Fake Eyelashes things you should know before using it!

Fake EyelashesNo doubt, women do spend a lot for on the cosmetics. Some might just go over the hedge to be well-prep for any occasion or for any particular show. Or just for be dress for dorky comic-con fest. Out of many beauty enhancement, fake eye lashes is most used to portrait or complete any themed look, for any party or any to complete any character.

But just as you suspected, using fake eyelashes cause some complications, just like any other cosmetic enhancement would cause. But most complications revolve around used or placed in wrong manner, excessive adhesive or just some other complications!

Some Key Complications:
One of the common one is incorrectly misplaced over natural eyelashes. And the real reason behind it is not selecting proper size of eyelash equitant to your overall dynamics. So best suggestions are let the professional make-up artist handle the situation, since they are more experienced and know what’s good for you.

And if you are fan of DIY, then spend more time on education yourself about various size and ways to apply them

Time to wait: it would take a time to apply and set the eyelashes it its place and till that time, you are suggested to sit at one place with your head lean back, for quite a sometime. Thought there are lots of other options available in the market which set much quickly. But one have to have a patience and not everyone has time to do that.

Glue Reaction: now this is subjective as some might develop a sensitivity issues with the adhesive being used in to apply eyelashes. In that case, remove it and rinse your eyes with cold water or inform attendant about the discomfort it is causing you.

Material: of course, with cheap quality material there comes the risked of complication. Although kink eye lashed might be pricey but has best quality and doesn’t cause any problems, except you have allergic conditions.

In case of irritations: there are range of eye care product, mostly eye drop that can cure irritations caused by fake eyelash. Like Bimatoprost, this is widely prescribed by doctors and dermatologist as an instant cure for any severe complications. And also doubles as medicine that boosts growth of your natural eyelash.

And some Pros:
To put it in simple words, it is a quick and effective way to get desired look for any occasion, with easy to apply and very cost effective and also less messy then other option. And like we suggested, get a professional person to apply it.

Some Cures for Premature Ejaculation

Cures for Premature EjaculationMen already have countless problems to deal with which includes juggling career, family and personal life, all together. It is also essential to maintain health by managing exercise schedule and diet plans.

But despite all the measures you take to avoid any hazards, there are still some complications some people are bound to have. And some complications with reproductive functions like erectile dysfunctions, some sort of outer or internal infection or just degrading quality of sperm and its count.

Out of many complications, premature ejaculation seems to be the most common these days.  It is indeed embarrassing to admit and experience and sure capable of making someone feel less or insecure about it. So much that in most of cases, one might just chose to be silent and suppressed to express it.

So here are reasons and handy tips that might help you encountering these problems. But still we would like to suggest you to consult your doctor for better and precise measures that would stop premature ejaculation:

It could range in various aspects like psychological and medical causes. Some of the psychological causes could be sexual inexperience, novelty of a relationship, over-excitement or too much stimulation, relationship stress, anxiety, guilt feelings, depression, issues related to control and intimacy.

However there are some other psychological reasons like strict sexual teaching and upbringing which affecting young men who have been brought up under inhibitions that sex should be prohibited until marriage. Or some traumatic experiences of sex could be anxiety and premature ejaculation can result from problems ranging from a loss of privacy when in the act or past sexual abuse. Even conditioning like a teenager learning to ejaculate quickly to avoid being found masturbating.

Medical Causes: are usually side effect rendered by series of disease or illness as degradation in quality of reproductive functions. Some of them like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, prostate disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), thyroid problems (overactive or underactive thyroid gland), illicit drug use, excessive alcohol consumption. Althought it is rare compared to psychological one, since doctor make sure the concerned medications would not cause any other side effect. But there is always a chance for exception, so be it in million.


Deep breathing:
Try to see if he can avoid shallow, short breathing, which speeds up your heartbeat. Try to get to spend five seconds breathing in one deep, full breath, hold it for about three seconds, and then exhale for five seconds. If he can do this for about five minutes without disturbing the rhythm, he may be able to use it in the bedroom.

