it put more stress on your eyes and gradually be harmful.

Eating habits:
Over eating, or eating snacks before crashing in bed would also extend your awake substantially. Some food products that are induced in sugar and cholesterol cause your body to sometime go on hyperactive mode. It triggers your system to stay awake as long as it cause. And if you are more fan of coffee at night or to extent working hours then you should plan to quitting coffee. Factually, coffee is best for kick-starting you metabolism in the most morning, not for daytime and specially prohibited drinking it before you go for sleep.
Solutions: just make sure you don’t end up following any above mentioned bad habit. And if you are just unable to quit coffee, at least control it and avoid having coffee for 4hrs prior to sleep schedule.

Untimed Naps:
The kind of naps try to have to compensate sleeping time, tricks your mind fooling that you are having enough time but at the cost of delaying main sleeping schedule. In simple words, the amounts of naps you take deduct same time from natural sleeping hrs at the time you planned it.
Solution: just avoid it! Or if you have to, just to complete some urgent task then take a time out and educate yourself more about ‘Power Nap’ or for some coffee-addicts ‘coffee power nap,’ and follow it thoroughly.

Alcohol Abuse:
Fact about using alcohol to fall asleep faster is true. And another fact is, effective for first few time, and after that it tend to make more habitual to it, making you addicted to it.
Solutions: just quit alcohol!

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