Sleep Paralysis: For Basic FYI!

Sleep ParalysisGenerally referred as Parasomania, it is the state where one feel awake but the conscience but not by the body. In simple words, your mind woke up just as your alarm started ticking, you open your eyes, see and sense what is going around but you are unable to move your body and get up from the bed, can’t even move your hands and feet. Let me share some more light on this topic and tell you how it happen.

When you fall asleep we reached to the state of ‘atonia,’ where your body is aligned still, in whichever position you sleep, so that sudden moment when you are in exploring new world in dreams or nightmares. Remember the time when you are walking or climb down the stairs and you actually missed one, yeah that time! It is also been seen as loosed link in coordination between atonia and your waking up can cause you sleep paralysis, as you and your conscience is awakened but atonia is working to its best regardless to the fact you are awaked.

In most of the cases researchers come across Narcolepsy, disease where its patient has misplaced neural system that cause them to fall asleep uneventfully and undesirably, seems to be the cause of sleep paralysis. Since it has more possibility to cause sleep paralysis!

It can cause panic attack since other sensory organ work but you are unable to speak because to be able to speak you have to move your mouth muscles. But your breathing process can be resumed as normal, might be boost up if you are under panic attack. Just remember one thing, usually this kind of incident last for few minutes or even for some seconds. It might make you feel it is permanent but it can be easily disrupted if anyone made an attempt to touch or speak to you. Or even if no one is around, fierce attempt to move can make it stop.

And also mind you, in some cases some individuals have also experienced hallucinations, like someone is there in the room trying to harm you or even song tingling or ticking sensations. It could also because if you went under panic attack your negative thought triggers and causes you to feel in this way. But this kind of hallucination can also be caused in normal cases.

Still, if you are experiencing it on more frequent basis, then its time you should consult to a physician or a psychiatric for further diagnose and/or medications. Although some other causes like sleep deprivation can also cause same effects as atonia, since your body-cycle is disturbed because of untimed delays, body may subconsciously demands more res time, in result, sleep paralysis. In that case, following strict sleeping schedule can cure it.

And in case of narcolepsy, doctors might prescribe you suitable anti-depressant, which proves to be more effective to cure it, not necessary you have to be depressed for that.

Conclusion to this, Sleep Paralysis is common condition that happens at least once or sometime in our life, which is not so serious. But if it is frequent, just seek some medical help.