Pause and Play Method:
To put in simple words, art of learning to control yourself just before you drop your beats. Let me suggest you, it would take some practice to master and best way to control it is masturbation, which also allows you to be more focused on your imaginations and put it to best use.

Kegel Exercises:
Before fumbling into dictionary to find what kegel is, it is that strong muscle, which resides in pelvic area and beneath perineum muscle tendon. Kegel is the actual reason behind success of Pause-&-Play method. But is can also be practice for solo purpose.

So you are asking how I can find my kegel? Actually when you are passing urine and you wished to stop it. The muscle that contracts and stops it, is called kegel. And the best way to practice it is when you pass the urine, do a pause and play move there!

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The maximum level one could stay awake!

without sleepAnd we are pretty sure that some of you belong to special human species called Insomniacs, who are mastered in endeavoring countless to hours dedicated to do that one thing they think worth to sacrificing their sleep. But this article is universal everyone who wish to know to what extent it is one can be awake and the exact limits!

But if we have to dispense one advice, so that would be, don’t! Sleep is the most important activity one should never underestimate. In absence of proper sleeping cycle one might experience discomfort, disorientating is doing something, stroll in focusing memory retentions and other health hazards. And trust it, it worth spending time sufficient for good old sleep.

You might opt for medications which would help you stay awake or rely more on caffeine content but know this, sleep is still inevitable, it might just bail you some time to perform given task. To make it more easy for you understand, we’ve come off with effected you would experience on hourly interval basis. As follow:

After 24 hours…
After this period of time, some expected effects like difficulty in taking routine decision, and a decline in eye-hand coordination, you tend to be more emotional vulnerable, deceased focus, hearing is impaired, and there is an increase in your risk of death from a fatal accident if you are subjected to use heavy machinery or just driving.

After 36 hours…
In this stage, you are bound to be prone to some intense inflammatory effects on blood vessels, which could possibly make you more vulnerable to some cardiovascular diseases and high Blood-pressure problems and hormonal misbalance. Some of the more common side effect which are easy to spot on are feeling of dehydrate and dramatic decrease in motivation to do anything. In all you tend to feel more alienated in this stage.

After 48 hours…
You might get introduced to micro-sleep, a phase where person might shut eyes just for second or half, best referred as blackouts. There frequent it be, person struggles to focus on anything, since after blackout person need some microseconds to remember what he is doing it. This might just feel innocent and harmless but just imagine if you are driving or handling a take that required continuous attention, like person working in aviation control room.

After 72 hours:
This can be best referred as zombie state! As person have no clue whatsoever about its surrounding. In appearance he might look stoned and more prone to have hallucinations, which could be hazardous to your neural system.

It is never safe to underestimate sleep. You just go and take a good old sleep!

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Sleep Peacefully… but for how long?

Sleep PeacefullyIt is always being point of discussion ever since some curious gentlemen raise this question! And from that moment doctors, researchers, psychologist, physicians and dozen other kinds of experts including some renounced pioneer in gym care industry came up with their own theory. And we thought, to resolve this confusion, let’s put it all together and tell you how much time you need to complete your daily sleep needs.
Incomplete hours of sleep can cause many complications right from lack of general sensitivity, unable to concentration, inclined on unhealthy foods, loosened metabolism rate. And in severe situation, it can cause you sleep deprivation that can lead to depression and anxiety issues, hallucinations or some accidents since one can’t focus on anything.
Following is the list of age group and the hours of sleep is must for the concerned person in that group, know how much you want:

New Born (0-3months):
New offspring’s to infants need more sleep of 14 to17 hours a day, as they are in evolutionary phase where their tissues are devolving. And sleep is the best time for letting your neural system works its wonder in getting coordination over the body.

Infant (4 to 11 months):
The 12-13 hours of sleep is well needed, since they are trying their new formed neural system and processing and storing info they learn in between, for future purpose.

Toddler (1-2 year):
They need at least 11 to 14 hours of sleep. Enough to process and record the tract they stumble upon and work on improving their gibberish in to more understandable human language.

