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Deal of the Month

Bimatoprost at only $19.83 Per Bottle

Bimatoprost Solution for Eyelash Growth

2019/01/31 09:30:45


At, we care for customer’s satisfaction which is more than a reward for us. Our main aim is to cater best quality drugs along with excellent customer service to customers. We have tie-ups with the leading manufacturing units that produce drugs as per the rules and regulations set up by well-known organizations such as WHO and FDA. All medications such as bimatoprost available on the website are of generic in nature which makes them cost effective. As the chemical used in the making of these medicines are same as that of branded counterparts, both works in the same manner.

We have tried our best to include most commonly used medications to ward off health issues. We make sure that our customers shouldn’t get any chance to feel disappointed after visiting our website. We have set up a team of experts to solve queries occur at any stage of order placing and about the drugs like generic latisse displayed on the website. Toll-free number has been displayed on the website with the help of which customers can directly talk to our customer care executives. They can get information regarding the current status of the order placed by them.

Though we demand for personal as well as confidential information such as credit card details from customers, we make sure that this info must be saved in the highly advanced SSL or Secure Socket Layer security system. This system doesn’t allow the data to leak to third party. We use email addresses of customers only to send them the product details like information about bimatoprost they have placed order for. In case if we wish to promote or launch any new medication then we intimate our customers through emails. We are pioneer in faster shipping and it is done worldwide.

Generic Latisse (Bimatoprost) – Medication Quality

We believe in bestowing best quality drugs and this is fulfilled by the well-known drug manufacturing companies which are connected with us. All drugs including bimatoprost ophthalmic solution displayed on the website are made under the strict rules and regulations of WHO and FDA. Thus these medicines are safe and sound to treat health concern. Moreover these drugs are of generic nature such as generic latisse which is an eyelash growth serum. Being generic, these medications are cost effective too. Along generic versions, one can get branded bimatoprost also which is more effective than the natural eyelash growth products giving excellent results faster. All medicines available at this online drug store are FDA approved and thus safer to use in oldies and children too. However medical surveillance is needed as everyone reacts differently to the drugs. We never compromise over the quality of the drugs and that is why drugs sold at our pharmacy gives you best results.

Bimatoprost (Lumigan) Opthalmic Solution – Medication Facts

All drugs displayed on the website are FDA approved. This makes them safer to consume. Drugs are available in various dosages that match up your requirement. Packaging of the drug especially packaging of bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is done very carefully so that the drug doesn’t get contaminated with any impurities. Chemicals used in all drugs are in pure forms and they get checked thoroughly before using them into the medications. Thus drugs made with these chemicals are also pure and effective in making drugs. That is the reason people can use them to ward off illness they are suffering from. Eyelash growth serum and ophthalmic solution are manufactured with great care and with the purest of chemicals available to increase their effectiveness and lowers the risk of developing side effects.

About Bimatoprost (Generic Latisse)

Not every woman is lucky enough to get fuller lashes genetically. Those with thinner lashes opt for natural eyelash growth products that certainly repair the issue. But if these products are not effective in your case then you can definitely go for generic latisse which aid in growing healthy lashes in short time span. The chemical content of this ophthalmic solution is bimatoprost (Careprost) which is in active form. This medication is easily available online at affordable price. Other use of this eyelash growth serum is to treat glaucoma which is an eye ailment.

Working mechanism of this eyelash ophthalmic solution is quite interesting. This works by increasing the growth phase of hairs. However exact mechanism of action is still not known. But in comparison with natural eyelash growth products, this permanent eyelash extension maker gets full marks. This works effectively for this eyelash loss problem in people. Constant application of bimatoprost solution for the period of two months shows desired results.

While applying the eyelash growth serum you need to be very careful. As it is to be applied at the base of the eyelash, special care has to be taken. Do not use any cotton ball or any stick to smear the liquid. A special applicator is provided with each box. Use this only to use this permanent eyelash extension serum.

Wash your hands clean before using this medicine. Use it preferably at bedtime. Open the bottle and smear this solution at the base of the lashes. Do not touch any other body part with your hands after using the eyelash growth serum (Lumigan). Keep the bottle at hygienic place. Do not keep it in the bathroom or any other place where it may get contaminated easily.

Natural eyelash growth products take longer to give desired outcome which can be achieved easily with this ophthalmic solution. Use it wisely and carefully to get better outcome with fewer side issues.

Bimatoprost Safety & Side Effects

Every medication has tendency to develop some sort of side issues. In fact these aftermaths are signs that your body is trying to get along with the drug administered. One may suffer from mild and severe side effects with generic latisse ophthalmic solution (Careprost). Mild burning or tingling is normal to experience while using the medicine. Along with these one may feel something has get into the eye, watery or dry eyes, dizziness etc. In very rare cases, severe effects of this eyelash growth serum have been reported. These are blurred vision, discharge from eyes, redness or swelling and increased sensitivity to light.

Bimatoprost must be applied only from outside. Do not use this medicine if you are using any other eye drops or ophthalmic solution as drug interfere may happen causing negative effects. If you are dealing with any eye infection then it is better to keep bimatoprost eyelash growth serum at bay.

Buy Bimatoprost at

Generic latisse (Lumigan) is the very effective and popular medicine for eyelash growth. And that is why it is quite obvious that this drug is placed at higher price. But at, this eyelash growth serum is available at low cost. It is because of its generic nature. Generic drugs are similar to that of branded versions in chemical composition and effects etc. The only difference is the price tag which makes bimatoprost ophthalmic solution quite special and different from others available in the market.

You might have tried all type of natural eyelash growth product but this eyelash growth solution delivers excellent results within the shortest time span possible. That is why this has become very famous. At this eyelash growth serum is available at low cost and with best quality. This drug store also caters some attractive offers on shopping of bimatoprost such as free shipping, bonus medication which makes the business much easier and beneficial.

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