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We ship Arcalion 200mg manufactured by Serdia Pharma. Arcalion Sulbutiamine is a synthetic derivative of vitamin B1 or thiamine.

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Arcalion Sulbutiamine Drug Information

Arcalion Sulbutiamine is a synthetic derivative of vitamin B1 or thiamine. This crosses the blood-brain barrier more effectively thus augmenting the concentration of thiamine and thiamine phosphate in the brain. This is very useful in treating conditions such as asthenia, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, diabetes, kidney ailments and depression. It treats these conditions by making you more alert, less sluggish, improving physical and mental strength and energy and also helps in stabilizing sleeping pattern if they are unorganized. This medicine also enhances memory and empowers thinking process. Amazingly this drug also has application in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Arcalion is also famous in athletes as vitamin supplement. This medicine helps in sustaining energy without being shown in the blood tests. This is the best way to replenish the lost energy during hectic activities. Take the medicine in exact prescribed amount. Do not self-medicate as this drug tend to cause severe effects on health if taken in wrong ways.

Action Mechanism of Arcalion (Sulbutiamine)

  1. Mode of action of the drug is the way it has chosen to work on the health ailments. This is different for various drugs. Arcalion Sulbutiamine also has a unique mechanism of action that defines how it works on the brain and central nervous system. It is a derivative of thiamin or vitamin B1. This vitamin is very important for bodily functioning. And moreover it is very essential in the excellent working of nervous system. Thiamin plays crucial role in the biosynthesis of Acetylcholine and GABA which are brain chemicals. Moreover Arcalion Sulbutiamine medication has effects on other neurotransmitters known as dopamine, cholinergic and glutamatergic. This give rise to nootropic benefits.
  2. Arcalion Sulbutiamine 200mg is the dosage that gives better results. This drug gets dissolves in fats and thus gets absorbed readily in the digestive tract. It also results in the increased blood brain barrier activity. Therefore consuming this medicine is very beneficial. Make sure that you are using the drug as per medical instructions.
  3. It is better to take the dosage as decided by the health care provider. Do not make any changes in Arcalion Sulbutiamine 200mg dose on your own. If you find it ineffective then get the dosage increased by your doctor.

Precautionary Measures of Arcalion

  • You may develop allergic reactions with the chemical present in the drug. If you suffer from allergic events post consumption of the drug then you better stay away from Arcalion Sulbutiamine drug.
  • If you are using any medication then you must tell your doctor regarding the same. This will prevent future drug interaction and complications associated with the same.
  • Do not consume this medicine if you are pregnant or wish to become pregnant. Safety of the drug is not been studies properly in pregnant women and thus they must use this medication after having word with their doctor.
  • It is not clear whether Arcalion Sulbutiamine drug passes into the breast milk. Thus if you are a breastfeeding mom then discuss the possible effects of the drug on the child.
  • If you develop severe side effects with the drug then it’s better to stop using the drug and consult with the doctor.
  • People having medical history of depression, mental disorders, and seizures and enlarged prostate must take Arcalion 200mg with caution. You must consult with your health care provider first.
  • If you are consuming antibiotics or MAOIs drugs then you better take this smart drug after discussing with your health care provider.

Dosage of Arcalion 200mg

  • Dosage of Sulbutiamine drug must be taken as told by the physician. Take the medication for the prescribed period of time. Do not take this drug for more than prescribed period of time as it may cause toxic effects on the health of an individual. Take the drug with water and avoid having it with alcohol or any other liquid. Self medication leads to various harmful health hazards and thus one must consult with the doctor before using this medicine. Arcalion 200mg is the ideal dosage to start the treatment with. If this won’t work for you then get the higher dosage prescribe from your doctor.

Common Side Effects of Arcalion

  • Side effects occur very commonly with drugs and no drug is an exception to this. Body develops side effects when it tries to get familiar with the medication. Arcalion Sulbutiamine also causes side effects in people. These are divided into mild and severe which affects most of the consumers. However one can prevent their formation by consuming them in moderate amount.
  • Mild side effects are those which require no medical help to discard them. These also remain for shorter period of time and do not bother the consumer much. Arcalion Sulbutiamine 200mg causes headaches, nausea, skin rash etc as gentle natured side issues. These aftermaths of medication develops in very few. Basically not everyone suffer from these events. However if they stay for longer then it is better to get medical treatment for the same.
  • Arcalion Sulbutiamine also causes severe side issues which are quite bothersome and demands for medical attention. If you suffer from anxiety, irritability or depression post consumption of this smart drug then it’s time to get medical help. These aftermaths hampers the quality of life and irritates the consumer. Thus they must get treated with proper treatment before they take their toll on the user. In such scenario stop using Arcalion drug.

Warnings of Sulbutiamine

  • People with health issues such as kidney ailments, liver issues etc should not take Arcalion Sulbutiamine medication. Consuming this medication while struggling with these health concerns may worsen their situation.
  • Some people may develop allergic reaction to the chemical used in the drug. Thus if they develop skin rash or any other allergic symptoms after having this medication then you must stop using the drug.
  • This medicine is not for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. Effects of the drug on unborn babies are not studied in detail and thus consuming this medication in pregnancy is not recommended.
  • Arcalion Sulbutiamine 200mg is the starting dosage but if you develop severe side effects to this then you must stop using the medicine.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding a baby then using modafinil must be done after consulting with the doctor.
  • Do not take the drug along with alcohol as it may cause severe dizziness making it impossible to carry out routine chores.

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    I am a regular user of arcalion. It is a superb medication. Best service given by Medpillrx with bonus pills on each purchase.

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