Preschoolers (3-5 yrs):
Deal with the outer world can be task for every child, while learning and educating themselves. And to get energy for those task kids needs 10-13 hours of sleep.

The School time (6-13yrs):
One of the active phase of life, we are at the fullest to learn new things and deal with high energy needs. And to keep it fluent, kids need 9-11 hours of sleep.

Teenagers (14-19yrs):
The most rebellious phase of life, infused with energy and hormones. To deal with outer world and society one might need 8-10hrs of sleep, to keep it in flow.

Younger adults (20-28):
People in this age have learn cope up with new find stress in work or in married like. And to regain the energy you’ve lost in the day, you need 7-9 hours of sleep.

Adults (29-64):
Still, despite course of the time and coping with stressed of success, spouse and children, it is one thing you need not change and keep it following.

Older Adults (65+):
Though need just 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but it is most needed to keep yourself immune and healthy.

Although it is really hard to say X hours is sufficient for every human being. Since there are wide variety aspect one need to consider. Factors like age group, blood type, blood pressure level, any past medical condition or current medication course he is on and the kind of work he is involved in. Like the person who work in Aviation Control center need to have acute sense of concentrations as one mistake in analysis can result in catastrophic outcome.

The best way to know it is consult a doctor since they can examine you, considering your medical history and suggest you precise sleeping hours and ways to do it.

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Knee Injuries: what to do?

Knee InjuriesSportsman, athletes, young, adults, women and men we are all aware if it and it is unpleasant as it could be. Even thought of it make someone crippled. And to be very honest, the placement of our knee makes it more prone to get injured. Try to think, it sandwiched between your upper body pressure and the impact it has to resist while walking, running, hopping or fall or jump you take in excitement.

So there could be endless possibility one would come out with possible knee injuries. And without making you more insecure about your surroundings, here are quick tips that could help you in such situation.

Yeah! This is the first thing you should do to not make that injury worse the already it is. You can use little support of anything to distress the tension on your knee.

Swelling is the first body reaction that happens so it is better and soothing to place ice on that gradually swelling area for at least for 10to20 min. remember one thing; for next 2days, rely on ice-pack treatment 2 or 3 times a day and avoid any hot temperature treatment it could trigger swelling. And if swelling is persistent, then bring back the hot packs.

Keep a Pressure:
No don’t keep it under heavy object! Just wrap it with elastic bandage. And remember, it should be loose enough to keep your knee mobilized not tight as it feel hard as plaster.

Keep it ‘Up’:
No, literally keep it up. Just lay down and keep something beneath your knee that will hold it up till the level of your heart and without causing any stress. Trust me, that above heart level formula works!

Gentle Massage:
If there is anyone there for help ask them to gently massage your knee area. It not only feels soothing and pleasing but it also relive the tension from nerve and muscle tissues.

Whoever come up with the theory that smoking help you feel relaxed and deal with pain more efficiently, represents many mindset. Like he is an avid smoker, he is not making sense at all and if he is your friend, he is not your friend. Myth busted!

Some Un-Prescribed medication:
Thankfully there are some over the counter medication available like Acetaminophen, such as Tylenol, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Ibuprofen, such as Advil or Motrin, Naproxen, such as Aleve or Naprosyn.

Tips on Last-Long Erection

Last-Long ErectionThere is one the thing every man wished to be always youthful about and never to fail at it and that is indeed Genital erection and reproductive function. But factually, with aging effect reining your overall body system, the quality of reproductions tent to decease, and with other disease causing blood related problem that quality of a man’s erectile functions started decrease.

Although there are many medication options exist in the market you can try to achieve long lasting erection, or you can adapt following alteration to naturally cause long time erection, at least more than usual:

Rescan your Medications:
Some of the medication courses like antidepressants, blood pressure medications, narcotic pain relievers, and antihistamines, which are used to cure and control disease and its symptoms might cause erectile function adversely. It is wise to check meditational label for any side effects, and prefer Sudafed-free prescriptions. If any prescription meds are causing you to fall flat, feel free to talk to your doctor about any possible substitution.

Reduce that belly:
If you couldn’t cut down oodles of weight, its fine just keep yourself in that way. Just make you keep your waist circumference below 35 inch. You ask why? Cause a high waist circumference indicates higher levels of harmful visceral fat. And visceral fat is linked to lower testosterone and more inflammation, both factors which can hurt your penis.

Time to Kill Stress:
Don’t get us wrong, working hard to achieve your goal isn’t a bad thing to put all efforts directed toward. But the stress and anxiety, that could render adverse effects on your overall health and eventually on your erectile functions! So it is advisable for you to keep yourself off from unwanted and unnecessary stress of work or anything that could lead your ways to depression.

Instead you can chose to spend more time with your partner which is beneficial for both, stress busting purpose and also deepen the intimacy with your partner. Win-win situations!

Get some quality sleep:
One of the universal health care tips we could offer to you. When you are sleeping mode, your body tends to recover all the wear and tear loss it caused in daily routine. And just like all the functions are now set to restore, blood circulation is also reflowed to pelvis area, which make it more potent to felicitate erectile function. And with regular sleeping schedule, you can improve duration with ease.

Sort out your mind:
Most of the ED related problems can also be solved with some suitable self-suggestions or psychoanalysis sessions. In most cases, some pre-noted presumptions or stereotypes like past experience, suppressed by any dogma or presumptions, thinking that he is sensually insufficient for his partner, or even thinking that certain illness is causing impotency though it is not. Reasons could be anything and better way to find is ask you if there are anything or just take help of psychoanalyst to figure it out.

Be more than just regular:
We human get bored of the routine; habits we do on daily basis and just doing something new in the act of love can also do the trick to boost your arousal point. Our subconscious mind’s reaction like ‘those were days phrase’ can cause ED, on psychological front.

In other case, even if you take some Sildenafil drugs to get erection, it would be ineffective if arousal is not enough to keep it functioning. You can discuss with your partner about it to experiment something new.

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How to Boost Metabolism

How to Boost MetabolismMetabolism, which might sound something, came straight out of science book, but widely neglected topic in health issue. Regardless to say it is a base motive behind every exercise you do. Two individual can have different metabolism rate and that’s the factor defines who is will response better to the exercise and diet plan you are following.
Now one might ask how it work, well the more calories we burn, the more energy we get and it defines who well you can do exercise, which eventually differentiate between weight loss and gain. The Mr. A could have higher metabolism rate then Mr. B, can eat whatever they want and they don’t gain weight, and vice versa.

So following are the some easy ways you can alter to boost your metabolism.

Air Conditioned Sleeping Hours:
It is been seen as person who sleep in well-conditioned room, where room temperature is drop from normal, tend to develop brown muscles, which are key factor in building up muscles and also more equipped to burn more calorie throughout the day.

Caffeine Effect:
Yeah, I can see smile on your face. It is been proved in scientific study that, caffeinated beverage consumption helps boosting metabolism rate and also helps to cure diabetic. And for simple reason, it is better in breaking down fat content. But before you hope on to get yourself latte or espresso, remember the old saying, ‘too much of anything is nothing.’ Excess consumption can delay your sleeping schedule and in extreme case it may cause sleep deprivation.

Eat something Spicy:
It works more on psychological basis. Cause the way we react to capsaicin, the contain in spicy food, give sudden raise your body temperature which speed up the fat burning process. Although calorie is count is less and it is for temporary. But it gives yo a good reason to add spicy food in your diet.

Why so stressful:
Okay, that was bit obvious but undeniable. We all been prey to stress on day-to-day basis may be some mastered the art to keep themselves off from sugar induced food when they are stressful. But the fact is, stress triggers the ‘Cortisol’, which is key factor in that make someone obsessed. So keep yourself positive and follow your sleep schedule religiously.

Sleep time – Good time:
It is universal tip for everything. But it’s not only about just completing your sleeping hours but do it without any disturbance. When you put yourself on sleep mode, which is relaxed state. Our metabolism got chance to sync up its flow. So try to from strict sleeping schedule and get yourself used to it. Locating you sleeping area in the quite dark area is always best.

Active Exercises:
Unfortunately, your metabolism doesn’t boost up while you are sitting or being couch potato throughout the time. Getting habitual to exercise, even some easy cardio vascular exercise or just running for 20-30 minutes will be helpful to boost up your metabolism rate. Chose exercise on the basis of strength training, as it helps to activated brown fat. You can also opt out to try some gym weights and notice the difference. Basically, with increased muscle mass out body tend to burn more calories, which eventually work in our favor. In win-win situation!

Piracetam the ultimate smart drug

smart drugPiracetam, being plagiaristic form of GABA, it made a huge rage when it was first launched in Belgium in 1960s. it became popular for being packed with many advantages and little side-effects and that too at generic affordable price. It have everything to be an ideal recreational smart drug.

To explain Piracetam in simple term, it is a nootropic with low contagiousness and insolubility levels. Ever since its effectiveness has been put to work in the treatment of ischemia, cognitive impairment, stroke, and dementia is acknowledged widely. It also contributes to the cognition enhancement of dyslexic and dyspraxiac children. In other uses, it is also used to heal those patients who are going through Down syndrome, by effectively pacing down natural aging of brain. And also, it is also being prescribed to those patients who have hard time overcoming depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse.

What about benefits and mechanism?
Scientist and researches are still finding their ways to break down the mechanism of Piracetam, and still haven’t found anything substantial. And with that been said, it can neither be termed as sedative or stimulant but capable of causing excellent cognitive abilities.

In researches it is said to be pace up then membrane fluidity. The general assumption said to be that the Piracetam influences the AMPA and NMDA receptor sites, which are like blessing when it comes to learning and memorizing processes.

It also activates acetylcholine, which amplify the brain’s functionality to inhale more oxygen that results in improved blood flow.

And with its ability to felicitating fluidity, that results in well improved flow of neurotransmitters which improve your motor skills, much beneficial for sports kid and those who live an active life.

Other then better cognitive skills, person be more able to focus and also be prompt at his reflexes.

In the most accident cases, when brain suffers from traumatic impact, Piracetam have proven to be more effective in healing process.

It is indeed helpful in dealing with aging effect on the brain, whether you have Down syndrome of not. As we age, we being more prone to some cognitive and brain disabilities like amnesia, where we have hard time to recall any memory.

Although doses are kept in mind to be universal to every class but dose of 400mg Piracetam taken thrice a day is sufficient for most of people. It is still suggested to be consulting your doctor for precise dose well sufficient for you.

Some possible Side effects:
As being popular for being less treacherous, it still can cause some side-effects being a medicine. Medical case history, some allergic reactions caused by the ingredients included in it, and also overdose of Piracetam cause some attempt to be superpower consuming more than its prescribed. And like we mentioned, it caused less side-effects compare to its other counterparts in the market, some side effects like headaches, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, depression, weight increase, hyperkinesia, sleepiness, shakiness, headaches, and nervousness can be caused by Piracetam.

Conclusion to that, Piracetam is great if it taken in prescribed quantity to get desired benefits.

Tips for better Growth, Go get a sleep!

sleep for healthYes, it does make sense! You probably must be expecting tips like do cardio exercises, following proper diet, enrolling yourself in sport programs and more stuff like that. They are indeed contributes their result in order to achieve substantial growth but sleep is something that not everyone would suggest to you when you ask for tips on overall growth, except your parents and doctors.

Healthy Sleep schedule renders many benefits like well balanced metabolism, release toxins out of your body and soothes your body and so on to make you feel re-energized for next day. There are many facts that can contributes to well being and results in substantial growth. Following factor might just make it clearer for you to understand the importance of proper sleep:

Many factors that define one’s growth like rate of metabolism, kind of lifestyle, level and time one gives to complete physical activity he does and so on. And above all it needs to be properly syncing from your body to be able to perform all acts. And sleep just gives that time and favorable conditions for your body to regulate every function needed to formulate gradual growth.

Muscle memory:
It is something that we learn through doing physical activity and our muscle learn that act and keeps the information stored in, of what we call reflexes and mostly controlled by subconscious. It is mostly beneficial to sports person who have to remember every move they make. And sleep gives condition and time to subconscious to make muscle memories.

Better Results from Diet:
In the growing years, kids are bombarded with dietary suggestions for better growth rate. But any diet would only be effective if your body have better metabolism, which is in simple word a chemical process that defines quality of your health. Sleep can boost your metabolism rate that will eventually help you render best benefits from the diet you are taking.

Better Psychological schema:
It is not only about having better physical effects, having sound and calm mind would also contribute well in improving overall growth. One can early figure out how dull we fill when we couldn’t get proper schedule or skip sleep due to some other task. It also capable to make you more vulnerable to illness and diseases! And you also how pleasant we feel when we have a comfortable sleeping session.

Hormonal Stability:
This is the one problem both genders have to deal with as they are growing up from adolescence to puberty. Our body is exposed to some serious hormonal changes that eventually shape up our psychological schema and personality in long run. As you are asleep and internal system at rest, subconscious regulates the hormonal flow, which could cause problems is one couldn’t get proper sleep.

Like I said, when we are asleep our body is at rest. This also gives your body to release harmful toxin it produce throughout the day. Toxins like lactic acid our muscles create when they exert or feel muscle fatigue and kidneys also releases impurities in your blood. While you are asleep your body releases those toxins via urine or stool.


Risk factor for Stroke

StrokeStroke, one of the most severed nature panic attack one can experience. Stroke usually happens when regular supply of blood to the brain is either intervened or deduced. In this situation, the brain does not get enough oxygen or nutrients, which cause brain cells to deplete. Some of the easiest to track signs like numbness, weakness on face arms and leg but mostly on one side of as it is paralysis, but only from one side. Dizziness, hallucinations and or blurred vision included.

Although there are three basic classification of stroke, namely ischemic, hemorrhagic, Transient ischemic attack (TIA) and I can go ahead and explain you. But doctors are way better in this since according to situation. But following some general reasons one can have stroke attacks:

High Blood-Pressure:
Otherwise known as hypertension, is severe conditions it tends to put more pressure on your blood vessel walls causing it to rupture and cause stroke. Adapting healthy diet, living in stress-free environment can help you cope with it.

High Cholesterol:
It not only degrades smooth blood flow but also cause blockage and make room for blood vessel disease to kick in.

Since you’ve been ignoring written about it on carton and never bother to know how smoking habit can cause stroke! Let me tell you how! It gradually increases blood pressure and depletes quality of oxygen in your blood. It not only stops there, it degrades the quality of blood vessels and causing it to have unnecessary blockage to flow from system, giving more chance for blood related diseases to step in. Do you still more reason to quit smoking, ask you’re about it!

Just as we discuss the effect cholesterol have on our health and more specially related to stroke. Fat consumed through food contains high level of cholesterol and which mainly causes hypertension. And if you are already following the diet for weight loss, then it is time to re-consult your doctor.

Poor Diet:
Having sugar induced, high on calories and cholesterol food just for the sake of taste and not making any efforts to burn those extra calories make a great situation for obesity to be a part of your life. Where are having balanced diet and not giving any space garbage can make situation more than better!

And yes, while deciding diet for yourself make your you are eating food that don’t have much salt content or added salt. It can easily lead you to have high blood pressure, so be aware!

It not only help you tackle obesity in better way and reduce weight in great extent, but it also boost metabolism pace which is not only a healthy sign of good health but also brought desired result to the health measures you are putting in. plus having a boosted self-esteem is always good thing to have!

Boozing problem:
No, just control it, that’s all I’m suggesting! But much like smoking it also causes some damages gradually, over the period of time. So rule of not over-doing anything applies here too.